The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1290 I Want to Make You Stay 168
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1290 I Want to Make You Stay 168

"To sleep with you, of course. However, it's impossible to get an erection when you're unconscious. I'll question her properly when she's here later."

Upon hearing her words, Henry said, "She claimed that I had gotten injured during a scuffle with some gangsters."

"See, that's where the plot hole is. She's lying. I heard from Yangyang that Tianze and Qingyan drove home together and no one mentioned that you were injured at all…"

"Is that so? In that case, that woman is really so full of tricks. However, I thought that Jin Qingyan had really bedded her, so I gave her a check for 500 thousand dollars…"

"What a wastrel. Is she worth that much?"


An Xiaoning continued eating her breakfast.

Bu Xianxian was brought to them shortly after they had breakfast.

Her hands were tied behind her back, and Fan Shixin was pushing her into the living room.

"You're tying me up like I'm a criminal. Is this how you should be treating me?"

"Are you not a criminal? Qingyan only offered to send you home on account that you had saved his life, yet you pushed your limits and got so brazen. You even had the audacity to knock him unconscious and take him home. Bu Xianxian, are you tired of living?"

Bu Xianxian panicked and looked at Henry. Oh dear, he's regained his memory…

Otherwise, why would An Xiaoning be so clear about what I had done?

However, she refused to admit it and retorted, "What are you talking about? Do you have any evidence?"

An Xiaoning smiled and quipped, "Is the victim's statement not sufficient evidence? Bu Xianxian, did you think that he'd lose his memory just because you hit him on his head?"

Bu Xianxian was at a loss for words.

"Do you really think I won't know what to do with you just because you refuse to speak? I'll send you to the police station immediately. Just you wait. You're going to be put behind bars. Don't forget to return the check to me."

Noticing that Henry was remaining silent, Bu Xianxian began to panic and threatened, "I'll announce to the world that he had slept with me. An Xiaoning, you don't want to see that day, do you?"

An Xiaoning asked sarcastically, "Oh… how are you going to announce it to the world when you're in prison?"

Not wanting to waste her breath talking to Bu Xianxian, she said to Fan Shixin, "Shixin, take this woman to the police station and bring me the footages from the surveillance cameras in Sanqiao Estate."

Realizing that she seemed to be serious about punishing her, Bu Xianxian decided to give in. "I'll just return you the 500 thousand dollars. Will that do?"

An Xiaoning said with folded arms, "Do you think that's enough? You're so simple-minded, aren't you? When you saved Qingyan back then, we gave you five million dollars as a reward, didn't we? You injured Qingyan's head and you almost caused his reputation to be tarnished. I want you to compensate us with two million dollars."

"What!?! Two million dollars!?! You're just scamming me!" Bu Xianxian exclaimed, dumbfounded.

"Shall we take this to court, then?"

"An Xiaoning!"

"I can hear you, you don't have to shout."

"I was at fault this time. I was just too smitten and allowed my heart to rule my head. I admit, I didn't get intimate with him at all. Please be magnanimous and let me off this time. After all, you wouldn't have been able to see Nick again if I hadn't saved him back then."

"Are you taking the moral high ground just because you had saved him? Bu Xianxian, don't you have a guilty conscience at all?"

"The very fact that I had saved his life overwrites all of the misdeeds that I had done." Bu Xianxian took a deep breath and continued, "If you let me off this time, I promise I won't appear in front of you guys again."

An Xiaoning stared at her and recalled that she was Jin Qingyan's wife in their previous lifetime. She then said to Fan Shixin, "Draft an agreement and print it out. I want you to include this term. This matter shall have nothing to do with the fact that Bu Xianxian had saved Qingyan. If she were to threaten us by bringing that up again, or try to violate Qingyan, she'll have to compensate us with 50 million dollars."

Bu Xianxian's eyes widened in shock. Fifty million dollars…

Fan Shixin returned later with the agreement. Bu Xianxian could not believe her eyes the moment she read the contents of the agreement. However, she had no other option than to sign it, for that was the only way she could leave.

"Shixin, bring a bodyguard with you and send her home. Bring that check back too."

"Wait a minute, tie her arms up first," said Henry.

Bu Xianxian saw a glimmer of hope. She initially thought that he would just be generous and allow her to keep the 500 thousand dollars. To her astonishment, he headed upstairs and returned with the cap that she had given him the night before. He handed it to Bu Xianxian and said, "Take your cap away."

Disappointment filled Bu Xianxian's heart as it sank to rock bottom.

She grabbed the cap and said, "Nick…"

"You're so ugly."

Bu Xianxian tried her best to contain her anger. How dare he mock my appearance!?!

Henry placed his arm around An Xiaoning's shoulders and chastised Bu Xianxian once more, "You're so ugly. You're hideous. I lose my appetite whenever I see you. You'd better not appear in front of me ever again. Otherwise, I'm going to hit you whenever I see you. When I'm all riled up, I won't hesitate to lay a hand on women."

Bu Xianxian left with clenched fists. An Xiaoning could tell how exasperated she was.

An Xiaoning looked at the hand on her shoulder and remarked, "You're getting better and better at acting."

He let go of her and turned around to head upstairs.

An Xiaoning said to Fan Shixin, "You actually couldn't tell that he was Henry."

Fan Shixin grinned widely, revealing his straight rows of pearly whites. "Awesome."

"What's awesome?"

"Young Sir is innocent."


"What are you waiting for? Hurry and chase after Bu Xianxian."


An Xiaoning smiled and headed upstairs too.

Henry had already changed into his clothes by the time she was putting her makeup on.

"I'm going to the hospital to get my wounds checked."

"Do you need me to accompany you?"


"The more you resist, the more I want to do it."

"Mind… your language. You're going to cause a misunderstanding easily."


An Xiaoning accompanied him to the hospital, nonetheless.

The doctor cleaned his wounds, changed his dressing, and prescribed him with some oral medication.

Henry was also told to avoid cold or spicy foods.

When they returned home, he proceeded to get some rest while An Xiaoning visited Mei Yangyang at home.

Mei Yangyang and Long Tianze had yet to wake up since they had slept at a late hour last night.

An Xiaoning knocked on the door of the bedroom and called, "Yangyang?"

"Yes… Sis?" Mei Yangyang asked wearily while trying to open her eyes.

"You're not up yet?"

"Yeah, you're back?"

"I'll wait for you downstairs."

Mei Yangyang got out of bed, freshened up, and exited the bedroom in her pajamas.

"Yangyang, I have to clarify this with you. You've maligned Qingyan."

"Huh? I maligned him?"

An Xiaoning nodded and explained everything to Mei Yangyang, who then said, "Seems like you didn't punish Bu Xianxian severely enough. However, getting her to sign that agreement was a clever move. She's going to give up everything she has to compensate you if she dares to act shamelessly again."


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