The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1313 I Only Want You 11
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1313 I Only Want You 11

"You really don't want it?"

"I don't. Sis Erlan, your money is hard-earned too. You work so hard every day. Keep the money for yourself. I believe that I'll save enough to purchase my own apartment one day," Xiao Yue answered.

Fang Erlan did not insist any further and returned to her hotel room to rest. She sat alone on the bed and began surfing the internet for property listings.

Although Xiao Yue had been working for her for only about a year, they faced each other every day.

Xiao Yue could no longer stay by her side once she quits the showbiz industry.

Hence, she wanted to do something for Xiao Yue.

After all, Xiao Yue had been showing her lots of care and concern throughout.

She had already viewed a few estates by the time the doorbell rang.

Since there were bodyguards watching outside the door, she could open it without looking into the peephole. Upon the sight of the man outside, Fang Erlan smiled and said, "You're back."

"Yes." He entered and closed the door after him.

He picked her up in his arms and began walking inside. "What were you doing?"

"Looking at property listings online."

"Property listings?" Xiao Chenyang lowered her onto the bed and stared at the screen of her laptop.

"A one-bedder? Shouldn't we get a bigger house?" he asked in puzzlement.

"I'm not buying one for us, I'm looking at property listings for Xiao Yue."

Xiao Chenyang removed his shoes and asked, "Can she even afford an apartment?"

"I'm buying it for her, of course."

He sat down beside her and placed an arm around her shoulders. "That works too, but which one are you eyeing?"

"Take a look at this one, and this one," she said while moving the cursor around the screen.

"This apartment in Sanqiao Estate looks good. The scenery and ventilation seem great too. By the way, An Xiaoning has a house there too. We'll take this."

After gaining his approval, Fang Erlan decided to settle on that apartment. She noted down the contact details of the owner and asked, "Should we also buy a house for ourselves now too? The renovation is going to take some time. Besides, we can't move in immediately after the renovation either."

"We don't have to go to the hassle of getting the house renovated. We'll just buy one that's already well furnished. I've already asked Chief Fan. He said that there are well-furnished mansions for sale in Wei Ni Estate. They're reasonably priced as well. Let's just buy one."

"Mansion? You mean the ones like Sis Yangyang's and Sis Xiaoning's?" Fang Erlan asked.


"Let's buy one, then."


"An old fogy pounced on me during the publicity event today." Noticing the gleaming anger in his eyes, she added, "Fortunately, our bodyguards were quick to react and managed to throw him out almost instantly." Fang Erlan put the laptop away and sat down beside him. Staring at him solemnly, she asked, "Frankly speaking, did you miss me during the past few days?"

"I didn't. I missed Doggy Fang."

"You're the doggy."

He hugged her and lay down. "Yes, yes, I'm the doggy. You're the woman who sleeps with a doggy."

Fang Erlan pinched him and chided, "Can you talk decently?"

"Yes… Mrs. Xiao."

"Is everything settled?" Fang Erlan asked.

"More or less. It's hilarious though. Let me tell you all about it."

"Sure, I'm all ears."


An Xiaoning and Henry visited Mr. Jin at the hospital.

They heard from Fan Shixin that Mr. Jin had already come to and was no longer in any critical danger. All he had to do now was to rest and recuperate in the hospital. Henry was reluctant to come at first but had no choice since An Xiaoning insisted that he did.

Mr. Jin was reading some newspapers when they entered the ward. Upon the sight of them, he humphed and gibed in disgruntlement, "It's already been so many days and you've only come to visit me now. What kind of a son are you?"

Henry retorted rudely, "Be grateful that I'm here to see you. What else do you want?"

"What do you mean I ought to be grateful? I'm your father!"

"You mean you know that you're my father? When are you going to start behaving yourself?" Henry questioned coldly, not wanting to talk to him much.

Boiling with fury, Mr. Jin stopped talking and put his newspapers away.

An Xiaoning placed the fruits on the table and asked, "Uncle, do you feel better?"

"Yes, much better."

"Qingyan has been unwell for the past few days too, that's why he didn't come to visit you. He actually really misses you too. Uncle, could you stop frequenting those gambling dens and casinos from now on? I remember that you rarely gambled in the past. If you find life to be too boring, you can always look for companions your own age and travel with them. You could also join some leisure activities. That'll make your life more fulfilling."

Mr. Jin remarked snarkly, "Why should I interact with those strangers? It's pointless."

Henry chimed in, "Yeah, it's not as meaningful as losing money. You can't go out and gamble anymore now that you're lying in the hospital, can you?"

"Does it hurt not to infuriate me? If there's nothing else you'd like to say, please leave. Both of you, get out," Mr. Jin snapped.

Without hesitation, Henry grabbed An Xiaoning's arm and left.

When they exited the ward, he let go of her and said, "I told you we didn't have to come and visit him. Why did you have to insist?"

"Tongues will wag if you don't visit your father at the hospital. It'd be more appropriate to visit him even if you don't mean it."

He said in annoyance, "I would rather look at Wang Cai and Fu Gui than visit him."

"Okay, okay, we've already visited him. Let's go home," said An Xiaoning.

There was another place they had to go to.

Upon seeing the unfamiliar route, he asked, "Where are you going?"

"To the boot camp."

He remained silent and watched her drive to the martial arts academy.

Along the way, An Xiaoning bought several presents, one for each of the children, including Long Tianze's.

The children adored the gifts to bits.

It took them an hour to arrive home.

Wu Haigang had already agreed to break their curse. However, they would have to wait until the day of Jin Qingyan's birthday, the 16th of October.

However, it was just round the corner and they could afford to wait a few days.

Hence, Wu Haigang was locked up for the time being.

She specifically instructed the bodyguards to find out more information about Wu Lianzhi and his personal details. She initially wanted to help him transfer his register to S Nation. However, she discovered that the Donggong family had already removed his name from their household register.

Wu Lianzhi made a trip down to the police station to request for a household register application.

Due to the fact that An Xiaoning had already made the arrangements beforehand, he could settle the procedures immediately once he was there.

He returned to the estate to see that An Xiaoning was sipping on some coffee and waiting for him.

"I almost forgot something."

"What is it?"

"You haven't answered my question yet. Why did you want my hair sample back then?"

He was a little embarrassed.


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