The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1186 I Want to Make You Stay 64
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1186 I Want to Make You Stay 64

There were wandering souls and spirits all around the town.

Things were far more serious than she had imagined.

"Xiaoning, look ahead of you!" Pan Zhenghui yelled.

An Xiaoning shifted her gaze to the front and saw that there was a huge crowd surrounding a bus that was parked at a distance away from where they were. She could see that they were maniacally banging on the windows and trying to climb up while the people inside the bus were trying their best to stop them from invading.

"Should we take a different route? Or call for the special ops helicopter to come over?" asked Pan Zhenghui, who realized that there was no way they could make it past the massive horde of zombies. If they were to proceed forward, they might end up being surrounded instead.

After some thought, An Xiaoning said to Pan Zhenghui, "Get the special ops to come over. You guys take a different route while I alight."

Pan Zhenghui was greatly taken aback after hearing her words. "Xiaoning, don't get down from the car. You'll be in great danger if you do. Just leave with us."

"I know what to do," she said firmly. She then instructed the officer who was driving, "Drive to that cargo truck and let me get out there."


The car sped toward the cargo truck. An Xiaoning called Xiao Huang and ordered him to transfer a helicopter over to her aid. She then alighted from the car and waved at Pan Zhenghui to signal them to leave.

She decided to try her luck and opened the door of the cargo truck. To her surprise, the keys to the truck were indeed inside.

An Xiaoning closed the door and turned the key to start the engine. She had never driven a truck before. However, she was not at all afraid.

All she needed was for the accelerator and the brakes to work.

She reversed the truck and drove toward the front quickly. At the sight of the truck, the crowd of zombies that were surrounding the bus immediately swarmed toward it.

An Xiaoning squinted and stared at the approaching crowd before stepping on the accelerator and speeding toward them.

The zombies could not duck in time and ended up in a bloodbath.

An Xiaoning did not blink at all.

She ran over dozens of zombies.

She parked the truck beside the bus, which had a missing door, and looked through the window.

She happened to catch sight of Gu Beicheng and Lin Mingxi.

Gu Beicheng burst with euphoria upon the sight of her. He exclaimed in joy, "Xiaoning! You're here!"

"Mingxi, how are you?"

"I got a huge fright and my stomach hurts."

Mingxi is only seven months along. She mustn't go into premature labor. I must get her out of here as soon as possible, An Xiaoning thought to herself.

Needless to say, the bus was definitely hindered from proceeding since it had pulled up there.

The only way to get out of here was via the cargo truck she was driving. Fortunately, the gap between the truck and the bus was way too narrow for a person to fit through. Thus, An Xiaoning opened the windows and said to Gu Beicheng, "You guys, climb in here through the windows."

Finding her idea to be feasible, Gu Beicheng abided by her instructions and helped Lin Mingxi to the window. Lin Mingxi popped her head out and slowly climbed out of the window and onto the truck successfully. Just as Gu Beicheng was about to do the same, the other passengers frantically tried to follow suit. They squeezed and pushed each other in a bid to climb out of the window. However, there were only two empty seats available in the cargo truck, making it impossible for so many people to fit inside.

Noticing that Gu Beicheng was being squeezed into the corner. An Xiaoning hollered, "All of you, back off! Wait here. Someone will come to rescue you guys soon."

However, her words had fallen on deaf ears. The bunch of people who were desperate and struggling to survive completely ignored her. They immediately grew silent the moment An Xiaoning fired a bullet into the sky.

Gu Beicheng finally had the space to climb out.

While he was climbing over, some of the zombies had already made it onto the deck of the bus.

An Xiaoning immediately shot them with her gun. Once Gu Beicheng had made it into the truck safely, she hurriedly closed the windows and yelled at the people inside the bus, "Someone will be here to rescue you guys very soon."

An Xiaoning's words were drowned in the loud, incessant shrieking and wailing. She immediately drove away without hesitation.

Lin Mingxi had broken out into a cold sweat and was panting heavily while trying to catch her breath. She said, "Thank you so much for saving us, Xiaoning. Let me be your daughter in our next lifetime."

The tension in the air faded a little all of a sudden. Entirely amused, An Xiaoning said, "Live your life well in this lifetime. Why are you thinking about the next?"

Lin Mingxi grabbed Gu Beicheng's hand and said, "It was really terrifying. We were just trying to take a tour around the villages to take a breather since the air there was much fresher compared to the city, yet the car tires were punctured and we met with such a mishap even before we had the time to replace the tires. It's such an eyeopener. I've really seen everything that the world has to offer."

"What you've seen and encountered is only the tip of the iceberg," said An Xiaoning, keeping her eyes fixed on the roads ahead. The zombies were hot in their pursuit. However, they soon began to lag further and further behind.

Lin Mingxi leaned against the seat and rested one hand on her baby bump. She and Gu Beicheng sat on the same seat because of how cramped it was. Gu Beicheng stood up immediately and allowed her to have more room.

"Ah, my stomach is hurting again," said Lin Mingxi, who grew paler and paler as her voice faded.

"Hang in there, we'll reach the helicopter soon. You and Beicheng leave for the hospital first later."

"How about you? Leave with us. It's too dangerous here," said Lin Mingxi.

"I'll be fine, rest assured. The special forces are making their way here now. Although they can't save all of the trapped victims, they can at least save some," An Xiaoning said confidently while grabbing the steering wheel.

She rubbed Lin Mingxi's stomach and said, "Hey, kid, you must hang in there. Don't be so eager to come out. Wait until the full term."

They arrived at the spot where the helicopter had landed.

An Xiaoning swiftly alighted while Gu Beicheng helped Lin Mingxi out of the car. She watched the two of them get inside the helicopter before returning to the car.

"Be careful! Don't get hurt!" Gu Beicheng hollered through the window.

An Xiaoning waved both her hands in the air and exclaimed, "Got it! Leave!"

Gu Beicheng stared at her worriedly. The helicopter began soaring into the air, and he finally looked away when he could no longer see her.

The sky gradually turned dark in B City.

After washing up, Fang Erlan opened her closet and took out a pair of jeans, a white long-sleeved shirt, and a black vest.

She then picked up her wallet and left the hotel.

Yan Ge was already waiting for her in his nanny van, which was parked outside the entrance.

As soon as she got inside and closed the door, Yan Ge grabbed her hand and asked, "Are you hungry?"

"No, I've already eaten. How about you?" Fang Erlan asked.

"I've had my meal too. It's a little over seven now. Just the right timing," said Yan Ge.


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