The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1091 Perplexed and Smitten 151
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1091 Perplexed and Smitten 151

"Not too long ago. What's wrong? Are you sick of working with me?" he asked with a heavy heart, noticing that she seemed to be upset.

Shaking her head, Fang Erlan said, "No, I just received a call from the director, Sister Gao. She told me that the investor wants Yu Caiwei to play the female lead instead and that they're going to terminate the contract with me."

Yan Ge's face instantly stiffened; Yu Caiwei had come to see him before the director did…

However, he had already signed the contract due to the fact that filming for the television series was going to begin very soon and that they desperately needed an actor to play the male lead. Furthermore, he'd also taken into consideration that the female lead was Fang Erlan.


He felt as if he had just received a piece of grievous news…

"Has the contract been terminated yet?"

"Not yet, my boss is still overseas. They'll have to discuss it with her first. We've already signed the contract long ago, yet they breached it all of a sudden. How can we take it lying down and let them off so easily?" Fang Erlan added, "I thought… you no longer wanted to talk to me. I'm surprised that you are willing to star in this drama."

"I agreed to take on the role entirely because I like the script and the storyline. Do you really think I did it because of you? Well, we used to work alongside each other and we might very likely be colleagues again. Besides, we're neighbors. There's no harm in talking to each other."

Fang Erlan was at a sudden loss for words.

"Did you experience something major in the past couple of days? Why did you post such a caption on Weibo, saying that the greatest bliss in life is being alive?"

Fang Erlan nodded and answered, "I just returned from Y Nation."

Yan Ge immediately said, "Those terrorists…"

"Yes, they abducted me and I was almost killed. Fortunately, I managed to escape the ordeal," said Fang Erlan, who still got the chills whenever she recalled the terrifying incident.

"Refrain from wandering around overseas, as far as possible. It's a foreigm land where you don't know anyone."

"Got it… I thought you didn't follow me on Weibo. How did you know about what I posted? Did you stalk me on purpose?" she asked with a smile.

Yan Ge denied, "I was just browsing casually."

"Senior, just follow my account on Weibo. After all, we used to work together. Let's follow each other," Fang Erlan goaded.

"What's the point in following you?"

Fang Erlan tried to make herself sound as happy as possible, so as to make the conversation more light-hearted. She smiled and said, "I don't care, I'll go charge my mobile phone later and follow your account on Weibo. If you don't follow mine, I'll…"

"What will you do?"

"I'll unfollow you again…"


After Fang Erlan left, Yan Ge called Director Gao to ask her about the change in the main actress. Director Gao once more gave him the excuse of it being the investor's request and that she too was helpless.

However, Yan Ge clearly did not buy it.

"I shall be honest with you. I only agreed to star in this television series mainly because I do like the storyline and the script and partly because I've already worked with Erlan before. We've already developed a chemistry. If she's no longer starring as the female lead in this drama, there's no need for me to star in it either."

Upon hearing his words, Director Gao immediately said that she would be communicating again with the investor about the issue with the cast.

In parting, Yan Ge added, "I want an answer within a day's time. Since you can request for the actress to be replaced even after signing the contract with her, I have the right to breach the contract too."

Director Gao was filled with exasperation and frustration. Filming had yet to commence officially, yet there were already problems with the casting. What a bad start to the production.

She was extremely superstitious and often felt that a bad start will lead to a poor filming process for the entire series.

After much thought, she said, "I can give you an answer within half an hour. I'll call the investor now."


Yan Ge ended the call and calmed himself down. He opened Weibo again on his mobile phone and discovered that Fang Erlan had yet to follow his account. Did she really unfollow me because I didn't follow her back?

He waited for a long while, only to discover that she still did not follow him. Thus, he reckoned that he must have made the correct guess.

However, he still continued to check his mobile phone and to refresh his follower page once every few minutes.

He would feel slightly disappointed after each refresh.

When he refreshed for the fourth time, Fang Erlan's account finally appeared in his follower list.

Unable to contain his eagerness, he immediately followed her back. However, he instantly regretted doing it so quickly. Did I react too soon? Was I too afraid that she'll unfollow me?

But it'd be too inappropriate to unfollow her now…

Just as he was about to switch off his mobile phone, he received a private message from her in his inbox.

"Thank you for following me. Muacks."

Yan Ge was once again dejected after reading the message. Was this an auto-reply to all her followers or did she message me especially?

It seems like an auto-reply no matter how I look at it.

As he was pondering over it, he received another message: "I was in low spirits initially, but my mood was somehow lifted all of a sudden. Thank you for following me."

Indeed, the first message was an auto-reply and the second one was her actual reply.

He typed: "Okay."

As soon as he sent his reply, he received a call from Director Gao. Just like she had mentioned, she really got back to him in less than half an hour.

"I've already communicated with the investor. Yan Ge, don't worry, Erlan will still be playing the female lead. There are no other issues with our cooperation, right?"

"Got it. Yu Caiwei was the first person who approached me to talk about this television series. Did you already plan to cast Yu Caiwei as the female lead back then?"

"We did have plans at the time, but it wasn't finalized yet."

"Filming is going to begin very soon. There better not be any more sudden issues with the casting."

"Yes, yes, that goes without saying. In that case, it's settled then. I'll communicate with Fang Erlan."


After ending the call, Yan Ge's lips curled into a smile and his mood was instantly lifted. His initial moodiness had vanished without a trace.

Yu Caiwei flew into a rage.

She had already discussed with the investor and her bosom friend, who both agreed to let her become the female lead. It had never crossed her mind that Yan Ge would object to it.

She was flabbergasted that her bosom friend would actually go back on her word immediately, the moment she heard that Yan Ge was planning to terminate the contract.

I was the one who had pulled strings and used my connections to land him the role.

They had already worked together once before. If they were to star alongside each other again…

Yu Caiwei dared not imagine what would happen. I actually created a chance for them to continue working together!

She zoomed toward Director Gao's house. At the sight of her arrival, Director Gao swirled the glass in her hand and said, "You don't have to come and confront or question me. I've just given Fang Erlan a call, and it's been confirmed she'll be playing the female lead."


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