The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1344 I Only Want You 42
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1344 I Only Want You 42

Do I want her back?

Or am I just feeling indignant?

He could not figure out what exactly he was feeling. However, he knew that this was the most miserable he had ever felt about a breakup.

He had some drinks by himself at night.

He could have slept in since he no longer had to work, yet he woke up bright and early in the morning.

It was because his interest was piqued by the ongoing situation opposite, which he had caught sight of while going to the washroom.

Fang Erlan was in the midst of moving.

She's moving out of the house…

He had long expected her to do that. After all, who would be comfortable with being neighbors with their ex?

A look of dejection formed in his eyes.

After pondering for a while, he freshened up and stood by the door while looking at her apartment.

Upon the sight of him, Fang Erlan walked toward the door and said awkwardly, "We've bought a house in Wei Ni Estate and we're moving away now."

Gazing at her, Yan Ge said, "I'd like to have a few words with you in private. Give me ten minutes."

Fang Erlan agreed with a nod after giving it some thought.

She followed him back to his apartment.

Fang Erlan looked at him and said, "I'm sorry."

"There's nothing for you to apologize about. It's your right to choose the life that you want to live. Does he treat you well?"

Fang Erlan nodded and said enthusiastically, "Very well, no one has ever treated me that well before."

"Seems like he really treats you well." After all, her expressions wouldn't lie.

"Senior Yan Ge, I hope that you can also be blissful in the future. We've worked together twice, and I know that you'd decided to act in the second television series because of me. I'm also aware of everything that you had done for me. I won't forget the kindness that you had shown me. You're a very outstanding man, and you have a charming personality. I believe that you'll gain the affection of another woman who's far better than I am. I wish you all the best."

Yan Ge answered, "Since you've made me out to be such a brilliant man, why don't you want to be with me? Or did you choose to leave me because I'm not good enough for you? No matter what, I have no choice but to let go of you even if I still have feelings for you. I hope he'll really love you for the rest of your life and never let you be treated unfairly. That's all I'm asking for. As for me, my future is bleak. I came here just to tell you that I won't pester you again from now on. You don't actually have to move away."

Fang Erlan said in denial, "No… I'm not moving away because I was afraid that you'd pester me. The main reason is that Sis Yangyang and Sis Xiaoning both live in Wei Ni Estate and I'll be closer to them if I move there. On top of that, I'll be quitting the entertainment industry and pursue the life that I want once this television series has finished broadcasting."

Yan Ge knew that he and Fang Erlan could never be friends again. They were, perhaps, fated to be strangers.

Everything was decided by fate.


"Young Madam, Bu Xianxian died."

An Xiaoning paused while eating and she asked, "Who… who died?"

"Bu Xianxian."

Greatly taken aback, An Xiaoning asked, "How did she die?"

"The police called you today, but they couldn't reach you so they tried to call me instead. They told me about the situation. Apparently, when Bu Xianxian's parents visited her, Bu Xianxian began twitching and quivering out of nowhere. Her parents then hurriedly called the police. As soon as the police arrived, Bu Xianxian died on the spot. The entire process took less than a minute."

"Has her corpse been sent for an autopsy?"

"They're in the midst of carrying it out."

An Xiaoning nodded and said, "That's really shocking, though. How did she just die all of a sudden? Karma got her really quickly. However, her parents must be devastated since she's the only daughter."

"I don't know. Why did Young Sir leave so early?" Fan Shixin asked.

"He left for the office without having breakfast. He said that he had something important to handle."

She wiped her mouth and zoomed upstairs. She then unplugged the charger from her mobile phone and made her way downstairs again with her bag.

She made a trip down to the police station to find out more about Bu Xianxian's death.

Coincidentally, the results of her autopsy were just released.

"She had died a sudden death."

An Xiaoning asked with raised brows, "A sudden death? How?"

"I'm not sure. Her parents are still here," said Ma Jianguo.

"Take me to see them."


An Xiaoning followed Ma Jianguo to the waiting room. She pushed the door open to see that Mr. and Mrs. Bu were weeping incessantly. They sprung up from their seats the moment they saw her.

"Ms. An, Xianxian died a wrongful death," exclaimed the grief-stricken Mrs. Bu.

"Didn't anyone tell you that Ms. Bu had died suddenly?"

"We know, but, Xianxian… didn't die normally," Mrs. Bu said while coughing violently.

"Did someone try to murder her?"

"It was the spirit that killed her," Mrs. Bu said with tears in her eyes.

An Xiaoning instantly understood what had happened.

"How did you know that it was the spirit that had killed her?"

Mrs. Bu then told her the reason. It turned out that Mr. and Mrs. Bu had visited her for ten minutes.

As soon as Bu Xianxian answered the door, she informed them that she had to go to the altar in her room to burn some food and toys as offerings to the child spirit that she had been serving. She also informed them that she would meet with a mishap if she fails to keep the child spirit happy and feed it properly.

Right after Bu Xianxian finished speaking, she began struggling to speak and grabbed her own neck forcefully, as if someone was trying to strangle her. She then started twitching vigorously.

After hearing Mrs. Bu's description, An Xiaoning said, "Bu Xianxian was embroiled in this murder case because she had used the child spirit to help her and give her an advantage. She had to make offerings to the spirit frequently to get it to help her. Actually, she's just receiving her karma. May I visit your home?"

Mr. and Mrs. Bu nodded.

An Xiaoning sensed that the atmosphere was bizarre the moment she entered the apartment.

An Xiaoning shifted her gaze onto the dressing room in Bu Xianxian's room the moment she opened the door.

There were no cosmetic products on the dressing table. Instead, there were lots of other items. An Xiaoning and Mr. and Mrs. Bu took a step closer to look carefully.

There was a tablet hanging on the mirror, below which was a rotten apple, moldy biscuits, milk, and children's toys.

An Xiaoning took out an amulet from her bag and pasted it on the tablet before removing it. She then said to them, "The ghost child that she's serving is inside this tablet. All of these food items and toys that have been offered to it will turn moldy immediately, regardless of how fresh they had been. It's a sign of the ghost child consuming them."


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