The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1326 I Only Want You 24
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1326 I Only Want You 24

She noted down An Xiaoning's name and pressed her head against her shoulder.

It was the first time in her life that she ever felt such a warm and fuzzy feeling in her heart.

Although there was an umbrella, An Xiaoning got drenched nonetheless because of the heavy rain and the incredible speed at which she was walking. They arrived in the town.

Fan Shixin proceeded to collect the car by himself while the two of them waited for him in a secluded corner.

"Sister, is he your boyfriend?"


Jing Chu did not probe any further and instead waited quietly.

Not long after, Fan Shixin arrived in An Xiaoning's car. He then carried Jing Chu and placed her onto the back seat.

Fan Shixin then brought her away from the village.

An Xiaoning called Pan Zhenghui and instructed, "Help me erase all the surveillance camera footages that were captured from five o'clock in the afternoon all the way until now, along with those that would be captured tomorrow morning."

"Sure," said Pan Zhenghui, who did not ask any more questions, thinking that she probably had her identity exposed.

An Xiaoning returned to the Widows' Village while Fan Shixin headed to the city. He only returned in the morning.

An Xiaoning did not plan to erase the surveillance camera footages at the start.

However, she had a feeling that the middle-aged woman would definitely cause a stir after finding out that Jing Chu had gone missing.

Hence, she decided to go all out and leave no stones unturned.

Feeling a little sleepy after changing into a fresh set of clothes, An Xiaoning lay down onto the bed to get some rest. Due to the poor weather, she decided not to go out anymore and instead continued sleeping all the way until the next morning.

She was jolted awake by a string of miscellaneous noises. An Xiaoning had just gotten dressed when Madam Wang came to knock on her door.

"Sister Wang, what's the din about?"

"That lass next door ran away. I'm talking about the one who got beaten last night. You heard it too. She went missing this morning. They're trying to get everyone to go look for her but no one wants to. That woman is usually so haughty, and she often tells us to stay out of her family matters. Yet now that the lass has gone missing, she actually wants us to help find her."

"Are you guys going to help her?"

"No, I haven't had my breakfast yet. Where would I find the energy to help her? That's just how she is. She only talks to us when she needs our help, and when she doesn't, all she does is pull a long face. No one is willing to help her."

An Xiaoning decided to stay silent, lest she give away any clues.

She boiled some water and made herself a bowl of instant noodles.

Fan Shixin returned after she had had her breakfast and informed her that he had already settled the matter about Jing Chu.

Since it was not appropriate for them to reconnoiter in the day, they had to wait patiently for nighttime to arrive.

Fortunately, Ma Jianguo had already made progress on his side.

He said, "The water reservoir was built 19 years ago, and there are a total of 37 casualties who had died from drowning in the reservoir, consisting of both adults and children. In order to ensure safety, the reservoir management staff had built railings around the reservoir and placed signs to warn passersby against the danger of drowning."

"Has there been any new progress with the victim's family?"

"Zu Dong and Gong Le have gone to visit them. I don't know the exact situation yet because they had just left. However, he'll definitely call you if there are any special finds. If not, they probably won't call."

"Alright, I'm hanging up now, then."

An Xiaoning did not pin much of her hopes onto the victim's family. She planned to go to three places tonight, namely the victim's grave, the victim's home, and the reservoir.

Thus, she was eagerly looking forward to the nighttime.


Although she had already verified the location of the victim's tomb. It was still rather troublesome for her to get there.

Due to the heavy rain last night, the soil around the fields had become wet and muddy, which created added resistance for them when they were treading through the fields.

An Xiaoning and Fan Shixin searched for a long time before finding the grave.

They could see everything clearly without having to step forward.

"Nope, there aren't any. If she's a very vengeful spirit, she'll probably wander around. She doesn't necessarily have to be in her tomb. Let's go visit her home now."

The two of them then began walking back.

The victim's home was near the reservoir, and most of the other residents there had already moved away.

The village used to be a crowded one that housed hundreds of households.

However, things were now drastically different.

The moonlight tonight made it easier for them to see through the night vision goggles.

Staring at the entrance of the victim's home, An Xiaoning remarked, "The door is so narrow. It's bad."

"The doors of other houses are rather wide. Why is hers so small? It's barely one-third the size of our door."

"I don't know. Let's climb over the wall instead. Don't bother touching the lock."


They swiftly climbed over the wall to see that the yard was terribly shabby and run down.

It felt extremely dead and secluded.

An Xiaoning scanned her surroundings and began walking toward the house.

There was no lock on the main door, which was left ajar.

It was understandable since most people would avoid going near the house. Ever since the victim's death, the victim's husband had already left the village with their child. Hence, it was unlikely that there would be burglars.

An Xiaoning reached out to push the door, which opened with a creak.

The two of them stood outside the door for more than ten seconds before entering. An Xiaoning took the lead while Fan Shixin followed closely behind.

As soon as they entered, the two of them heard some sounds. An Xiaoning looked over to see that there was a head banging against the cabinet in the living room. Although An Xiaoning had already seen and experienced lots of supernatural encounters, she could not help but let out a shriek of terror and grab Fan Shixin's arm tightly. Frightened by her sudden shriek, Fan Shixin shivered and grabbed her arm too. "Young Madam, what's wrong?"

An Xiaoning took a deep breath instead of answering him. She calmed herself down before turning to look at the same spot again.

"I'm An Xiaoning, the team leader of the special investigation unit at the police station. I'm also the daughter of the current president of S Nation. I'm psychic and I can communicate with spirits. I've begun investigating your case again. It's good to know that you haven't reincarnated yet. That makes it much easier for your case to be resolved."

"You… really can see me?" the spirit of the victim asked in a melancholic voice.

"Of course I can. We went to your grave before coming here. Had I known earlier, we would have just come here first." Noticing that the victim's head was moving toward her, An Xiaoning said, "Stop, don't come here. I wouldn't be afraid of you if your body was in a complete form. However, I'm a little terrified by you since only your head is left."


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