The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1353 I Only Want You 51
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1353 I Only Want You 51

However, they had already opened the coffin and exposed Jin Yuanzhi's corpse to broad daylight. At this point, Jin Qingyan would never give up unless it was proven that there was nothing inside the coffin.

Jin Qingyan made his descent slowly and stood on top of the coffin. He then moved the corpse slowly out of the coffin.

Jin Qingyan lifted the blanket, which had already become tattered and moldy with time.

He lifted it before moving his feet below the blanket.

They were worried that there would be nothing at all in the end.

However, they were clearly not disappointed.

There was a letter stuck in between the blanket.

That was all.

Jin Qingyan apologized to his ancestor before laying the blanket properly. He then moved Jin Yuanzhi's corpse back inside the coffin and covered it with the golden fabric, according to the initial position.

He then closed the cover of the coffin.

Jin Qingyan and An Xiaoning began looking at the envelope.

However, there were no words written on it at all.

He opened the envelope and reached a hand in to take out the letter.

There were long strings of profound and poetic words.

However, An Xiaoning and Jin Qingyan could understand them clearly.

After reading the letter, the two of them froze in shock, at a complete loss for words.

Jin Qingyan said, "Let's go back first."

An Xiaoning followed close behind him without uttering a single word.

She remained silent throughout the journey too.

Upon reaching the bedroom, An Xiaoning said, "Do we tell Xiao Chenyang about this?"

Without hesitation, Jin Qingyan agreed, "Give him a call and get him to come here."


An Xiaoning immediately called Xiao Chenyang, who agreed to come over right after hearing about the treasure map.

He arrived within ten minutes.

An Xiaoning opened the door.

Noticing the sullen expressions on their faces, he smiled and asked, "Why so serious?"

Jin Qingyan handed Xiao Chenyang the letter, after which Xiao Chenyang's smile instantly vanished.

"Who wrote this?"

"I discovered last night that the treasure map resembles the floor plan of my family's mansion and ancestral burial ground. I compared them today and discovered that that was really the case. I then opened the tomb of Jin Yuanzhi, my ancestor, and found this letter."

Xiao Chenyang took a glance and read the letter before handing it back to him.

He asked leisurely, "Does the jade ring refer to the one on your hand now?"

"Of course, this is my family's precious heirloom."

"I don't understand it, though. Your ancestor said that the jade ring exudes its effects and power only when the member wearing it finds it impossible to remove. What does that mean?"

"To my knowledge, my father and grandfather had never found it impossible to remove the ring. However, when my grandmother gave it to me, I couldn't remove it after putting it on. Apart from the color change from emerald to red, there hasn't been much changes."

"The color change itself is a major change. The color of jade pieces doesn't always change." Xiao Chenyang walked toward him and raised his finger to look at the jade ring. After scrutinizing it, he continued, "When I took you to Mount Wanyan previously, you were knocked unconscious and your jade ring was emitting light. However, I remember that it was a different color back then. Now the jade does look like a shade of crimson."

"I've been wearing this jade ring for years and I've never quite experienced its effects before, except the time when Xiaoning was abducted by Pei Yi and my soul wandered off to R Nation. I wonder if that was because of this ring. Xiaoning and I both think so."

Xiao Chenyang deduced, "Your ancestor wrote in his letter that he couldn't remove the ring too and only managed to do so when he handed it to his successor. That just means that the ring can only be worn by a successor of the Jin family. At what age did your ancestor die?"

"Thirt-five years old."

"Is the exact month specified?"

"Of course. He passed away on the day of his birthday."


Noticing that Xiao Chenyang was pursing his lips, Jin Qingyan asked, "What's up with your expression?"

"Nothing major happened to your family throughout the time that you were wearing this jade ring, right?"

"Wrong. My mother and grandmother passed away. Those are major incidents."

"You know that's not what I'm talking about. If something truly disastrous happened, something you cannot prevent, the jade ring will come in handy and save you from the mishap, according to what your ancestor said. That just means that a major disaster had yet to happen… Brother, you're already 34 years old. Could something happen before you turn 35 years old? Pardon me for saying such inauspicious words that may jinx you, but we can only live eternally in the event that no one tries or succeeds in killing us. If there's someone more invincible out there who tries to kill us, we'll definitely die. In this world, there's always going to be someone who's better than you. Seems like I had made the right choice by giving you this map. However, this is something fortunate as well."

Jin Qingyan asked coldly, "How could you say that receiving such shocking news is a fortunate event?"

"It's fortunate because you have time to ward against the impending disaster. I finally understand why Master said that this was a treasure map when he handed it to me. No wonder I couldn't decipher it or find anything at all no matter how hard I tried. Yet you managed to figure it all out shortly after you received it. That just proves that it belongs to you at the end of the day," said Xiao Chenyang.

An Xiaoning chimed in, "I agree with Chenyang. It's a blessing to have time. Ancestor Jin Yuanzhi must have had his reasons for leaving this letter behind. He had also hinted in his letter that he only realized the potency of the jade ring too late. Qingyan, the jade ring hasn't shown its effects throughout all these years. Could it be that you had never tried to activate it?"

Xiao Chenyang leaned against the couch and said, "You have a point. The letter didn't state any way to activate it, however. Qingyan, go home and ask your old man. Try and find out if he knows anything."


"I've got plenty of time now that Erlan has stopped acting. Call me whenever you need my help," Xiao Chenyang said before leaving. He had expended too much energy the night before and was extremely exhausted.


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