The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1221 I Want to Make You Stay 99
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1221 I Want to Make You Stay 99

"When was the first time you saw me? Do you still remember?"

"Wasn't it in M Nation?"

An Xiaoning's head was hurting so bad that she did not want to say another word more.


"Sister Gao, is Fang Erlan's injury serious?" Yu Caiwei asked as she drank her tea.

"As to how it is specifically, no one knows. Her bodyguard refuses to allow anyone to visit her." Sister Gao was not in a good mood. "This is great, all her scenes can't be filmed for now. We can only hope that they can be shot later on and that the whole series won't be affected."

"What's there to worry about? She probably won't shoot any more television dramas after this one, so she'll definitely do her best for it."

Sister Gao was surprised. "Where did you get this news?"

"Nowhere, I'm just guessing."

"Guessing?" Sister Gao commented, "Caiwei, you can go become an underworld medium already. She has such excellent resources because she's the only artiste in her work studio, and all the opportunities are being given to her. She'll quit the entertainment industry? I won't believe that, over my dead body."

"For an actress who was born in the countryside, it may be difficult to give these up indeed. But, Sister Gao, do you still think that that bodyguard of hers is just a bodyguard?"

"What do you mean?"

"What else could I mean? When you've been in the entertainment industry for so many years, you'd have seen plenty of hunks. But have you seen a man like her bodyguard working for others?"

Sister Gao disagreed with her. "So what if he's handsome? If he's not capable, he may still have to work for others as a bodyguard."

"I think you're really ignorant," Yu Caiwei said bluntly. "Although I don't know what that man does, I know he's not simple for sure. Have you seen the car he drives?"

"No. I'm busy enough with my work, why would I notice what car a bodyguard like him drives?"

"It's an Aston Martin. A car that costs over four million dollars. Can a hunk like him who drives a car worth over four million dollars possibly be a bodyguard?"

Sister Gao responded skeptically, "Really?"

"Of course it's true," Yu Caiwei said with a grin. "I dare say that there's something wrong with this man's eyes since he's fallen for Fang Erlan."

Sis Erlan was perplexed. "But isn't Erlan together with Yan Ge?"

"Do you really think she can get married to Yan Ge?" She laughed. "Don't joke with me, Yan Ge's mother doesn't approve of Fang Erlan. If she does, would she say such things to the media? It's just a matter of time that they break up."

"If they break up, isn't it a good opportunity for you?" Sister Gao persuaded her, "Go and get back with Yan Ge. I know you still want to be with him."

"He really doesn't have feelings for me anymore. Forget it." Yu Caiwei held her head high and was about to head outside. "It's not like there's nobody who wants me. I have plenty of suitors anyway."

Seeing her head outside, Sister Gao shook her head.

Yu Caiwei twisted her stunning body as she walked gracefully toward the seat in the film set and sat down with one leg crossed, revealing her porcelain-white slender legs. With her fingers interlocked, she proceeded to put on a calm and composed look.

Turning her head and fixing her gaze on Yan Ge beside her, she mocked coldly, "Your girlfriend is injured and hospitalized, why haven't you gone to the hospital to visit her? What kind of boyfriend are you?"

"How do you know I didn't go?" he murmured as he cast her a side glance. How could he possibly have not gone? He had gone there but was chased away by that Xiao Chenyang. He had not even gotten to see Fang Erlan.

"Do you know what's on the news today? I know you didn't see it for sure. The news reported that Fang Erlan is hospitalized and that your mother can now rest assured and has gone home." Yu Caiwei's eyes were sparkling with joy. "I actually thought that your mother would really approve of you two, but she's still the same after all this time. I dare say that between your mother and your girlfriend, you'll definitely take your mother's side. Yan Ge, don't look at me like this. No matter what, I've spent some time together with you and I know you quite well."

"I've nothing to say to you, you don't have to purposely find a topic with me."

Yu Caiwei's smile stiffened, and she shifted her gaze elsewhere, embarrassed.

"No matter what, we're colleagues. Don't tell me just speaking to you makes me have an ulterior motive?" She went on casually, "Yan Ge, I have a question to ask you."


"Do you really not know who that bodyguard around Fang Erlan is?"

The hand that Yan Ge was using to hold onto his script instantly froze, and he turned to his side to face her and asked, "You do?"

"Of course I don't. Otherwise, why would I be asking you this? So, you don't know as well." She lowered her head and dug into her fingernails. "I feel that he isn't someone simple, but I just don't know in what way. But there are rumors…"

Yu Caiwei surveyed her surroundings before leaning toward him and saying in a low voice, "The night Fang Erlan was injured, someone spotted a person flying in the film set. It was just a quick flash then, but someone saw it indeed. It couldn't have been part of filming for sure because they had wrapped up because of the heavy rain."

"Fly?" Yan Ge felt that it was utterly ridiculous. "Men have no wings, how could one possibly fly?"

"That's why it's just a rumor. But I once tried to check the surveillance footage and found out that all the footage during that period of time had been taken away by the police and there aren't any backup copies either. I'm really curious as to whether or not that rumor is true."

"Don't you find the rumor you talked about hilarious?" Yan Ge was in complete disbelief. "It's akin to saying that dragons exist in this world. Until now, there is no concrete evidence to prove that dragons exist."

"I'm pretty sure they do. If they don't exist, why did the ancient people use them in the 12 zodiac signs? I do believe in this. This world is too huge for us to see all of it. Even if we haven't witnessed it, we can't deny the possibility of such things existing."

"I think you're just being superstitious." Yan Ge turned over to his other side.

"I'm being superstitious? Then tell me, the medium who can see ghosts, An Xiaoning, has once received the president's verification. Do you believe that?"

"Stop, I don't wish to continue discussing this issue with you."

Seeing how he looked rather annoyed, Yu Caiwei could only stop saying anything.

While his eyes were fixed on his script, Yan Ge's mind was wandering to something else.

When he finished filming, he drove to the hospital again.

This time, he did not head to her ward straight away but went to find Fang Erlan's doctor-in-charge.

"Doctor, how is Fang Erlan doing?"

"You're Yan Ge, right?"


The doctor was well aware of who he was. After all, there wasn't anyone who didn't know about Yan Ge being Fang Erlan's boyfriend. "She doesn't have any major issues and will recover after she recuperates for some time. We're using the best medicine on her."

"I actually haven't been able to enter her ward. Her bodyguard made the decision himself to forbid me from entering. Doctor, can you do me a favor?"

"Why does her bodyguard forbid you from entering?" The doctor was puzzled. "What favor?"

"I don't know why he forbids me from entering either, so can you call him away later and allow me to enter the ward to see her?"

"That's easy. I mean, aren't you her boyfriend?"


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