The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1474 Great to Have You 34
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1474 Great to Have You 34

Tang Yucheng was greatly infuriated. However, there was nothing he could do.

"I'm actually angrier than you are. However, I've at least found what I lost. Wansheng wanted me to give you two million dollars, but I've decided to give you an extra million because, as she said, you're a good man. Three million dollars should be more than enough for you since you're living in the village. Use the money to build yourself a house and buy a car. Lots of women will be throwing themselves at you and begging you to marry them once you have those things. You actually have nothing to lose. Instead, you've even stood to gain." He handed Tang Yucheng the bank account card and said, "The PIN number is the six-digit code at the back of this card. There's three million dollars in the account."

Tang Yucheng accepted it, despite feeling indignant.

He did not have another option.

"Pack Happy's and Mianmian's belongings and take them with you."

"It's alright, I'll buy them new ones. You may throw these things away or do whatever you want with them. Feel free to approach me if you need help in the future."

Just as Fan Shixin was about to leave, Tang Yucheng said, "Wait a minute."

He handed Snowman's leash to him and said, "Snowman has been by Happy's side all this while. Take it away with you too."

He grabbed Happy's leash and said, "You're still young and you're rich now. Find a wife and live well."

Fan Shixin left with Snowman.

When he got inside the car, Mu Wansheng asked worriedly, "What did you say to him?"

"I told him to take the money and live well. I gave him an extra million dollars."

Three million dollars…

Mu Wansheng found it to be an exorbitant sum.

It'll take numerous years for the average folk to earn three million dollars.

What more a villager like Tang Yucheng, who worked odd jobs for a living.

Three million dollars was more than enough to last him for the rest of his life, in addition to the initial sum of compensation that he had received.

Mu Wansheng's greatest regret was being unable to see what Tang Yucheng looked like.

However, she no longer had a say in anything.

She had no choice but to leave with Fan Shixin, who forced Tang Yucheng into compromising.

She had perhaps wavered unknowingly after hearing Fan Shixin's words.

After driving for a while, Fan Shixin said, "Don't worry, I'll get someone to keep an eye on him. At least, we'll prevent him from killing himself. However, I don't think he's that emotionally fragile. People usually only kill themselves because they've lost all hope in life. He can't be in despair. If you don't believe me, just continue waiting for updates about him. I'll show you what reality is all about. Don't think that he'll die without you."

"Were you really going to give him ten million dollars if I refused to leave?" Mu Wansheng asked.

"Didn't I let you choose? If you were dead against leaving, I would have given him ten million dollars and brought you away by force. However, you chose to save money for your man."

Mu Wansheng began blushing shyly.

"Why are you so insistent on bringing me home? I'm so ugly now and my voice is horrendous. I'm no longer that Mu Wansheng you knew," she said.

"I did it because I love you and because I'm Mianmian's father. Are those reasons good enough?"

"I used to think that you were mature and reliable. Turns out you can be very stubborn and domineering too."

"Yes, but then again, I've always thought that issues that could be solved with money aren't issues at all. Apart from the very few things that we're truly helpless when it comes to solving, almost every problem in this world can be solved using money. He agreed to let you go for ten million dollars because he values his life more than you. I won't let anyone take you away regardless of how much money they offer me, because you're my one and only."

Mu Wansheng pressed her face against Fan Mianmian's head. She trusted his words, for he would not have tried everything he could to take her away if he didn't mean those words.

"How can I let you give up so much for me…"

"I'm still upset at you for hiding it from me. I was also angry that you'd rather trust a stranger than trust me. However, I'm glad that you're coming home with me now."

"I'm sorry…"

Fan Shixin smiled and said, "Since you feel sorry, make it up to me when we get home."

"I still… don't want others to know that I'm alive right now."

"I know."

They arrived in Wei Ni Estate.

Fan Shixin carried Fan Mianmian while Mu Wansheng walked Snowman to Fan Shixin's apartment.

"Which apartment is this?"

"The one you used to stay in. I'm planning to sell the four-bedder that Young Sir had given me because my ex-wife used to stay there. We shall stay here from now on. Apart from you, no other woman has lived here before."

"Are you lying to me?" Mu Wansheng asked gleefully.

"Of course not. Wait for me here while I go buy something," said Fan Shixin.

"What do you need to buy?"

"Plenty of items, like apparel for you and Mianmian, groceries, and dog food for Snowman. Wait for me." He then left.

Mu Wansheng carried Fan Mianmian into the bedroom.

She leashed Snowman to the bed and sat down. "Why have you been staying quiet? Are you upset?" she asked Fan Mianmian.

"Mommy, will we never be able to see the other Daddy again?"

"No, you'll still get to see him. It's just… that your other Daddy will be living his new life from now on. He may not be your biological Daddy, but he's taken great care of us and we'll visit him regularly in the future. Your Daddy now is your biological Daddy. From now on, your name is Fan Mianmian. Hear me?"

"Yes… but I don't want to leave the other Daddy."

"It's all my fault," said Mu Wansheng, who blamed herself for making the wrong decision by choosing not to go back to Fan Shixin. She resented herself for having an inferiority complex. If she had returned to Fan Shixin's side back then, things wouldn't have come to this. However, she could not turn back time.

"Mommy, will this be our home from now on?"

"Yes, we'll stay here together with Daddy and Snowman from now on. This is our home," Mu Wansheng said while removing the scarf on her face.

"This house is beautiful."


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