The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1406 I Only Want You 104
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1406 I Only Want You 104

Pei Yi took out a map from his drawer and handed it to her. "There you go."

She began perusing it carefully while Pei Yi remained indifferent, for he was certain that there was no way for him to leave the organization at all.

Yet, Jing Chu refused to believe him.

What was childish and impossible to Pei Yi seemed like a feasible plan to her.

Hence, she only focused on the forests annotated on the map of R Nation.

After a long while, she pointed at a forestation region and asked, "Where's this?"

"It's a forest that's known to be terrifying."

"Why so?"

"Forget about that place. It's terrifying because even plants can't grow in that forest, and it's also home to lots of menacing beasts. In order to prevent the wild beasts to harm any humans, the government of R Nation has even taken a preventive measure by building a thick and high wall around the forest. If we were to stay there, we'd be devoured by the beasts even before the DK Organization attacks us."

Jing Chu asked, "If plants can't grow, how did the trees come about?"

"I was just making an analogy. It's way too difficult for humans to stay there. No one has ever dared to approach the area at all," Pei Yi explained.

Regardless of how hopeless Pei Yi had made it sound, Jing Chu still found it to be an ideal location…

Doesn't the fact that no one dares to approach it make it the best place for hiding?

"I'd like to go take a look myself."

"What… did you say?"

"I said I'd like to go take a look for myself and see just how terrible the living conditions are. Since there are animals, it can definitely provide the conditions for humans to live in."

Pei Yi objected, "I'm not allowing it. You'll be digging your own grave if you go."

"Everything you know about that place is based on hearsay and not your personal experience. How would you know that I'm digging my own grave?"

"Because no one has ever managed to come out alive after going inside. The entire world knows about this place and what it's notorious for. You'd better drop that idea as soon as possible. I won't let you go, for sure," Pei Yi insisted.

"But I want to find out what's so scary about it…"

Unable to figure out what she was thinking, Pei Yi said, "Why would you want to put yourself in danger?"

"I just want to take a look."

"You might just lose your life while trying to do that."



"There you go, take a look."

Tang Zhijing grabbed the photos on the table, only to see that they were photos of him and Jing Chu visiting the children at the orphanage.

"So? What are you trying to say?"

Staring at him, Tang Zhijing's wife, Le Zhengmin, questioned, "How are you related to this woman?"

Tang Zhijing retorted in annoyance, "We're just friends, what's wrong? You're so busy fooling around with your boyfriends every day and I've never said a word about it. Why are you meddling with my affairs now? Am I not allowed to have friends?"

Le Zhengmin quipped, "Oh? You're friends with Pei Yi's wife? How are you related to the DK Organization, then? Are you one of DK's moles?"

Tang Zhijing sneered with a sullen expression, "I have nothing to do with DK. I'm just friends with her, what's wrong? Are you going to report me to the police?"

Le Zhengmin said, "That's absurd. Hubby, you might not want your life anymore, but Father, Mother, and I still do. If you don't cut off ties with that woman completely, I'll tell Father and Mother about your affiliation with her. I believe they'll have a way to solve this. You being associated with the DK Organization is a very serious matter. This is worse than your infidelity!"

"I'm not related to DK. How many times must I repeat myself? Can you shut up now?"

"Cut off all ties with her, then. Can you do that?"

"Why should I listen to you?"

Le Zhengmin smiled and said, "Because I can easily ruin you with this evidence that I have. I'm sure you know how the law works in our nation. Whoever associates themselves with the DK Organization will have to be executed without a doubt. On account that we're married, I'm giving you one last warning. If I find out that you're still in contact with that woman, I won't show you any mercy even if you two are just friends."

"Le Zhengmin, are you really happy with a marriage like ours?"

"Why not? I have a husband but I can still commit adultery openly. That's such a thrill."

Tang Zhijing said coldly, "I've gotten really sick of this. Let's get a divorce."

She protested, "Tang Zhijing, this is the third time you're initiating a divorce this month! Did I forbid you from dating other women? Go ahead and do so. It's not like you haven't done that before. We just have to pretend to be chummy and loving in front of our parents and outsiders. Why are you bent on getting a divorce? According to my investigation, there isn't another woman whom you love at all. That married woman from DK is the only woman you meet regularly, isn't she?"

"I've just gotten sick and tired of putting up with this toxic marriage. Why? Am I not allowed to even initiate a divorce? I've already made up my mind. I'll tell my parents about this later."

Pointing at the photos on the table, Le Zhengmin insisted, "I simply refuse to divorce you. If you're bent on getting a divorce, I'll send these photos to the police tomorrow. I'm sure you're well aware of what the consequences will be."

Staring at her, Tang Zhijing said, "In that case, I'll publish all the videos of you getting intimate with other men onto the internet. You didn't expect me to have those videos, did you? It's really interesting, getting to watch my wife get intimate with other men every other day."

Le Zhengmin snapped, "Bullshit. I don't believe that you have those videos. Do you have the guts to show them to me?"

He switched on his mobile phone and showed her a video clip. "Look how loose and brazen you are."

He had purchased the video clip from Le Zhengmin's boyfriend at a high price to use it as a trump card in divorcing her successfully.

He did not expect her to threaten him with the photos of him and Jing Chu before he could even threaten her.

After watching the video, Le Zhengmin raised her chin and exclaimed, "Did you think that I don't have evidence of you getting intimate with other women in the past? I have them too!"

"In that case, why don't we just expose each other?"

"Tang Zhijing, must you really make things so ugly? We don't actually have to go to such extremes."

"I just don't want to live with you anymore. Everything will be fine after the divorce."

"I shall send these photos over to your parents now, then. I shall see how they react to this. The videos of me pale in comparison to what you have done. I'm not going to divorce you regardless of what happens. Over my dead body!" She then stood up and left with the photos.

Tang Zhijing sat on the couch, feeling rather helpless.

He thought that his divorce would proceed smoothly so long as he had the videos, yet things did not go according to plan.


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