The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1467 Great to Have You 27
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1467 Great to Have You 27

"I guess Heaven hasn't been blessing us with a child because of this reason. If we had a child, things would have been much trickier. Qianxue, you're a good woman and I'm sure that there's someone better than me out there for you. I don't want to hold up your time any longer."

"Are you acting like this because we haven't been able to get intimate with each other? I actually wanted to consummate our marriage last night and I want to start trying for a baby. Hubby, I've already recovered from my illnesses. Shall we have a child together?"

Staring at her, Fan Shixin said, "I've already made up my mind. I won't change it easily. I'll make it up to you."

"I want to know why you're asking for a divorce."

"I didn't love you when we got married and I'll never love you. Don't waste your youth on me."

Shaking her head, she said, "No, that's definitely not the reason you want to divorce me. I know clearly that you didn't love me when we got married, but you still married me anyway because you're the only son and you didn't want your parents to be upset. So why are you asking for a divorce? Unless it's a good reason, you definitely won't ask for a divorce. I want to hear the truth."

"The reason is not important. What matters is, we must get a divorce."

"Have you spoken to your parents about this yet?"

"No, this is between the two of us and I don't wish to get them involved."

"I don't agree to a divorce," Yang Qianxue refused vehemently.

"I'll have no choice but to force you, then."

He then stood up and left.

A short while after he left, Yang Qianxue told Fan Shixin's parents about the matter. Shocked to hear that their son had requested for a divorce, the elderly couple rushed to Wei Ni Estate and tried to find out what was going on.

Not trying to hide at all, Fan Shixin said softly, "Father, Mother, keep this to yourselves. You can't tell anyone about this without my permission."

"Just what's the matter?" Mrs. Fan asked eagerly.

"Mother, Wansheng is still alive and she had given birth to my daughter."

Mr. and Mrs. Fan stared at each other in shock. "What!?! Oh my god. How could that happen!?! Is that real?"

"Of course it is. However, Wansheng is not exactly living well now. She looks very different from the way she used to because of the burns that she had suffered. I just found out about this. I even stole my daughter's hair sample last night and sent it for a DNA test. I haven't told them about it yet, so you mustn't breathe a word about this at all. I know what to do. However, I must get a divorce with Qianxue. Only after I'm divorced can I bring Wansheng and my daughter home."

Mr. and Mrs. Fan did not say anything else after hearing his words.

"Since she's still alive, why didn't she come back sooner? If she'd come back at the start, you wouldn't have had to marry Qianxue."

"I'm not sure if she had lost her memory or something else. Wait for my news. Go home first."

Mrs. Fan said, "Qianxue said that she's not going to agree to a divorce. If she refuses to get a divorce, what are you going to do?"

"Mother, stay out of this. I'll handle it myself."

The elderly couple had no choice but to leave.


It began pouring at past nine o'clock. Although the rain was not heavy, it was extremely chilly.

Tang Yucheng brought Tang Mianmian back to his brother's home, leaving Mu Wansheng and Snowman alone at home.

Fan Shixin visited her openly.

Noticing that the door was left ajar, he pushed it and entered.

Mu Wansheng sat by the fire to bake some marbles. It was an odd job that she had taken up. Although she could not see, her hands were rather nimble.

Snowman snuggled up next to her feet sleepily. Fan Shixin caught sight of her the moment he reached the door.

Sensing that there were noises, Snowman quickly stood up and barked at Fan Shixin.

Mu Wansheng put down the rack that she was holding and asked, "Who's there?"

Snowman began barking as soon as Fan Shixin entered.

Feeling jittery all of a sudden, Mu Wansheng asked, "Just who is it?"

"It's me."

She sprung up from her seat, and her heart began to pound rapidly. She was extremely distracted and at a complete loss for what to do. After calming herself down, she chose to feign ignorance and asked, "Who are you?"

Fan Shixin said with a frown, "You clearly know who I am. Can't you recognize my voice?"

"Ah… you're Mr. Fan who helped me look after my daughter in the past, right? I got a great shock just now. What brings you here?"

He walked toward her while Snowman began to bark again. Mu Wansheng stopped it and asked, "What's the matter?"

"I came to see you… because of something important, of course." Fan Shixin walked toward her and stared at her bare face. "Wansheng, you're not a good actor. Drop the act. You've already met me so many times before, why didn't you just tell me then that you're Wansheng? What are you afraid of? Are you afraid that I'd mind the way you look? If you'd told me the truth earlier, the three of us would have been living together happily now. Is this really the life you want? Wansheng, how heartless of you to be letting my daughter call another man her father."

Pangs of panic engulfed Mu Wansheng. How did he find out about this?


She initially wanted to pretend not to know who he was. However, it turned out that he already knew that her daughter belonged to him. "Don't spout any nonsense. That child belongs to my husband."

"Your husband? I've already gotten a DNA test carried out. She's my biological daughter."

"So what?" said Mu Wansheng, who could not continue pretending not to know him.

"So what? I'd been thinking that you were dead all this while," he said with a look of agony.

"You can continue thinking that way. After all, that's what I thought too. Ever since the moment I plunged into the river, Mu Wansheng had already died. I'm a whole new person now. I didn't suffer from amnesia. I didn't go back to the Mu family home or look you up because I didn't want to."

"Do you blame me for… failing to rescue you in time? I actually made it there but it was all too late," said Fan Shixin, filled with misery.

"I don't blame you. The problem doesn't lie with you. It was entirely my choice. Let's just live our lives properly. We're both married to different people now. We'll let bygones be bygones. Don't hurt Mianmian either. She's still young. She already has a father now."

A lump formed in Fan Shixin's throat and he said, "You're the one who hurt her, not me. I never knew of her existence until now. You're the one who refuses to let her be with her biological father. Wansheng, I know why you didn't look me up. You were afraid that I'd despise you for your appearance, weren't you? Am I such a superficial man to you?"


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