The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1095 Perplexed and Smitten 155
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1095 Perplexed and Smitten 155

"Which day of November?"

"On the night of the 3rd of November, at 7:14 pm."

"You mean, my mother will be put through immense pain and suffering for the remaining months of her life? If we intervene to help her…"

An Xiaoning sneered, "If you don't want to suffer the same fate as your mother, you'd better not defy Heaven's will. I'm just giving you some sound advice. After all, you've committed your fair share of sins too. You ought to leave some leeway for yourself."

She then turned around and closed the door, leaving Ye Xiaotian outside.

She received 12 million dollars effortlessly in one morning, without having to do anything.

Money is so easy to earn sometimes.

She recalled the time when she left the Shi family mansion and took the initiative to look Jin Qingyan up, just for the sake of 100 thousand dollars. At that time, she was almost penniless.

When she returned to the living room, she bumped into Fan Shixin, who was going about his morning jog.

"Young Madam, I just heard from Xiao Huang that Ye Xiaotian was outside the entrance. Who was he looking for?"

"Me. He wanted me to reveal when his mother would die."

"Did you read her fortune?"


Fan Shixin asked in bewilderment, "Young Madam, don't you know that he was the mastermind who hired a hitman to abduct you and Missy back then?"

"I know, of course."

"Why did you still…"

After much thought, An Xiaoning smiled at him and said, "No reason, I just went with my mood. That doesn't mean that I've forgotten about the past. I never really crossed paths with him in the past, and neither will I in the future. However, I wouldn't say no to money that comes knocking on my door. I can't be bothered to waste my time losing my temper at him."

"Young Madam, what did Team Leader Zhang say to you?"

"We've settled everything. They're compensating me with another 10 million dollars."

"That Sister Zhang ought to have learned her lesson this time. However, the Flying Tigers probably wouldn't have agreed to pay the compensatory sum if it weren't because of you and Young Sir's authority and status. Not only will they not have compensated, but that Sister Zhang might even have become more haughty and continue harming No. 8 and Mo Li."

"That's how life is. The weak often get bullied. However, if you toughen up and stand up to them, they wouldn't dare to lay a finger on you or make you their enemy."

Finding that her words had made sense, Fan Shixin asked, "Has Young Sir gotten out of bed yet?"


"Young Madam, when you see Young Sir later, please ask him if he's heading to the office today."

"Alright. However, it's been hard on you for the past few days. All thanks to you, the company has been running well even during Young Sir's absence."

Fan Shixin chuckled and said, "That's what I should do."

When An Xiaoning asked Jin Qingyan if he was heading to the office, he answered, "Yes, but only for a short while."

An Xiaoning said in puzzlement, "What do you mean for a short while? You were away from the office for so long, aren't you going to run a thorough check?"

"I may not have been at the office, but I know that nothing will go wrong with Shixin around, especially when there are so many senior executives tending to the company as well. I'm sure everything has been handled appropriately. I'm going to just check on the company's current situation. I'll rest at home for today and resume work tomorrow."

"Shixin deserves a lot of credit. Besides rewarding him with a high salary, I think you should also find him a wife. It concerns his lifelong happiness."

"I rarely encounter any other women in my life, apart from you, Yangyang, and Qingyue. How am I supposed to find him a wife? It still depends on him at the end of the day. I can't just find a random pretty girl and shove her to him casually. Fate decides everything. I don't think he holds his standards too high. I think he just haven't met a woman that he fancies. Once he does, his standards and requirements won't matter anymore." He then patted her head and continued, "He's not as lucky as me. I met such a great woman like you a long, long time ago."

An Xiaoning said, "You've got a glib tongue. Hurry and go have breakfast."

"Tell me first, what plans do you have for today?"

"Hmm… I'll go accompany my mother."

"When are you coming home, then?"

"I plan to return after lunch."

Upon hearing her words, he said, "I won't get to see you even after I come home from the office. Come back in two hours. You're free to go wherever you want when I resume work."

An Xiaoning glared at him and said, "You won't die even if you don't see me for an entire morning."

Aroused by the way she was looking at him, Jin Qingyan grabbed her neck and kissed her pink and tender lips.

Jin Qingyan moaned in pleasure after taking a whiff of her pleasant scent.

Less than one minute later, An Xiaoning grabbed his face and pushed him away.

"You're getting me so aroused so early in the morning," he said.

"I didn't even do anything."

"That's exactly the power that you possess. You don't have to do anything to get me aroused. Just looking at you will do the trick."

"Stop flirting with me and go have your breakfast, hurry."


Jin Qingyan headed to the office together with Fan Shixin after having his breakfast.

Throughout the journey, Fan Shixin reported the latest updates about the company to Jin Qingyan. He was almost done before they even reached the office.

"Young Sir, you have no idea how exhausted I had been during your absence. I was mentally and physically tortured every single day. If this goes on, when can I finally get a girlfriend?"

Jin Qingyan looked at him and said, "Oh yeah, Xiaoning and I were just talking about that matter before we left the house. Shixin, I'm really worried for your future and your marriage."

His eyes lit up, and he asked, "Young Sir, are you finally taking pity on me and allowing me to take a break?"

"No. Didn't your parents arrange for you to go on a matchmaking session recently?"

Fan Shixin's heart skipped a beat. He asked, "Young Sir, surely you can't be thinking of arranging for me to go on a matchmaking session?"

"I've thought about it carefully. I'll never live in peace until you get married. After all, I'll constantly feel like I owe you something. I've occupied all your time and energy. Shixin, shall we arrange for you to go on a mass matchmaking session?"

"A mass matchmaking session? No, thank you," said Fan Shixin, who had been traumatized by the previous matchmaking session that he had attended.

"Why not?"

"I think it's a bad choice. I'm only 29 years old. I can still wait another few years."

Jin Qingyan looked at him earnestly and said, "Do you really think a woman will magically appear in your life in a few years' time when you're so against the idea of dating now? You must expose yourself to more women now. Maybe you'll really meet one whom you fancy."

"Young Sir, you really don't have to go to all that trouble. I've actually already gotten used to being by myself."

"I ought to do so."

"Young Sir…"

"I've already decided. I'll get the secretary to set up a webpage and upload your photo onto it. We'll advertise you and get you a wife."

Fan Shixin grimaced and said, "But, Young Sir, if tens of thousands of women sign up for a blind date with me, I'm going to have to meet them until the cow comes home."


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