The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1345 I Only Want You 43
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1345 I Only Want You 43

Mrs. Bu burst into tears again. "Xianxian has really committed so many mistakes. If she hadn't saved Nick back then, none of this would have happened. Things wouldn't have come to this."

Extremely displeased to hear her words, An Xiaoning retorted, "You mean you think that she would have lived well with that horrible personality of hers even if she didn't save Qingyan? At the start, everything was going fine. She created so much trouble, yet Qingyan still forgave her every single time on account that she had saved his life. This time, she did those things for the sake of money and her own selfish intentions. This has nothing to do with Qingyan at all. Don't leave a bad impression on me, alright? I'm bringing this ghost child away with me. You guys won't have to worry about being harmed by it from now on. Collect Bu Xianxian's corpse from the police station and cremate it. I know you guys have a ton of savings. Those should be enough to last you for the rest of your life."

Mr. Bu interjected, "Ms. An, don't mind what Xianxian's mother just said. We're just too devastated. My wife and I know what Xianxian is really like. However, she's our only daughter. We have nothing to look forward to anymore now that she's gone. Hence, can we ask something of you and Nick for the last time?"

An Xiaoning had vaguely guessed what he was intending to ask her. "Are you thinking of returning to N Nation?"

"Yes, could you please help us sell this apartment and settle our migration procedures…"

"Alright, you guys cremate Bu Xianxian's corpse and leave the rest to us."

After exiting Bu Xianxian's home, An Xiaoning got inside her car, finding life to be incredibly fascinating.

Bu Xianxian used to be one of Jin Qingyan's wives in their previous lifetime. However, she had never managed to win his heart, be it in the past or in the present.

An Xiaoning initially thought that Bu Xianxian would face a jail sentence. It had never crossed her mind that she would kick the bucket.

She whipped her mobile phone out and gave Jin Qingyan a call to inform him of the matter. After hearing her words, Jin Qingyan immediately said that he would arrange for Mr. and Mrs. Bu to migrate back to their hometown and for their apartment to be sold.

An Xiaoning returned to the police station and entered Pan Zhenghui's office.

Pan Zhenghui said gleefully, "We've already sent orders for them to clarify the matters regarding Widows' Village. Xiaoning, you have no idea how famous you are now amongst our nation's police force. There's no case you can't solve."

"Good that it's been settled. At least those netizens will stop making comments about the S Nation police being useless for failing to solve cases. They have to be resolved sooner or later. Otherwise, they're just going to pile up."

"Yes, yes, we have records of unresolved cases, no matter how long ago they date back to. We'll re-investigate them sooner or later even if we can't find any leads. Xiaoning, when do you plan to start investigating on the next case?"

"What's the hurry? I still need to rest. I'll start working on it once I'm ready. Didn't you say that all the evidence has been collected? I'll think about how to begin nabbing the culprit. After all, your superiors must have put a halt on this case for a reason. Isn't it simply because the victim has a powerful family background?"

"Indeed. It's better to be careful. Otherwise, it'd be difficult to clear up the mess. Frankly speaking, we decided to seek your help for this case precisely because of your status, Xiaoning. No one else would dare to handle this case. We're at our wits' end too. Let's keep this between us."

An Xiaoning understood that, of course. There would always be dark sides in every industry.

"I'm going back now. I'll look through the case details at home."

"Alright, then. Get some rest."

An Xiaoning turned around and began making her way home.

She proceeded to take a break until November.

During this break, she perused all the evidence that had been gathered and collected pertaining to the unresolved case.

During this break, Jin Qingyue gave birth to a four-kilogram baby via a C-section delivery.

During this break, Fang Erlan was rumored to have broken up with Yan Ge because the media had received news of her apartment being sold. However, Fang Erlan had yet to make any clarifications.

During this break, Mr. and Mrs. Bu brought Bu Xianxian's ashes back to N Nation, together with the money from the sale of their apartment.

During this break, the television series that she and Lin Mingxi had invested in began broadcasting and received a massive number of good viewer ratings.

It was the third of November, the first day of snowfall in the year.

An Xiaoning stood by the window and stared at the snowflakes floating in the air. She caught sight of No. 8, who was running toward the door.

She opened the balcony door and yelled, "Why are you in such a hurry? What's the matter?"

"Sis, Mo Li's pregnant!"

An Xiaoning asked, "How far along is she?"

"No idea. We're going to the hospital now for a checkup. We've just done a test using a pregnancy test kit."

Noticing how excited he was, An Xiaoning smiled and said, "Congrats, you're a father-to-be."

Beaming with joy, No. 8 said, "We're going to the hospital now. I was just about to inform you about it. Mo Li is waiting for me in the car. We're setting off now."

"Alright, go ahead. Drive safely."

"Got it."

No. 8 scurried toward the entrance and got inside the car.

He got inside the car merrily and hugged Mo Li tightly before kissing her enthusiastically.

They were both over the moon and headed to the hospital immediately.

Upon arriving at the First People's Hospital, he alighted from the car and helped Mo Li inside carefully with an umbrella in hand. "Yun Chen, you don't have to be so worried. It only started snowing today. It's not slippery yet."

However, No. 8 insisted on helping her in.

They registered for a number and waited for their turn for a physical examination at the gynecologist's office.

Ever since they visited the temple previously, Mo Li had stopped taking any herbal medicine and looked after her health meticulously. She made a conscious effort to have nutritious meals and strictly stayed away from junk food. No. 8 abstained from alcohol and cigarettes. An Xiaoning had also allowed him to stay at home and accompany Mo Li.

However, there had not been any changes for a long time.

Mrs. Mo even began to doubt the abbess' words.

Yet now, the day that they had all been waiting for was finally here.

They would gladly accept the child, regardless of its gender. Mo Li thought that Heaven was showing her mercy and kindness by blessing her with another child after she lost her daughter. She was incredibly grateful for the chance to be a mother again.

Mo Li and No. 8 held hands tightly while waiting on the bench in the corridor, feeling extremely agitated and excited.

It was four o'clock in the afternoon.

They waited for one hour for their turn.

The couple entered together.

The gynecologist instructed Mo Li to remove her quilt jacket before lying down onto the bed. She then lifted her shirt to expose her tummy.

Mo Li knew what to do since she had undergone ultrasound scans before.


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