The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1179 I Want to Make You Stay 57
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1179 I Want to Make You Stay 57

An Xiaoning clinked glasses with him and took a sip of liquor. Smiling, she said, "With Mrs. Zhou around, there's something I'm not sure I should say."

"Just speak your mind. There are no outsiders here anyway," CEO Zhou permitted.

"I shall get straight to the point, then. Previously, my artiste had been accused of stealing. I wonder if you guys have heard about that news?"

"Ah… yes, we've heard a little about it. Hasn't it already been clarified?"

"Yes. It turns out someone was framing my artist. However, the person who did so claimed to have known you, CEO Zhou. She's called Ms. Wang and she used a twenty-million-dollar necklace to frame my artiste. She claimed that her man was the one who had gifted her with the necklace. I was wondering which person would be so generous as to do that, and Ms. Wang actually mentioned your name. I was really shocked too."

Noticing the sullen expression on Mrs. Zhou's face, An Xiaoning added, "CEO Zhou, you and I have met a few times before, and judging from what I know about you, that woman must have just spoken off the cuff. Mrs. Zhou is so beautiful. There's no reason for CEO Zhou to spend so much money on a woman like that. She must have been lying and spreading false rumors."

Frightened out of his wits, CEO Zhou broke out into a cold sweat. He said with much gusto, "Of course, do I seem like such a person? A twenty-million-dollar necklace? How could that be? How ridiculous."

"Exactly. I thought so too. That's why I didn't believe her words at all. She must have made it up," An Xiaoning said with a smile.

"That goes without saying. Ms. An, do continue enjoying yourself. My wife and I shall take our leave," said CEO Zhou, who chugged his liquor down in one go and smiled courteously.

"Yes, yes."

An Xiaoning's eyes lit up while watching the two of them turn around. By doing so, she could give Mrs. Zhou a warning while not offending CEO Zhou. Her female intuition told her that CEO Zhou was acting the way that he did because he had a guilty conscience.

She was certain that Mrs. Zhou would definitely look into the matter. By then, if Ms. Wang was to get exposed, she would inevitably be given a hard time. CEO Zhou would definitely drop her too.

An Xiaoning was very certain.

Her lips curled into a wider smile.

After exiting the nightclub, they got inside the car and Mei Yangyang said to Jiang Shu, "Go back to the hotel straight."

Jiang Shu knew that she could never harbor any designs on men, regardless of how outstanding they may be. As soon as she expressed assent, Xiao Chenyang interjected, "No, you may come with me."

Mei Yangyang looked at An Xiaoning, trying to ask for her help.

An Xiaoning nodded. Thus, Jiang Shu tagged along with him back to Wei Ni Estate.

Jin Qingyan had drunk the least out of the three men. However, he was slightly tipsy too. Xiao Chenyang was drunk out of his senses. He was leaning against the seat without uttering a single word while Long Tianze had broken into hysterics.

He began shouting and singing at the top of his lungs inside the car. Mei Yangyang tried to stop him time and time again, to no avail.

Entirely amused, An Xiaoning patted Mei Yangyang on her back and said, "Forget it, let him be."

The car was filled with Long Tianze's coarse and horrid singing throughout the journey home.

"Ahhhhhhhh, you're crazy and I'm foolish, ahhhhhhhhh, let's make love until…"

"I'll send you to the village, I have some words to say to you. Although the flowers have all blossomed, don't pick the wildflowers along the road, don't waste the flowers, don't waste your efforts…"

"The weather is fair, Sister, you refuse to speak or tell me how you feel, the sun has set and the moon has risen, it's nighttime again, when can I enter your bathroom?"

"Sister, you shall take the boat while I walk on the coast, love is all about hardship, Sister, you shall take the boat while I walk on the coast…"


They finally arrived in Wei Ni Estate.

When they were in the yard, Mei Yangyang pulled Long Tianze out of the car with all her might and dragged him home straight away.

The rest of the people alighted as well. An Xiaoning's mobile phone rang again. She took a look to see that it was from Fang Erlan again and, thus, answered. To her surprise, Fang Erlan said, "Sis Xiaoning, I'm going back to B City. I'm at the airport now. I'll be boarding the last flight for tonight."

"Why have you changed your mind again?"

"I calmed myself down and thought about it carefully. I realized that I had been too rash tonight. I can't be like this. You were right, I should focus on my relationship and career."

An Xiaoning said, "Alright, text me when you've arrived safely."


An Xiaoning looked up to see that Jiang Shu was helping Xiao Chenyang into the guest room.

Xiao Chenyang had passed out.

Well aware of the rules and manners that she ought to have, Jiang Shu looked at An Xiaoning and asked, "Ms. An, do I leave?"

"Stay behind and accompany him tonight. We'll see how things go when he comes to tomorrow. However, I hope you'll know your place and not behave like other women. Do you understand what I mean?"

"Yes, rest assured, Ms. An."

An Xiaoning expressed assent and left the guest room.

She returned to the master bedroom to see that Jin Qingyan was already in the shower.

She opened the washroom door gently and peeked inside at Jin Qingyan, who was taking a shower. He waved at her and said, "Come in."

An Xiaoning entered and prepared to remove her clothes and shower with him.

To her astonishment, he pulled her toward him, causing her clothes to be drenched instantly by the water from the faucet.

They smoothly transitioned into a kiss, greatly arousing Jin Qingyan, who hugged her petite body tightly in his embrace.

"Are you still sober?"

"Of course I am. I'm very certain about what I'm doing right now."

An Xiaoning asked the obvious, "What are you doing right now, then?"

"I'm planning to devour you bit by bit…"

An Xiaoning extended her arms and looked up to allow the warm water to land on her face. She teased, "Come and devour me, quick… stop wasting time…"

Jin Qingyan picked her up in his arms and lowered her onto the basin.

He tucked her wet hair behind her ear and looked at her earnestly.

He paused all of a sudden and continued gazing at her.

"Why are you looking at me like that…?"

"I've never seen such a beautiful woman before."

"Screw you…"

"How do you explain the fact that I can never get tired of seeing you?" he said while undressing her and removing her damp clothing. He soon stripped her down to nothing.

An Xiaoning wrapped her arms around his neck and instinctively felt an urge to press her slender legs together. He began moving his fingers around her crotch and thrust them in and out…


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