The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1205 I Want to Make You Stay 83
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1205 I Want to Make You Stay 83

The archeologists hurriedly stepped forward and opened the first coffin.

They were experts in opening coffins and, thus, were careful yet quick with their actions. Everyone craned their necks to look inside the coffin the moment it was opened.

Just like she had expected, the corpses inside the coffins did not decompose because of the soil around the coffins.

Wang Jinsheng took a closer look and discovered that there were some signs of mutation on the corpse. He immediately said to Team Leader Zhang and An Xiaoning, "Shall we get rid of it immediately?"

Team Leader Zhang said, "Do it. Bureau Chief has already said that we don't have to ask for permission in such situations. We're allowed to get rid of the corpses immediately."

Wang Jinsheng nodded and instructed his subordinates, "Incinerate the corpses immediately."

They hurriedly opened the second coffin, only to discover that the corpse inside had also mutated.

They cremated it again.

They opened the third and fourth coffins, which were buried together.

Coffins that were buried together usually belonged to married couples.

However, everyone was astonished the moment the coffins were opened.

They contained a beautiful pair of twins.

There were no amulets on the foreheads of the two female corpses. However, their legs were chained together.

Their hands were rested on their abdomens, and their wrists were also bound together by thick chains.

An Xiaoning had also noticed that not only were their features identical, their hairstyles and shoes were the same as well.

"Judging from their clothes, how old do you think these corpses are?" she asked Wang Jinsheng.

Wang Jinsheng said, "I'll know after touching the fabric."

He walked toward the corpses and bent forward to touch the fabric of the clothes that the corpses were wearing. He quickly stood up straight, clapped his hands, and said, "These corpses died not long ago. Judging from the design of their clothes, they should have died about fifty or a hundred years ago."

"Captain, they're not dead!" one of the team members exclaimed.

Greatly taken aback, Wang Jinsheng hollered, "What bullshit is that? How could they not be dead? They would definitely suffocate in this coffin."

"Captain, it's true. I saw her chest moving. She's breathing."

Everyone turned to take a look, keeping their eyes fixed on the corpse while holding their breaths.

Wang Jinsheng mustered up the bravery to step forward and take a look, only to discover that there was nothing unusual with it. He smacked the team member on his head and barked, "Rascal, all you do is scare me! I'm going to kick you."

"Were my eyes playing tricks on me, then?" the crewmember murmured to himself while rubbing his head.

An Xiaoning did not discover anything unusual with the corpse either. Seeing that she did not say anything, Wang Jinsheng and Team Leader Zhang both came to a consensus to continue incinerating the corpses. It was the best way to solve the problem.

To their astonishment, a black luxury limousine began driving toward them all of a sudden.

The limousine stopped beside them, and eight burly men who were dressed in black alighted from it. They stood in two rows, after which an elderly man who had a head full of white hair alighted from the car. He began walking toward An Xiaoning and the rest together with his bodyguards.

"You must be the legendary Ms. An," the elderly man said with a smile.

"You are…?" An Xiaoning asked, trying to recall if she had seen him anywhere before.

"I'm a member of the Gong family from H Nation."

An Xiaoning immediately realized who he was. He was the patriarch of the Gong family, who always kept a low profile.

"Oh, I see, it's old Mr. Gong. Pardon me for my ignorance."

"Don't say that. I rarely go out, and I've never been on the news before. It's only understandable that you don't know who I am, Ms. An. I heard a piece of insider news about the appearance of mutated corpses here. Is that true?"

"Yes, but we've already incinerated them."

After taking a look at the two coffins, the elderly patriarch said to An Xiaoning with a smile, "Ms. An, to be honest, these two corpses were buried by our family. You can't touch them."

An Xiaoning said in puzzlement, "Mr. Gong, could you tell me the reason? I'm sure you're aware that this burial ground has the optimal conditions for mutation. We can't leave the corpses untouched. We're worried that the zombie incident will repeat again."

"I know, that's why I came here personally to talk to you guys about something. May we discuss it in my car?"

An Xiaoning and Team Leader Zhang looked at each other before conceding with a nod, "Alright."

They followed the elderly Mr. Gong into the car. There were only four of them inside. Noticing that the sky was about to turn dark, An Xiaoning said, "Mr. Gong, just tell us the gist of it. We're running short on time."

"Okay, here's the thing. The pair of twins in the coffin are my biological sisters and they're actually not dead yet. They're merely just hibernating, that's why it appears that they're moving. We'll have to start from fifty years ago…"

It turned out that when Mr. Gong was 29 years old fifty years ago, his father was involved in an extramarital affair with a woman who was about the same age as his sister. The elderly Mr. Gong's father was bewitched by his mistress and would often stay out late, completely neglecting his wife and family. Mr. Gong's mother was greatly disappointed and thus stopped trying to convince him to go home. However, Mr. Gong's younger sisters were extremely indignant and constantly tried to provoke their father's mistress. They even beat her up and caused her to have a miscarriage. Mr. Gong's father cut off their financial resources because of that.

At that time, his father was an accomplished businessman while his mother was a homemaker. Fortunately, the elderly Mr. Gong had already made a name for himself by then, and thus, his mother and sisters proceeded to live together with him. However, his sisters refused to take it lying down. After a few months of peace, they found out that the woman had gotten pregnant again.

The pair of twins utterly detested the woman because she had snatched their father away and ruined their parents' marriage. Yet, there was nothing they could do. After the first miscarriage, Mr. Gong's father paid extra care and attention to his mistress and instructed a large number of bodyguards to chaperon her wherever she went, leaving the pair of twins with no chance to act.

Mr. Gong's mother happened to chance upon a monk when she headed to the temple on the mountains. The monk told her that her husband had been pestered by an evil spirit and that he would die very soon if they did not get rid of the spirit. The elderly Mr. Gong's mother was frightened beyond limits. However, she was still rather apprehensive and decided to consult a reverend in the temple, only to discover that it was really the case.

Mr. Gong and his mother prayed earnestly to the deities in the temple and asked for an amulet in a bid to get rid of the spirit. They finally found a chance to meet the mistress. Just as they were about to take action in front of his father, the woman fainted and slipped into a coma.


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