The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1133 I Want to Make You Stay 11
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1133 I Want to Make You Stay 11

Xihou Jiaping turned to face her and barked, "Scram!"

The lady boss retreated, not daring to utter another word.

Not long after, she returned again and said, "Master, the guest is here and she's waiting for you."

Xihou Jiaping came out of the room and said to her coldly, "Get them to clean up the room and make it tidy."


He headed downstairs and entered one of the rooms, in which sat a woman who had a long ponytail. He asked in a mellower tone, "Why did you come here all of a sudden? Didn't I tell you to avoid coming to this place?"

She looked at him and said, "I tried to contact you but you wouldn't answer me, Master. I was really worried so I had no choice but to come here to take a look."

"You said that he's going through a relapse now. Why didn't it seem like his second personality had taken over? He could even recognize me right away."

"Perhaps he had already returned to normal. Relapses occur periodically."

Xihou Jiaping walked toward her and said, "I've changed my mind now." He grabbed her chin all of a sudden and said, "Xiao Chenyang is now following Xihou Ling and Hua Jin around at all times. There's no chance for me to take action on them at all. Hence, I'll need you to do it yourself. Kill the two of them when no one is paying attention."

"But they have bodyguards around to protect them round the clock. There are surveillance cameras everywhere too. Let's not talk about whether I can defeat Hua Jin or not. Even if I can, I'll be exposing my own identity. By then… I'll become a wanted criminal of S Nation, and my family…"

As soon as she finished speaking, Xihou Jiaping squinted and said, "As for your parents… I'll make the necessary arrangements and send them abroad."

She hesitated and said, "But they don't want to leave the country. If they were willing to live abroad in the long term, they would have done so ages ago."

"Are you going to defy my orders, then?"

"I wouldn't dare to."

Staring at Yu Yiwei, Xihou Jiaping said, "Don't forget who your master is. If the two of them don't end up dying, do you know who will in the end?"

Yu Yiwei stared at him, desperately wanting to know the answer.

"If you can't do it, do you think I can?"

"Of course you can. However, Xiao Chenyang can't possibly be by their side at all times. If I get the opportunity to kill the two of them, you definitely wouldn't have to step in. However, you'll have to take action if I don't get the chance to. Don't forget the reason why I wanted you to get near them. Your purpose is not to treat his illness!"

"I'll do my best."

"Once everything is set in stone, I'll finally get to put my mind at ease. I'll never be at peace, so long as Xihou Ling is still alive. Although history has already passed, he and Hua Jin have long since recalled the events that took place in their previous lifetime. I reckon they'll definitely try and take revenge. We'll have to make the first move." A menacing glare formed in his eyes, clearly showing his determination to kill the two of them.

Yu Yiwei grabbed his wrist and pulled it away from her chin. "In that case, I'll go back to make the preparations now."

Before she could even get up, Xihou Jiaping pinned her beneath himself and said, "Since you're already here, serve me before you go."

"You…" Yu Yiwei murmured, staring at him in astonishment.

"Haven't you always wanted to be my woman for real? Your wishes are now fulfilled, aren't they?"

"Don't you…"

Xihou Jiaping sneered, "I've stopped loving Hua Jin long ago. If not, I wouldn't have wanted to kill her. I initially thought that she didn't recognize me and I wanted to fool her, yet she actually exposed herself today and admitted that she had already recognized me. In our previous lifetime, she would rather jump off the balcony than be with me. I've long ago seen through her. Now that she has gotten together with Xihou Ling again, I'm going to make sure they don't make it 'til the end in this lifetime. I'm going to let them know that this is Heaven's will."

Yu Yiwei's eyes glistened and she said, "I may be your subordinate now, but weren't you the one who betrothed my wife to me in the previous lifetime? You're the one who insisted that I have my children too. Everything that I've done, I've always been doing them for your sake. I've always been loyal to you, be it in our previous lifetime or now. You knew clearly how I felt about you in our previous lifetime and yet you kept feigning ignorance. You should've just expressed your disdain toward me openly. You even executed all homosexuals back then, yet you were still so kind toward me. You did all of that just so I would continue being loyal toward you and serving you with all my heart, didn't you?"

"But you know that I don't fancy men! I'll never fancy men, be it in our previous lifetime or now. However, since you've reincarnated as a woman, I've been treating you like an actual woman. Don't I call you Yiwei and look at you as a woman? In that case, what's wrong with me fulfilling your wishes now?"

Staring at the man whom she loved deeply, she understood his intentions. She knew that he merely wanted to make her continue serving him loyally.

"What if neither of us ever succeeds in killing them?"

"We'll definitely be able to. Don't forget, your skills in your previous lifetime are definitely on par with An Xiaoning's. Even if Xiao Chenyang never leaves their side, you'll definitely be able to kill them. You don't have to worry about the rest. You just have to know that your descendants and I will all die if you don't kill them."

Having said his piece, he kissed Yu Yiwei on the lips. She closed her eyes and stopped herself from saying the words that she wanted to.


Forty minutes later, she exited from the secret chamber of the nightclub. The bodyguards who had been tailing her was sitting inside the car and waiting for her to exit.

From their perspective, Yu Yiwei had merely entered a posh mahjong den. However, they had no idea that there was a secret passageway that led to the nightclub from the mahjong den.

Yu Yiwei got inside the car and closed the door. "Let's return to Wei Ni Estate."

Upon arriving in the estate, Yu Yiwei alighted from the car and caught sight of Fan Shixin, who was walking toward them from afar.

"Where did you go, Ms. Yu?"

"I went to the mahjong den for a game of mahjong."

Fan Shixin nodded and walked past her.

Yu Yiwei kept a straight face and watched him leave before returning to her own room.

She constantly pondered over Xihou Jiaping's words while lying down in bed.

She thought about her current predicament and the possibilities that he had mentioned.

She was overwhelmed with a mix of emotions.

Although she was born as a male in her previous lifetime, she had always been female at heart. However, she had never dared to divulge her innermost feelings to anyone.

In fact, she even hid her true sexual orientation from the person she fancied, as well as her family.

In this lifetime, she had reincarnated into a woman, just like she had wished. She could no longer be at peace after regaining her memory and after Xihou Jiaping had found her again.

She had left behind two paintings and a letter before she died in her previous lifetime. It was a letter that contained all the sins she wished she could atone for; it was a form of redemption for all the misdeeds that she had committed. She wanted her descendants to read about the things she had done and to remember clearly never to repeat them.


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