The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1401 I Only Want You 99
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1401 I Only Want You 99

Forget it, I'll stop dwelling on it.

She saved the number that Xi Changzhi had given her before calling it.

The call went through quickly.


It was a familiar voice.

Li Wanru said, "Hello. Let's meet."

Qiao An hung up without hesitation.

Li Wanru tried to call her again. However, Qiao An refused to answer. Needless to say, Qiao An detested her to the core.

Instead of giving up, she continued her attempt at completing the task. Hence, she freshened up and proceeded to look for Qiao An.

To her dismay, the servants of the Su family prohibited her from entering when she arrived at the Su family mansion. They did not bother informing Qiao An about her arrival either.

Hence, she had no choice but to wait.

Qiao An needed some time to rest and could not be bothered to meet her at all.

She had been babysitting Su Nainai and would laugh whenever she noticed her adorable antics.

Su Nainai soon got familiar with her and wanted her to hug her to sleep. She would stick to Qiao An in the day too and had even started to call her "Mommy."

Although her words were slurred and incoherent, she had finally learned how to address her.

Qiao An woke up early in the morning to get herself and Su Nainai ready for a visit to Mrs. Su's home. After Su Yan left for work, she brought Su Nainai back to the Su family home in her car.

Coincidentally, Su Yan's sister was present too.

Su Yan's sister had never quite dared to show her face to Qiao An ever since the latter got married. They finally met each other again.

Upon the sight of Qiao An and Su Nainai, Su Meng dared not raise her head at all.

Mrs. Su glared at her daughter sternly before welcoming Qiao An back home. She felt heartened and relieved to see how well Qiao An and Su Nainai got along. After all, most stepmothers would ill-treat their stepdaughters.

"Qiao An, Mengmeng already knows her mistakes. She deeply regrets her actions too. Will you forgive her?"

Qiao An smiled and quipped, "Mother, Mengmeng will always be Su Yan's biological sister. Now that I've married Su Yan, I definitely wouldn't dare to hold it against her. I really can't afford to let history repeat itself if I get pregnant and she does that again."

Mrs. Su smiled awkwardly and said firmly, "Don't worry, she won't dare to do it again. If she does, I'll definitely throw her out of the Su family and cut off all ties with her. If she hadn't done that back then, you and Su Yan would have been living blissfully. You have no idea how upset I was when I heard that you wanted to break up with Su Yan back then, because Su Yan would drown his sorrows and only come home after midnight every day. He was so haggard and listless. However, it's wonderful that you two have now reconciled. I actually felt much more relieved after finding out the truth."

Qiao An said with a nod, "We'll live well from now on."

"Good to hear. Nourish yourself and give birth to another child."

"Okay, I have such plans too," Qiao An said with a nod.

Overwhelmed with joy, Mrs. Su handed her some fruit and said excitedly, "Here, have some fruit."

"Thank you, Mother," said Qiao An.

"Don't mention it."

Mrs. Su had always been fond of Qiao An. Although she had once gotten upset at her for breaking up with Su Yan, she could not help but take pity on her. Thus, she was genuinely happy about Qiao An marrying Su Yan.

After Qiao An left with Su Nainai, Su Meng finally broke her silence and said, "Why must Brother get back together with her?"

Mrs. Su chided, "Your brother will be with whoever he wants. It's none of your business. You'd better stay in your lane and watch your actions. If you ever dare to come up with any mischief again, I'll seriously cut off all ties with you. Do you hear me? By then, your brother will ignore you too."

Su Mengmeng answered, "Okay, okay, you've already repeated yourself so many times before. They're already married too, how can I sow any more discord? Mother, rest assured, I won't go against her for Brother's sake and yours. I'll get along with her well from now on. Will that do?"

Mrs. Su expressed assent and said, "That's more like it. If it weren't because of what you did, she would have had a blissful marriage with your brother. She even got framed and went to jail for three years. She had been through lots of suffering."

"Mother, how did you know that she had been framed?"

"Your brother told me that Qiao An's mother and ex-husband colluded to frame her. Her mother is such a scum. She's really unlucky to have a mother like her. Her mother even married her ex-husband's father and absconded with Qiao An's money. Your brother is planning to reverse the verdict of her case. I don't know if he can do it or not, though."

Su Meng asked, "Reverse the verdict? Is that even possible? It happened three years ago. What evidence could there be?"

"I don't know, I doubt it'd be easy either."

Su Meng did not probe further because her mobile phone began to ring.

She exited and answered the call.


"Where are you now?" asked a gentle voice.

Su Meng giggled coquettishly and said, "At home, of course. Where else could I be? Why? Are you missing me already?"

"Of course. Hurry and come here. I haven't seen you in days and I miss you dearly."

After taking a look at the time, Su Meng smiled and said, "You cast me aside when you're busy and you only think of me when you're free. Where are you now?"

"At our old haunt. Hurry."

"Okay, I'll make my way there now."

She left and got inside her car gleefully. She then took out her makeup pouch and began touching up her makeup before leaving for her rendezvous.

She parked her car in the car park of a hotel.

After putting on a cap, a surgical mask, and a pair of shades, she sprinted into the hotel and toward the usual room.

As soon as she opened the door, the two of them began smooching each other passionately, after which Su Meng wrapped her legs tightly around his waist.

They closed the door and fell onto the spacious bed.

He lifted her skirt up to expose her sexy lingerie. He tugged it down and stared at her tender, porcelain skin.

He removed his bathrobe and began thrusting himself into her.

"Ah…" Su Meng moaned in pleasure.

Xi Changzhi chuckled and said, "My little slut, I haven't seen you in a while and you've gotten so much more passionate. Do you like it when I do this to you?"

He then thrust himself deeper into her, causing Su Meng to be overwhelmed with pleasure. She desperately wanted to take all of him. "Of course I do. By the way, there's something I want to tell you. I heard from my mother that my brother wants to re-investigate Qiao An's case. Do you know about that?"

"Whatever, he's not going to succeed. You don't have to worry about that. There's something else I need you to help me do."

"What's the matter?"

"Qiao An and your brother are colluding with each other to go against me. I didn't have the chance to prepare myself. Ask Qiao An out tomorrow and leave the rest to me."

Su Meng said frantically, "What are you trying to do? My brother will kill me if he finds out. He hit the roof after finding out about that text message and he even gave me a warning. Besides, I had already promised my mother to get along well with Qiao An from now on."


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