The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1381 I Only Want You 79
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1381 I Only Want You 79

Pei Yi not only did not get angry but found it rather amusing.

When a woman threw a tantrum appropriately, it could be seen as rather adorable.

When she came out of the bathroom, Jing Chu had washed her face.

Pei Yi did not explain much to her. After all, he had no need to.

Jing Chu sat at the bedside and looked at him, asking in a serious manner, "Master Pei, you'll abandon me eventually, right?"

"Why are you always worrying about such things?"

"Because Jing Chu is nothing, that's why I worry. Because I'm nothing without you, and I don't have anything else. That's why I worry."

He pinched her face and replied, "Not for now. It'll depend on how you perform in the future."

"Then, Master Pei, let me get pregnant too. When you don't want me in the future, at least I'll have someone to rely on."

Pei Yi's heart was completely soft at this point. He raised his eyebrows and responded, "If anyone can give birth for me, then won't I have children everywhere?"

Jing Chu knew he wouldn't allow it, but she still insisted on asking him.

Now that she could not say anything much, she lifted the covers and crawled in, saying with her back facing him, "I'm sleepy, I'm going to sleep."

"Alright, you sleep. I'll get going."

She grunted a reply and did not turn around. Only when she heard the sound of his footsteps gradually fade away and, thereafter, the sound of the door closing, did she lie flat on the bed and got up slightly to lean against the bed frame in a daze.

Since he would not let her give birth, she did not dare to intentionally get pregnant without his permission.

She knew that he would definitely be infuriated and, by then, she would not be able to keep the child.

She would rather not suffer through that.

Knock, knock, knock! Fat Lass's voice sounded from outside the door, "Sister Jing Chu, Mr. Pei just left and someone's pressing on the doorbell."

"Go and take a look discreetly to see who's outside."


At the same time when Fat Lass went downstairs, Jing Chu got up as well and went down.

Once she reached the door, Fat Lass had returned from outside and said under her voice, "It's a young man. He looks rather handsome too."

A man?

Jing Chu headed briskly toward the door. When she opened the door, she snapped at the man before her, "Why did you press on my doorbell?"

Tang Zhijing placed his arm on the door frame as he asked sluggishly, "If I didn't see wrongly, it was Pei Yi's car that came out from here just now, right? You're Pei Yi's woman? Isn't he married already?"

"What has this got to do with you?"

"It does have nothing to do with me. But is this the life you want?"

That was the first question he asked her. Is this the life she wanted?

Jing Chu looked up at him. "No one would want to live such a life. But if you knew what kind of life I was living before, you would probably think that the current life I'm living is far better."

"I don't know what kind of life you were living before. You'll have to tell me of your own accord."

Jing Chu lowered her head and replied, "I don't feel like talking anymore. I'm closing the door."

With that, she closed the door shut, leaving Tang Zhijing outside the door.


Ever since she met Tang Zhijing at the orphanage, she would always see him every time she went there.

When she went to the orphanage, he was already there and was giving the children an English lesson. The children paid extreme attention to him, and he taught them seriously as well. It was really unexpected that a rich family's son like him would have a kind side. He visited the orphanage regularly and had been doing so for two years already.

She went to help clear the rubbish, and once she was done, his lesson had ended too.

The children were now free to do their own activities.

She sat on the long bench under the warmth of the sun, making her feel lazy all over.

He approached her and sat down beside her. "You look like you're not in a good mood."

With her hands in the pocket of her jacket, she raised her head slightly. "Tell me, do you think a utopian place exists in this world?"

"I haven't heard of it. Why, you want to go there?"

"Yeah. I want to go somewhere secluded from the rest of the world. Even if I'll have to live a primitive life there, I still think it'll be excellent."

"Why don't we go there together?"

Jing Chu turned and looked at him. "Why would you go there? You have parents, a family, a job, and a wife. But I'm different from you. I have no parents, no family, no money, and much less a job. I don't even have a household register. I have nothing while you have everything."

"But I want to go somewhere like that as well. I'll be able to start the day at dawn and rest when the sun sets. I won't have to think about anything: earning or spending money, and I'll just have to work in the fields. My parents always said that I have no ambition, but that's just who I am. I'm not driven toward my career. But, even then, I still listened to my parents and ran our family company. I even helped them to open a new company. I just feel really exhausted. Every time I come here, I just feel like I'll feel better, that's why I insisted on coming here regularly. You probably won't believe it, but my dream is to start a family and lead a happy life with the person I like."

Jing Chu looked at him in a rather astonished manner. She never would have expected that his dream was exactly the same as hers.

"Try to search for it."

Tang Zhijing replied, "What?"

"Try to search and see whether such a place exists in this world. Try finding it, maybe it really exists."

He couldn't help but grin, and he found her so silly that she was adorable. How could such a place possibly exist in this world?

Nevertheless, he still responded, "Okay. I'll try to find it."

When they were going back from the orphanage, Jing Chu realized that Tang Zhijing did not drive either but walked together with her.

"Why didn't you drive here?"

"I saw you walking here and back all the time, so I felt like I should train myself too. Moreover, it isn't far so there's truly no need to drive indeed."

With her eyes fixed ahead, Jing Chu asked, "Under what circumstances do men usually allow women to give birth for them?"

"Does such a simple question need to be asked?" He answered, "Men usually let their wife or someone they love give birth for them. When a woman we don't like or someone that's not our wife gets pregnant, they'll usually end up having to get an abortion."

"Then, if a man doesn't love a woman, why would he want to be with her?"

After keeping silent for a moment, Tang Zhijing answered, "Isn't this a giveaway question? Many men go out to find prostitutes. Amongst these men, many are married or have a girlfriend already. They don't have feelings for those prostitutes either, they're just tired of sleeping with their girlfriends or wives and go out to search for some excitement. The grass is always greener on the other side, isn't it?"

Jing Chu stopped in her tracks and asked in a serious manner, "Aren't chickens domestic creatures? Why would they want to sleep with these things? Are they perverts?"[1]


"Are you a caveman?"

"What's a caveman?"


Tang Zhijing could only explain each term to her patiently. Upon hearing his explanation, Jing Chu remarked, "So this is what it meant."

[1] "Chicken" is the term for prostitutes in Chinese.


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