The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1359 I Only Want You 57
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1359 I Only Want You 57

"Send her away. However, I don't know if you still have time. Your bodyguards brought their corpses home last night. I'm afraid their superiors are already aware that you guys were the ones who killed them. If that's the case, it'd be difficult to send her away too. Just how did you get yourself involved in such a knotty situation?"

An Xiaoning explained her encounter with Jing Chu briefly and said, "I knew she wasn't ordinary, but I never expected that it would be this complicated. I actually don't want her to die or hand her over to those vampires."

Xiao Chenyang said calmly, "Do you have another option? Surely you can't be planning to make those vampires your enemies for the sake of an outsider? It doesn't seem to be a fair trade-off."

As soon as he finished speaking, Jing Chu stepped out of the corner, clearly having already heard their conversation.

"Sister Xiaoning, I can't implicate you in this. If they're really that formidable, I definitely shouldn't bring you any trouble. I must leave today."

An Xiaoning was at a loss for words. "Jing Chu, take a seat."

Jing Chu sat down and swayed a little to the side. It was obvious that she was still terrified.

"Do you really not know who you are?" Xiao Chenyang asked.

Shaking her head, she answered, "I don't. If this is the truth, I really can't accept it, but I won't give in to them easily, despite being well aware that there's nothing much I can really do. I never had a choice ever since I was born. I was fortunately rescued from torment by Sister Xiaoning. I know Sister Xiaoning is a good person and she really wants to protect me. However, Sister Xiaoning, I really can't implicate you and become your burden. I'll repay your kindness in the future when I have the chance to. I think that I have to stand on my own feet now, no matter what the situation may be."

After some thought, An Xiaoning said, "These are just some of our assumptions. We haven't verified it yet."

"The words carved on the men's bodies are symbols belonging to the vampires. It's not the time to be indecisive now," said Xiao Chenyang, who was viewing things from a greater perspective.

Although An Xiaoning was well aware of that fact, she did not wish to watch Jing Chu being abducted again, especially since she had just been freed from suffering.

At this moment, they received a piece of horrifying news.

A few strangers had shown up at their doorstep!

An Xiaoning and Xiao Chenyang looked at each other. She then instructed Fang Erlan to bring Jing Chu elsewhere before allowing the men to enter.

The men who entered were extremely tall and burly, making the 1.82-meter-tall Fan Shixin appear petite beside them.

There were five of them in total.

An Xiaoning asked, "May I ask if it's me you're looking for?"

"Of course. Ms. An, you brought our person away forcefully. Our master wants you to hand her over. If you do, we can pretend that this didn't happen."

"Since you guys said that she's your person, may I know what her identity is?"

"That's our confidential information. Ms. An, there's no need for you to know. We must take her away, so please hand her over."

"What if I don't?"

A sullen expression formed on the men's faces, and they stared at her with a menacing look in their eyes. "Our master said that we'll have no choice but to snatch her away forcefully if you and Mr. Jin refuse to concede. After all, she belongs to us, and it'd be really frustrating if you don't hand her over. If you decide to give in, we won't hold it against you and just let this matter slide. Ms. An, we'll have no qualms if you don't mind there being a bloodbath."

An Xiaoning squinted. This is clearly a threat.

Before she even responded, Jing Chu struggled out of Fang Erlan's grip and scurried toward the men. "Don't threaten Sis Xiaoning. I'll just leave with you guys."

"Jing Chu…"

"Sis Xiaoning, I can't put you in a spot. My life is worth nothing. I don't know why they're taking me away, but I may never be able to meet you again. I hope you and Mr. Jin will live a safe and peaceful life."

An Xiaoning was at a loss for words. She was in no place to keep Jing Chu by her side anyway.

After hugging An Xiaoning goodbye, Jing Chu was brought away by the five men.

Feeling terribly upset, An Xiaoning looked at Xiao Chenyang and said, "Jing Chu had been subjected to so much torment and suffering in the past. She definitely won't be sent back to the Widows' Village. God knows what she'll be put through this time. I have to make a trip down to the Widows' Village tonight. I must hypnotize that middle-aged woman to find out what those people are up to."

Xiao Chenyang stopped her and said, "You don't have to do that. That woman was just following orders. What could she possibly know?"

"Even if she doesn't know anything, I mustn't let this opportunity slip."

"Sis Xiaoning, everyone leads a different life and enjoys a different fate from others. Even if you find out what happened, what can you do? You're better off not knowing what the situation is. You'll only feel bad, knowing that there's nothing you can do despite being aware of what happened. Jing Chu doesn't hold it against you. She just left with them out of her own accord because she doesn't want you to be implicated."

She found Fang Erlan's words to have made sense and did not mention the Widows' Village again.

Everyone was destined to live a unique life decided by fate. Jing Chu could only blame it on destiny if she were to meet with another mishap.

"You said that those carvings are symbols belonging to a certain blood tribe. You mean there's a hierarchy amongst those vampires too?"

Xiao Chenyang nodded and said, "Probably. Rebellious minorities exist even in normal families. There's nothing to be surprised about. Anyway, it's a good thing that that lass has been taken away. The consequences are really going to be dire if you end up being implicated because of her. There are still no updates about the jade ring yet. You'd only be creating more trouble for yourself if you get embroiled in this sticky situation."



Jing Chu was blindfolded and brought back inside the car, after which she was sent on a flight. She felt as if centuries had passed before she finally landed on the ground.

The wind was extremely strong.

She was then tied to a tree.

She could only hear some sounds, not knowing what they were planning to do with her at all.

When she heard some noises of footsteps shuffling, she finally realized that there must be lots of people in front of her.

By the time her blindfold was removed, she was already famished and parched. She was also exhausted after a long journey.

The sky had already turned dark.

A bunch of big and burly men stood in front of her. However, she could not see their faces clearly in the dark.

She scanned her surroundings to see that she was surrounded by lots of firewood.

When two of the men poured some flammable liquids onto the firewood, Jing Chu finally understood what they were trying to do.

They were going to burn her to death!

She had no idea why she was being put through this either.

Jing Chu closed her eyes and began weeping silently while her heart ricocheted vigorously against her chest. It wrenched up due to her overwhelming emotions of fear and anger, which she tried to suppress, to no avail.


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