The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1299 I Want to Make You Stay 177
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1299 I Want to Make You Stay 177

Just like the courtyard, the inside of the house was pitch black, and it was surrounded by complete silence as well.

Donggong Lianzhi was so exceptionally familiar with his mother's house that he could get inside with his eyes closed.

He led An Xiaoning like a navigation system would, and if An Xiaoning had come alone, she definitely would have taken longer because she was unfamiliar with the place.

When the two had just reached the corridor of the main house, they could hear the faint sound of people speaking inside, which sounded like the voices of a man and a woman.

How nice, the two were sitting inside to talk with the lights off?

As an adult, An Xiaoning of course did not believe that.

All the more did Donggong Lianzhi not believe that.

His face had already changed at this point, actually, and as the two were afraid of alerting the two inside the house, they took every step with extreme caution, at a pace of about three steps every minute.

There was a row of seats between each pillar along the corridor, and they were directly connected to the pillar.

The two did not continue walking ahead but sat there side by side.

For a few minutes, the two did not really catch what the people inside were talking about.

Given the situation before them, it was best for them to just stay put and sit there.

It was not a good idea for them to climb onto the roof.

After all, two grown adults would definitely have sharp hearing, unlike Old Mr. and Mrs. Donggong, who were short of hearing because they were getting on in years.

However, they had no idea for how long they had to sit there.

A few minutes and yet another few minutes later…

They gradually had no idea what the two were talking about inside as they were blabbering non-stop.

After about half an hour had passed, the two inside the house finally stopped chatting and started kissing.

By this point, An Xiaoning could feel that Donggong Lianzhi beside her had become completely astounded.

To prevent him from acting rashly, she held out her hand to grab onto his.

He glanced at her and moved his lips. Although no sound came out, she understood what he said from the shape of his lips.

He was saying: "I'm fine."

An Xiaoning did not release her hand as, under usual circumstances, the two should have been leaving by this point. However, given the situation at present, he was not moving at all, so she knew that he did not want to go.

The sound of them kissing gradually became softer, and what followed next was an even more intense situation.

The situation really made one embarrassed and, at the same time, wanting to rush in to beat them up furiously.

Obviously, the one who felt embarrassed was her while the one who wanted to go in to beat them up was him.

During such an activity between a man and a woman, it was obvious for one to lose at least half of their rationality and to let out noises with no restraint.

As a result, when the man inside said, "I think we can't let those two stay for long. Why don't you make a trip yourself to settle them?"

"No matter what, he's my son! I can't harm him, I simply can't."

"Then, is it me or your son that you want?"

The woman stayed silent for a moment, but the man seemed to have applied force on her as he went into her because the woman suddenly let out a series of high-pitched sounds.

"Answer me!"

"You, of course."

These words were simple to utter, but An Xiaoning knew that Donggong Lianzhi definitely suffered a huge blow when he heard them.

That was his biological mother.

And she actually treated him like this, she actually did…

"Then, you go and settle them."

At this point, Donggong Lianzhi stood up, and An Xiaoning followed him as well. Seeing that he did not intend to listen on, An Xiaoning did not say anything either. After all, he was the one who suggested coming here.

The two were about to take their leave cautiously, but when they were just a few steps away, they could hear Donggong Lianzhi's mother answering, "Alright, I'll go."

"Yes, good girl. I like how obedient you are."


They came back from the same way they had entered, and when they went past that same dilapidated house, Donggong Lianzhi's face was expressionless, as if he had already experienced the most disgusting thing in this world and decomposed corpses was nothing to him at all already.

However, An Xiaoning still could not bear it and vomited non-stop after they had gotten out. She had long vomited out her dinner already, and all that she was vomiting now was acidic liquid from her stomach.

The trip tonight, however, was not in vain.

After walking quite a distance away, the two who had kept silent for some time finally started to talk.

"I'm so hungry. Lianzhi… shall we go and eat something?" She decided to get along well with him since they were supposedly good friends in their past lives.

"I'm hungry too, but I… feel like I'm already full."

"Umm… let's go and have some barbecue skewers and beer. Just thinking about it makes me so hungry."


An hour later, the two each carried a big bag of barbecue skewers and a can of beer in their hands.

They ate as they walked, and they did not go back immediately to rest.

It was rather good to just enjoy the night breeze like that.

He ate at a slow pace and did not speak. Even though she knew that he wasn't in a good mood, she still had to ask him, "Tomorrow when your mother comes to find you, what do you intend to do?"

"Make a guess… what would I do?"

"I… can't think of it."

"Do you know? This is common given the instability within our country. It's the darker side of how things are. An example would be the pile of decomposed corpses we saw at the dilapidated house today. If I killed someone, will it worsen your already poor impression of me?"

"I've already gotten my hands stained with a lot of human blood." An Xiaoning felt rather pathetic as she said this. "I think I probably won't have any happy ending in this life. Honestly speaking, I've always felt this way."

Donggong Lianzhi looked at her and expressed, "Nobody has an easy life to lead, and no one has it easier than someone else. A poor family's child may envy a rich second-generation heir, but such a rich heir has his or her own troubles too. In this world, the rich have their own troubles. So, we should just lead each day as it is and not think of tomorrow. This is the conclusion I've come to today."

"We've gained quite a lot tonight." An Xiaoning heaved a sigh of relief. "Even though the most important issue probably can't be resolved."

"You mean the curse?"



An Xiaoning switched on her phone, which she had kept switched off earlier to prevent any slip-ups from occurring.

The moment her phone was switched on, loads of notifications popped up.

They were basically missed calls from Fan Shixin.

She immediately returned a call to Fan Shixin. "What's with all the missed calls?"

"Young Madam, Henry escaped. We can't find him now."

"What? Escaped? How did he escape?"

"There's a secret passageway from the storage room that leads to my room. From there, he put on my clothes and drove the car away. He even removed the GPS tracker on him."

That damn Henry, hadn't she already told him not to create any trouble while she was away?

"Continue looking for him. Don't let slip of this news."

"Of course. No matter what it takes, even if we have to dig three feet deep into the ground, we have to find him. Otherwise, we won't know what trouble he'll create again."

After hanging up the phone, An Xiaoning was so furious that her lungs were burning.

How she wished she could catch Henry and bring him before her to teach him a harsh lesson.

At the same time, she wouldn't be able to bear to do it as it was Qingyan's body she would be hurting, after all.

Also, it had to be under the situation where he could not retaliate. Ever since the previous time he slammed her against the wall, she became really quite afraid to lay a finger on him.


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