The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1301 I Want to Make You Stay 179
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1301 I Want to Make You Stay 179

She opened the door to see that Donggong Lianzhi's mother was standing alone outside the door. The latter glanced at An Xiaoning before entering straight away.

An Xiaoning noticed that she was carrying a large lunch box in her hands, which could contain a large amount of food.

"Lianzhi, I'm going out to buy something," said An Xiaoning.

Having sensed that she was trying to avoid his mother, Donggong Lianzhi said, "You don't have to, my mother brought us some food. Let's eat together."

Donggong Lianzhi's mother shot her a rare smile and said, "Yeah, since you're my son's girlfriend and the mother of my grandchild, do sit down and eat with us. Just take it that you're eating on behalf of the baby."

An Xiaoning closed the door and nodded while smiling. "Sure."

Being immune to all types of poison, An Xiaoning was not afraid that Donggong Lianzhi's mother would poison her at all.

An Xiaoning sat down beside Donggong Lianzhi and asked his mother, "Auntie, did you cook these yourself?"

"Of course I did. They're Lianzhi's favorite dishes."

"You're a great mother who dotes on her son, Auntie." She opened the lunch box and took out the dishes one by one. "They look delicious," she remarked.

Donggong Lianzhi stared at the piping-hot dishes while remaining still.

"Son, what are you waiting for? Hurry and eat. It's really delectable," Donggong Lianzhi's mother urged while stuffing a pair of chopsticks into his hands.

"Did Grandpa and Grandma punish you because of me?"

"They didn't do much except chide me."

"Mother, do you have any savings?" Donggong Lianzhi asked.

"I've been saving all the allowance that I get each month. They're enough to last me for a long time."

He nodded and said, "Mother, I'm leaving R Nation. You must take good care of yourself whenever I'm not at home."

Upon hearing his words, Donggong Lianzhi's mother asked in astonishment, "Where are you going?"

"I'm leaving this place to go to another nation with Mu Ning. I no longer have a place in this nation. Once our living conditions are stable, we'll arrange for you to move in with us."

She replied, "No… no need for that. I'm not going anywhere. Since I've married into the Donggong family, I'll always belong to the family. I won't leave."

An Xiaoning remarked bluntly, "Auntie, you're so ignorant. I did hear about the women of R Nation having a low sense of pride, but I didn't expect it to be this low. You're almost degrading yourself. If you live for another man, your thoughts and ideas will all have to be controlled."

"I don't need you to tell me what to do. Also, if you're not from R Nation, where the hell did you come from?"

"I came here for a vacation and hit it off really well with your son. As simple as that."

"Lianzhi, are you going to follow this woman to her nation?"


Mrs. Donggong would have definitely objected to it in the past. However, she did not say anything and instead urged, "The food is getting cold. Let's tuck in."

Donggong Lianzhi looked at her and said, "I'm not very hungry."

"Do have a little, at least."

"I'll try the food first. Since he's not hungry, he can wait," An Xiaoning said, smiling.

Noticing that she was about to start eating, Donggong Lianzhi placed an arm around her shoulder, hinting her not to touch the food.

An Xiaoning smiled at him and wrapped her right arm around his waist to tell him that she would be alright.

However, he did not feel safe about it at all. He had pinned all his hopes onto her, and if something were to happen to her, it would be the end of his life.

Mrs. Donggong perceived their actions to be displaying their affection for each other blatantly in front of her.

Donggong Lianzhi grabbed the chopsticks from her and placed it onto the table. "I know you're sparing a thought for me, but at this point, there's really no need for us to continue putting on an act, is there?"

An Xiaoning smiled and said, "I'll really be alright. My body is immune to all types of poison. Your mother's poison won't be able to kill me."

Appalled, Donggong Lianzhi asked, "Really?"

"Would I lie to you? Besides, I'm still so young. What's going to happen if I die? I still have a long life ahead of me."

Their exchange was like a hard slap in Mrs. Donggong's face.

She did not expect them to have guessed that she had poisoned their food.

Just how did they find out?

There's no way they would.

"You shameless woman, what nonsense are you talking about? Poison? Why would I poison my son? He's my flesh and blood. The son whom I had carried in my womb for ten months!"

"Exactly. He's your flesh and blood and yet you still chose to follow your lover's orders and poison him to death. I'm nowhere as shameless as you are."

Her words had completely agitated Mrs. Donggong, who stood up in a moment of pique. An Xiaoning continued, "Lianzhi and I headed to the Mingxin residence in the Donggong family mansion and we overheard an interesting conversation when we were outside the door. Let's not talk about the shameless things you had done with Wu Haigang. But you did promise him to kill your own son, didn't you? We had already heard everything. What's wrong? Are you still going to deny it?"

Donggong Lianzhi's mother turned as pale as a ghost immediately.

"I've always thought that parents would never harm their own children, yet you actually tried to kill me. You were the only one to whom I had told about my discovery of the tomb. Although the surveillance cameras captured me in the act, I still feel that you were the one who leaked the news. Are you that eager to turn up for your secret rendezvous with that old fogy? Are you that eager to annihilate me!?!" Donggong Lianzhi let go of An Xiaoning and stood up, glaring at his mother with tears in his bloodshot eyes.

"No… No… I didn't want to do that at all. Son, this was not what I had intended. I really didn't want to do this," she tried to explained.

"But you still did it ruthlessly, didn't you? I feel so ashamed to have a mother like you. Since you don't want me anymore and have long planned to get rid of me, let's cut off all ties with each other from now on. I'll no longer be a member of the Donggong family and I'll change my last name back to 'Wu.' My name shall now be Wu Lianzhi."

"You…" She was incapable of speech. In reality, she had been feeling rather upset and miserable throughout the journey. At the end of the day, he was still her flesh and blood whom she had delivered and raised on her own. She could not bring herself to kill him at all.

Since they were already there, there was no turning back.

Hence, she decided to stop hesitating and proceed according to plan. She flew into a rage the moment she heard that her son was planning to leave the nation with Mu Ning.

It had never occurred to her that they would find out about her plan to poison them.

Neither did she expect him to sever ties with her and change his last name back to "Wu."

Not only did she fail to achieve her agenda, she had even exposed herself. It would be difficult for her to try and harm him again.

She had suffered a double loss.

"I'm leaving now," she said with a sullen expression.

Since she did not once look back, she had no idea that there was a gun being pointed at her. However, the trigger was never pulled in the end.


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