The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1368 I Only Want You 66
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1368 I Only Want You 66

Back then, she was overwhelmed with shock and bewilderment and she said, "Uncle, I think I know what heirloom you're talking about. My husband has shown it to me before."

"I heard that the Jin family heirloom is spiritual and would never leave once it has found its owner."

"Uncle, what are the purposes of their family heirloom?"

"I'm not too sure about the rest, but one thing I know for sure is that it protects the life of its owner. After the passing of so many generations, I reckon the Jin family may not be clear about the purposes of the family heirloom."


It suddenly dawned on her that the elderly man had already explained everything to her. However, she was just too preoccupied with saving Jin Qingyan back then and did not think much of the elderly man's words.

In hindsight, she realized that it was rather bizarre that the elderly man had agreed to help her.

"How did you… handle that vampire?"

Jin Qingyan did not wish to tell her about what happened. However, he knew that she would not give up unless he did.

"I went mad the moment I found out that you were taken away that night. Shortly after, he showed up in front of me and asked for a negotiation. He insisted on having the jade ring, but it couldn't be removed from my finger. If I could remove it, I would have definitely exchanged it for you. He stuck his hand out to remove it but he couldn't do so, so he tried to break my hand. I obviously wouldn't allow it so I fought back. However, I injured my hand in the process…"

An Xiaoning's heart wrenched and she asked, "What happened next?"

"I must admit, he's very formidable, but I'm not one to sit back and wait. I got injured and bled while fighting with him. Somehow, the blood got onto the jade ring, which then emitted a captivating glow. The light rays engulfed me, and I suddenly felt like I was a whole different person. I immediately killed that man."

An Xiaoning gasped in shock and asked, "You killed him? Didn't you say that vampires are hard to deal with?"

"I stabbed him in the middle of his heart and beheaded him when could no longer move. He died afterward."

An Xiaoning knew that it was definitely more dangerous and intense than he made it out to be.

"What happened afterward?"

"That inner force then returned to the jade piece. However, I've already tried it out. As long as my blood touches the jade, I'll become a different person. I guess that's the way to activate the jade ring. As simple as that, yet we had never thought of it. After he died, lots of his people came but Ancestor managed to get rid of them."

An Xiaoning buried her face in his neck and rubbed it affectionately against him. "Thank you, Qingyan."

"What for?"

"Thank you for loving me in our previous lifetime and in our present one. Thank you for loving me all this while and staying by my side. I'm so glad that you're alright. I can't describe how elated I am."

Jin Qingyan looked at her and smiled.

All of a sudden, he asked, "Why do you smell so strange? Did you not shower at all for days?"

An Xiaoning's feeling of gratification vanished the instant she heard his remark. She sat up straight and retorted, "I was trapped inside that house with nothing but firewood. There was no water for me at all. He was out to make me starve to death. How was I supposed to shower?"

"I managed to find you, all thanks to Ancestor. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to find you."

An Xiaoning pinched his face and said, "How dare you make fun of me? Jin Qingyan, if you despise me so much, don't touch me or kiss me ever again. Don't try to get intimate with me either. Can you do that?"

"If you never change out of this set of clothes or ever take a shower, I probably can do it."


Upon returning home, An Xiaoning took a shower, changed into a fresh set of clothes, and headed downstairs to see that everyone had gathered inside the living room.

Jin Qingyue and Ling Ciye were carrying their infant while Mei Yangyang and Ling Ciye were present with their two children. Xiao Chenyang and Fang Erlan were around too, along with Jin Yiheng and Jin Rongyan. It was extremely crowded.

At the sight of her, Fang Erlan and Mei Yangyang rushed forward to give her a hug, and so did Long Tianze. However, Jin Qingyan kicked him and snapped, "Get lost."

Everyone guffawed and proceeded to enjoy a delectable reunion dinner.

An Xiaoning heard from Mei Yangyang that Mr. Wen had sold the apartment in Wei Ni Estate at a low price after Mrs. Wen was arrested by the police for attempted murder. Wen Yuechan had also been withdrawn from the boot camp and was now under the care of her father.

An Xiaoning did not catch a wink at all that night. After Jin Qingyan got intimate with her, he kept her up all night by chatting with her endlessly.


An Xiaoning and Lin Mingxi had earned a fortune from the television series that they had invested in. The television series had become a blockbuster and was widely received by viewers all across the nation.

Fang Erlan managed to earn herself a massive number of fans after the television series began broadcasting.

She had also gained recognition for her natural acting chops and genuine demeanor.

Lots of sponsors and advertisers began trying to engage Fang Erlan to star in commercials and endorsements. However, she turned all of them down.

None of them knew the reason for her actions, and there were even sponsors who criticized her for being foolish and turning down money while she was famous.

Everyone learned about the reason only after Fang Erlan and Yan Ge's second television series began broadcasting.

It was all because of Fang Erlan's Weibo post.

Not only did she reveal that she had broken up with Yan Ge during the filming of the second television series, she had also openly declared that she would be quitting the entertainment industry.

It caused a major uproar within the industry and amongst the netizens.

No one could understand why a budding actress would quit showbiz all of a sudden, even though she was slowly gaining fame and recognition.

It became a hot topic for discussion.

A few days later, a piece of groundbreaking news made the tabloids.

Fang Erlan had announced her marriage!

To everyone's astonishment, her husband turned out to be her handsome ex-bodyguard.

Everyone then deduced that the hunky bodyguard must have been the third party who snatched Fang Erlan away from Yan Ge. However, Yan Ge later clarified, "Our breakup has nothing to do with anyone else. We broke up amicably."

On her big day, there was a live-stream of her extravagant and lavish wedding that was broadcast on all channels across the globe.

Several "insiders" began to step out and provide the media with information about Xiao Chenyang's true identity, claiming that he was not her bodyguard in the first place and that he was a tycoon.

Yan Ge actually wished her well on Weibo, despite being reserved when it came to questions about his relationships.

He said, "Congratulations on getting married, wish you a blissful marriage! @Fang Erlan."


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