The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1410 I Only Want You 108
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1410 I Only Want You 108

There were no longer any weeds on the ground. Instead, there were plants that had intertwined branches.

It seemed impossible to proceed.

The ground was covered by the strange plant.

Fat Lass was astounded. However, they did not stay any longer and instead continued to proceed forward while trampling on the ground.

The uneven terrain caused them to slow down greatly.

When they finally entered the woods, they realized that they had no sense of direction at all. Hence, they could only rely on the compass.

After trekking for an hour, they began to feel as if the roads ahead were endless. While they were taking a break, Fat Lass asked, "Sis, didn't they say that there are lots of menacing beasts in here? Why haven't we seen any yet?"

"Do you actually want to see them? It's better that we don't chance upon them, lest we get put in danger. Maybe we're just too slow and haven't reached their territory yet. However, I hope that we don't see those creatures."

"True. It's best if they never surface."

Feeling warm and thirsty, Jing Chu took out a bottle of mineral water and finished half of it before letting Fat Lass have the other half. Just as Fat Lass was about to discard the empty bottle, Jing Chu stopped her and said, "Don't throw it away. We can use it to collect water once we find a potable water source."

Fat Lass nodded and put the bottle away.

They continued on their journey after a short break.

There were lots of bugs and insects in the woods. Thus, they were both covered in bites from head to toe.

When Fat Lass started scratching the itchy bites continuously, Jing Chu advised her to stop. Only then did Fat Lass realize that she had scratched off the skin on her legs and that they had started to bleed.

"Bear with it. The itchiness will fade after a while. The more you scratch them, the itchier they will be."

"Sis Jing Chu, I have a feeling that these bugs are different from ordinary ones. The ones here are huge."

"Yes, I discovered that too. However, the fact that there are bugs here just goes to show that life is supported here. Otherwise, how did these trees become so strong and sturdy? Let's keep going. We must find a suitable spot to take shelter before the sky turns dark."

"Sis, look… ahead of you."

Jing Chu looked up to see that there were thick fumes of smoke moving toward them slowly.

She had an ominous feeling. For the past two months, Pei Yi had been constantly telling her about the other element that exists in the forest.

It was miasma, a poisonous gas.

Continuous exposure to miasma would result in rapid poisoning, which will eventually become fatal if not treated in time.

Fortunately, she had already made the necessary preparations before hand. She quickly handed a mask to Fat Lass and said, "It's miasma. Hurry and put this on. You can't inhale that gas. It's poisonous and will kill you."

Fat Lass frantically put the mask on, after which Jing Chu handed her another handkerchief. They covered their noses and mouths tightly, after which the fumes of miasma surged forward and engulfed them.

"Fat Lass, let's hurry and get out of here. Quick."


The duo picked up their speed. At this moment, Jing Chu could no longer be bothered to check the compass. She had no time for that at all. They continued to charge forward, as if they were being chased.

Almost half an hour later, the fumes slowly began to dissipate. They sprinted forward with all their might.

Finally, they made it out of the woods.

They removed their masks and began coughing violently.

They only managed to catch their breaths after coughing for a long while.

However, they both appeared pale and ghastly.

They rested for a long period of time before recovering enough energy to proceed.

It felt as if the roads were endless.

"Sis Jing Chu, the bugs here seem to have disappeared. Could it be because of the miasma?"

"Maybe. Fat Lass, are you hungry?"

Shaking her head, Fat Lass answered, "No. Sis Jing Chu, if you're hungry, you may munch on something first."

"I'm not hungry either. Let's continue walking." Jing Chu supported herself against the tree and got onto her feet slowly. "Fat Lass, come with me. If we end up dying here, will you regret tagging along?"

"I won't. My parents have died long ago and I've been sold to different owners all my life. I'm living just like a nomad. I often had no idea who my next buyer would be. Sis Jing Chu, pardon me for my bluntness, but I think your mindset is right. If we can find a safe haven, we'll at least be able to live peacefully in the future. The political situation of the nation right now is not optimistic for us, and many nations have begun working together in a bid to destroy DK. I'm not certain that the DK Organization would emerge victorious. After all, we'd definitely be outnumbered and outclassed compared to those armed military troops."

"I thought so too. If we can settle down and survive in this place, we shall move here. We'll move back to civilization again when the DK Organization no longer exists," Jing Chu said, describing her ideal life.

"Sis Jing Chu, I wouldn't have had the courage and bravery to come here without you."

"I wouldn't have wanted to put myself in such a dangerous situation if it weren't because of the circumstances we're in. Apart from this place, where else can we go to to live a safe and peaceful life?"

Jing Chu finally understood why Pei Yi wanted her to undergo training for two months.

If she had not trained and built her stamina for the past two months, she would have been dead beat by now, especially after covering such a long distance.

Unlike Fat Lass, who was beyond exhausted after two hours of walking, Jing Chu could still manage to continue.

However, she had no choice but to take a break for the sake of Fat Lass. They replenished their energy and refueled themselves with some food before continuing again.

Jing Chu also found it bizarre that there were no animals in sight at all, apart from the bugs and insects.

Could it be that we're really just too far away from the animals?

As soon as the question popped up in her head, another wave of miasma began swarming them.

This time, the miasma lasted for more than an hour, much longer compared to the first wave, which had lasted for about half an hour. Despite Fat Lass' immense fatigue, they dared not delay any further and hurriedly zoomed forward. Their will to live spurred them to ignore the aches and cramps in their legs.

To their astonishment, what greeted them after the second wave of miasma was no longer lush trees and greenery. Instead, it was a small lake.

The water flowed along the lake endlessly, and they could not see the start or end of the lake at all.

It was a good thing for there to be water.

After all, water was essential for life.

Jing Chu and Fat Lass were elated.

The two of them proceeded to search for the end of the lake, only to discover that the lake was not too long.

However, the further they walked, the more surprised they were.

The water was clear and unpolluted, and it was moving in a steady stream.

They were extremely slow at their pace due to their overwhelming fatigue. Moreover, they were also weighed down by the heavy suitcases, which posed as added resistance.


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