The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1388 I Only Want You 86
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1388 I Only Want You 86

Noticing that she seemed a little stunned, he continued, "I'll pay you a handsome wage. How does 30 thousand dollars a month sound? I'm really surprised that Nainai is so reliant and attached to you even though you're new. She has never allowed the other teachers to carry her much, even though they had taken care of her for a long time. She would be crying whenever I'm here. I reckon Nainai must be very fond of you."

Jing Chu was greatly taken aback by the price that he had offered. Thirty thousand dollars was ten times what the kindergarten was paying her. Needless to say, she was definitely tempted. After all, who would turn money down?

Besides, she was really cash-strapped right now.

However, she thought that it would be a little inappropriate to quit her new job after a few days, especially since Tang Zhijing was the one who introduced her to the job.

Hence, she decided to make a decision after seeking the opinion of Tang Zhijing.

"Mr. Su, the salary you're offering me is very attractive and I'm honestly rather enticed by it. However, I think I have to clarify something beforehand. I don't have an official household register or personal identification card. Can I still work for you in that case?"

"Those don't matter to me as long as you treat Nainai well."

She nodded and asked, "Could you give me some time to consider?"

"Sure. It's Friday today. I'll send her back here on Monday. You can tell me your answer then. If you're not willing to accept the offer, I'll have to find another teacher to take care of Nainai."

Beaming with joy, Jing Chu nodded and carried Nainai toward the entrance.

When they reached the car, Su Nainai's father got inside the car, after which Jing Chu handed Su Nainai to him. They then waved each other goodbye. As soon as the white limousine left, a black luxury car pulled up in front of her.

She stood rooted to the ground and looked inside the car, wondering to herself if it was Pei Ling.

Jing Chu turned pale the instant she saw the familiar face coming out of the driver's seat. She froze in shock and stood rooted to the ground while trying her best to stay calm.

The man opened the door of the backseat and carried his son out of the car.


No wonder Pei Ling looked so much like him. Turns out he's really his son.

She wished she could just take flight and run away. However, she couldn't.

She definitely couldn't.

At least, not right now.

Hence, she smiled and said, "Hello, Pei Ling, come here and let me carry you."

She did not look at Pei Yi and instead extended her arms toward the child.

Pei Ling extended his arms too and allowed her to carry him.

She then turned around and carried him inside, completely ignoring Pei Yi.

Pei Yi hurriedly followed suit. As soon as she discovered that he had entered too, she stopped in her tracks and said coldly, "Mr. Pei, you don't have to worry, I'll take care of Pei Ling. Please leave."

"How would I know that you'd take good care of him unless I witness it myself?"

"Mr. Pei, if you're still worried, you may inform the principal to take care of Pei Ling instead. I won't have any objections."

A sullen expression formed on his face. He gazed at her and realized that she had become much prettier after two years and that her hair had grown longer too. On top of that, the innocence that was once in her eyes had now vanished completely.

Not allowing him to gaze at her any longer, Jing Chu immediately left and headed to the classroom while carrying Pei Ling in her arms.

He followed her to the door.

Jing Chu felt extremely stressed out, especially because she knew that he had been staring at her.

She felt utterly repulsed by the way that he was staring at her; she detested it.

Fortunately, he left a while later.

After his departure, Jing Chu sat on the ground and began playing with Pei Ling. She kept her eyes fixed on his face and felt that he was almost identical to his father.

None of his features resembled his mother at all.

During lunchtime, she called Tang Zhijing while the children were asleep.

She informed him about Mr. Su's offer, after which Tang Zhijing said without hesitation, "You must take on that job. He's offering you such a high salary. The monthly wage he's offering is almost equivalent to how much you'd receive in a year if you continue working here. I'm supporting your decision if you'd like to take up the offer. I'll talk to Gang Zi about it."

After hearing his words, Jing Chu told him that Pei Ling turned out to be Pei Yi's son. Tang Zhijing then urged her to take on the job as Su Nainai's personal caretaker.

She felt a huge sense of relief.

Pei Yi came to pick Pei Ling up again in the afternoon. Jing Chu did not speak a word to him at all and, instead, simply walked back into the kindergarten after handing Pei Ling to him.

Jing Chu stayed up for the rest of the night, feeling extremely ill at ease.

She was afraid that Pei Yi and his wife would throw her into prison again should something happen to their son while under her care.

Hence, she asked Mrs. Gang for Mr. Su's number and gave him a call on Saturday morning.

"Ms. Jing Chu, have you come to a decision?"

"Yes. Mr. Su, I'm willing to take on the offer. However, may I begin working immediately? Because I've already tendered my resignation."

"Sure, I won't have to take Nainai to the kindergarten again next week, then. Please bring her belongings with you when you come over. I'll send you the address later."

After receiving the confirmation, all Jing Chu wanted to do was to leave the place as soon as possible. Mrs. Gang paid her 200 dollars for the two days of work that she had completed.

She accepted the money.

She then packed her own luggage and brought Su Nainai's belongings with her before embarking on her journey to the address Mr. Su had sent her.


Needless to say, Pei Yi had no idea that she left her job on Saturday and only found out about her resignation when he sent his son to school on Monday.

He immediately sent his subordinates to search for her whereabouts.

However, their efforts were futile.

Pei Yi was flustered and infuriated. Despite knowing that she resented him greatly, he did not expect her to detest him to the extent of not being able to tolerate the sight of him.

Pei Yi was in a foul mood for the whole of Monday.

No one knew the reason behind his displeasure.

Even Qin Guo was too afraid to probe.

After staying in Mount Qingping for the entire morning, he decided to look Tang Zhijing up.

"Where has she gone?"

Feigning ignorance, Tang Zhijing said, "Who are you referring to? Mr. Pei, I don't understand what you're talking about."

Pei Yi glared at him coldly and said, "Drop the pretense. You know you can't afford to incur my wrath. Tell me, where on earth has she gone to!?!"

Tang Zhijing stared at him quietly.

Anger and disgruntlement were written all over Pei Yi's face when he returned to his car.

After smoking two consecutive cigarettes, he took a look at the number on his mobile phone and dialed it.

It went through on his first try.

It was Jing Chu's voice.

"Who's speaking?"

"It's me."

Upon hearing his voice, Jing Chu gripped her mobile phone tightly and pretended not to recognize his voice. "Who are you?" she asked.

"Pei Yi."

"Mr. Pei, what's the matter? I'm very busy," she answered coldly.

"Jing Chu, since you're so willing to look after another man's child, why don't you look after mine too? I'll offer you an even higher wage."

"I'm sorry, but I don't have plans to do so." She then ended the call immediately.

Upon realizing that she had hung up on him, Pei Yi flew into a rage and flung his mobile phone onto the carpet in his car.


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