The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1276 I Want to Make You Stay 154
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1276 I Want to Make You Stay 154

"Alright." Pan Zhenghui immediately did as she instructed.

Once she obtained the mobile phone, she immediately checked the call log, text message history, and saved voice recordings before heading to the interrogation room.

At the sight of her, the people who were playing dead immediately got a shock.

An Xiaoning sat down and grabbed the desk gently while Fan Shixin stood beside her.

"Tell me all your names."

The policemen had already gotten a pen and a piece of paper ready and were waiting to record their statements.

The men looked at each other in silence, seemingly not planning to speak.

She raised her brows and said sternly, "Are you refusing to speak up? You people kidnapped that poor family in Mo Sha. You even occupied their home and stole their assets. I'm giving you one minute to decide if you want to tell me who the mastermind is. If you're willing to speak up, I'll release the rest of you."

Their eyes lit up in joy and they asked, "Really?"

"Of course. Your one minute starts now. If no one wants to divulge who the mastermind is, the seven of you shall be detained and subjected to a court trial."

As soon as they heard her words, the seven men looked at each other again. All of a sudden, they lost their composure and began pointing at the oldest man of the bunch within less than a minute.

The man whom they had pointed at turned pale in shock and terror. He looked left and right at his most trusted buddies, who were actually pointing their fingers at him at this juncture.

They were clearly out to sacrifice him.

An Xiaoning questioned, "Is it really him? Since you guys have pointed at him, that means you should also know how he had planned this scheme. Tell me, how and why did he decide to do this?"

"He did it because… of money."

An Xiaoning instinctively crossed one leg over the other and asked, "Are you kidding me? Although that family had built their own house, the construction is very minimalistic. They're dressed in simple clothes too. They don't seem very wealthy either. Besides, why would you just break into one house and stay there for more than a month? Doesn't make sense, does it?"

The men fell silent again.

At this very moment, the man whom they had accused decided to speak up. He interjected, "We didn't do it for the money, of course. We invaded and occupied that house because we were waiting for a chance to return to R Nation. The higher-ups gave us only two orders, and that is to either get a hold of your hair or come up with a way to make you go to R Nation, Ms. An. We only have to fulfill one of the two."

While he spoke, the other men frantically yelled and tried to get him to stop, to no avail.

"Who is the mastermind? Why does he or she want a sample of my hair or for me to go to R Nation?" asked An Xiaoning, who was starting to feel like Pei Yi could very likely be the one. I haven't contacted Pei Yi in such a long time. Why does he want to do these all of a sudden? Or is it that he just can't stand the sight of me living in peace?

Although all the clues pointed to Pei Yi, she could not jump to conclusions without any concrete evidence.

The accused man answered, "Our master is the Donggong family of R Nation."

The rest of the accomplices turned pale the instant he revealed the name.

The Donggong family was a prestigious and wealthy family in R Nation.

Qingyan and I have never been in contact with this family. Why do they want my hair sample?

"Does that alleged mural of me really exist?" she asked.

"Yes, it really does. We didn't paint it recently just to lure you there either. It really does exist. Hence, we decided to use it to our advantage and try to lure you there. However, we have no idea why he wants a sample of your hair."

"Does the owner of the tomb really have 'Pei' as his last name?"


At the moment, An Xiaoning still could not tell if he was telling the truth or not, despite the earnest expression on his face. She said to the police officer, "Single this one out."

The police officer did as instructed.

The six remaining men were left inside the interrogation room. "If what he said is true, I'll be releasing him. As for you guys, I'm sorry, but you won't be released. You've really given me an eyeopener by sacrificing others for your own selfish needs."

They were instantly dumbfounded upon hearing her words. Didn't she say that she would release all of us so long as someone reveals who the mastermind is? What is she doing now?

"You broke your promise!"

An Xiaoning smiled and stood up. "It's up to me to decide whether to keep my promise or not. Your life lies in your own hands too. It all depends on your decisions."

Noticing that they had grown silent again, she knew that she wouldn't be able to get anything out of them.

Slaves like them who lie in ambush in S Nation are no different from spies.

She exited from the interrogation room, and Pan Zhenghui asked, "How did it go?"

"Those people… are spies from R Nation. Consult your superiors for instructions on how to deal with them."

"What about the other one?"

"Do the same after I hypnotize him."


An Xiaoning knew that death was the only thing that awaited them, because the law of S Nation had always been strict when dealing with such spies.

She had never planned to let any one of them live, for that would only give them the chance to harm others.

She headed to the place where the man had been brought to. An Xiaoning stared at him and asked, "Your buddies said that you were lying to me just now. Who should I listen to? I'm very perturbed too."

Upon hearing her words, the man clenched his fists tightly while his veins bulged from his forehead, seemingly trying his best to suppress his emotions.

"Do you have any family members?" she asked, trying to strike the iron while it was hot.

"No, I'm alone."

"Oh, I just wanted to say that your master definitely wouldn't let your family off, should you have any. After all, I heard that the rules in R Nation are that one's family would be implicated and punished together as well, should he or she commit any crime. That's why the crime rates are so low in R Nation. Fortunately, you don't have any family members. Otherwise, they're going to be implicated. So, are you going to answer my questions?"

"Everything I said was the truth. They were the ones who were lying."

"How can I believe you? There's only one way to prove that you were telling the truth. Look at this," An Xiaoning said while inching closer toward him.

She took out a large bell and swung it in her hands, producing a large and crisp sound. "Do you feel dizzy?" she asked.

The man's eyes followed the movement of her hands. "A little."

Noticing that he was slipping into a trance, she slowly let go of the bell and asked, "Can you tell me the color of this bell?"


"Do your eyelids feel as heavy as a boulder, so heavy that you can't lift them at all?"


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