The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1358 I Only Want You 56
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1358 I Only Want You 56

An Xiaoning said, "Thank you so much for saving Jing Chu. However, we really can't let you stay."

They would be put in a disadvantageous position if anyone gets hold of the evidence of them interacting with Pei Yi.

Pei Yi waved his hand and said, "Alright, then."

Jing Chu exited from the shower to discover that Pei Yi had already left.

Jin Qingyan headed upstairs while An Xiaoning sat alone in the living room. She then patted the spot beside her and said, "Come here and take a seat."

Jing Chu sat down and asked, "Was that man named Pei Yi?"


"Has he left?"

"Yes. It's rare of him to save someone like how he saved you," said An Xiaoning.

"I think he's a good man too."

An Xiaoning smiled and asked, "How could you tell? Is it because he had saved you?"

"When I was at a loss for what to do, he was the one who lent me his mobile phone."

"Well, he did the right thing this time, but that doesn't mean that he's a good person. If you knew what he deals in, you probably wouldn't think of him that way."

"What does he do for a living, then?" Jing Chu asked curiously.

"It's… better that you don't know. You must be tired. You've had a great shock tonight too. Rest well. You'll be safe here, don't worry."

"Can you give me his mobile number?"

An Xiaoning asked in shock, "Why do you want his mobile number?"

Hanging her head low, Jing Chu stammered, "I… I…"

An Xiaoning did not want her to get too near Pei Yi. She said, "You and he belong to two different worlds. Jing Chu, you probably won't see him again and he should be leaving S Nation soon. I think you'd better not find out his mobile number."

Jing Chu decided not to probe further and said, "Alright, I'm going to bed now, then. You should rest early too."

"Okay, goodnight," said An Xiaoning, who then headed upstairs.

Jing Chu returned to the guest room and lay down in bed, finding it difficult to fall asleep.

What happened tonight was a complete nightmare for her.

Pei Yi…

Why did An Xiaoning make him out to be someone who's not to be trifled with?

Jing Chu recalled the moment she caught sight of Pei Yi when she entered the washroom. She had never seen such a handsome and charming man before.

However, her circumstances then did not allow her to take a few more glances. It did not cross her mind that he would be the one to rescue her.

No matter what his real identity is, he was my savior tonight and I would have been abducted if it weren't for his help.

Unfortunately, An Xiaoning said that he won't be staying here for long and that we probably will never meet again.


An Xiaoning returned to the master bedroom. Before she even removed her makeup, Jin Qingyan pulled her onto the bed eagerly.

"What are you doing? I haven't washed up yet."

"I have something to ask you," he said while spooning An Xiaoning.

"What is it?"

"Who's better looking, me or Pei Yi?"

An Xiaoning thought that it would be a serious question. Yet, it turned out to be such a… childish question.

An Xiaoning smiled and turned around to look at him. "Why are you asking such a question? You mean you can't tell who's the better-looking one?"

"I can, of course. I was just asking you."

An Xiaoning answered truthfully, "You two aren't the same type. He's a pretty man who has a charming aura. You're different from him. In my eyes, you're the most handsome man in this world. Are you happy with my answer?"

"The most handsome man in the world is hungry. Aren't you responsible for feeding him?" he asked, smiling.

"No, go ahead and starve to death for all I care."

Jin Qingyan lay down and stared at her. "Xiaoning, you're so cruel. How could you let me starve to death?"

An Xiaoning looked at him and said, "Yeah, women are the most vicious."

"I mustn't spare you tonight, then. I'm going to vent all my frustration and bed you for three whole nights."

"Stop blowing your trumpet. I'm sure you'll die if you actually manage to do that."

"How dare you doubt my abilities? Just you wait and see. I'll make you scream tonight," he said with raised brows.

Staring at his flawless features, An Xiaoning began blushing slightly and chided, "You're always so indecent."


Fan Shixin informed An Xiaoning the following day that the information he had found about the two men was rather shocking, despite there being barely any data about them.

"I beg your pardon?"

"Young Madam, I've verified that those two men were showing signs of mutating into a zombie. That's why they were easily killed by Pei Yi. There are names engraved on their bodies. However, I can't tell which language they're written in."

"What words are those?"

Fan Shixin showed her the photo on his mobile phone and said, "There you go."

An Xiaoning took a look at the words carefully and asked, "You really can't find out which language that is?"

"No. Xiao Chenyang is experienced and knowledgeable, shall we show it to him?"

"I'll ask him to come over." She proceeded to call Xiao Chenyang, after which Xiao Chenyang and Fang Erlan arrived.

After hearing Fan Shixin's explanation, Xiao Chenyang took a look at the photos while his forehead creased into a frown. "How did they surface all of a sudden again?"

An Xiaoning asked in puzzlement, "What do you mean… again?"

"This seems to be a marking unique to the blood tribe."

"I don't think so. I used to own a dagger that had ancient carvings on it. The words were different from these."

Xiao Chenyang explained, "You don't get it. You're referring to the blood-feeding tribes while I'm referring to the blood tribe. The difference between the two is huge. They're worlds apart. An Xiaoning, don't you know what the blood tribes are?"

"You mean… vampires?"

"What else could I mean? These are clearly written by them. I haven't interacted with them much, and I don't know exactly what they're like. They were once exposed centuries ago and caused chaos to break out. They had been lying low in recent years. I didn't expect them to show up again. These corpses must be destroyed immediately. Otherwise, there's bound to be more trouble. Dig their hearts out and cremate their bodies."

Fan Shixin nodded and immediately did as instructed.

Xiao Chenyang said to An Xiaoning softly, "You can't let that girl stay. I'm afraid she might bring about more trouble in the future. Vampires usually live in harmony with humans, but it's better to be safe than sorry. I have a feeling that that girl is no ordinary human. Otherwise, they wouldn't have gone to such great lengths to take her away."

"But if I leave her alone, it's akin to watching her die."


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