The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1481 Great to Have You 41
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1481 Great to Have You 41

They gasped in shock upon hearing this. Five million dollars?

It was definitely not a small sum.

Moreover, they only had a day to give her the money. Where could they possibly get this five million dollars from?

Mrs. Wu snorted. "You're really making a huge extortion. Aren't you afraid of straining your tongue when you say such things?"

"Why would I?" Xia Banqin sniggered. "It's your precious daughter who should be afraid of that, right? The sight of her serving Luo Hang on the bed with her mouth was truly a distasteful one."

With her uttering such blunt words, the Mu family was really placed in an embarrassing situation.

"You can leave first. We'll send you the five million dollars."

The elderly Mr. Mu's words made Mr. Wu ask in surprise, "Father-in-law, are you really going to give her five million dollars?"

"Not me. You and Pingyang's mother should fork it out. Why should I do so? Pingyang is the precious daughter you've brought up," Mr. Mu replied in an infuriated manner, wishing that he could get Wu Pingyang to come back so that he could beat her to death.

When Xia Banqin left, Mr. Mu got Mrs. Wu to give Pingyang a call. Before Wu Pingyang had even returned home, the atmosphere in the living room was already boiling and at its peak. Mrs. Wu refused to give Xia Banqin the amount of money she wanted, but Mr. Mu insisted that she was to fork out the money.

"Father, do you want to see me sell my car and house away?"

"I don't care if you sell your house or car away, just fork out this amount by hook or by crook. That is, if you two don't want the Mu family to cut off all ties with you three!" Mr. Mu warned them. "The company has been stable for only a few years. If this scandal goes viral and affects the company, try me."

Mrs. Wu turned speechless as she fumed inside. This was five million dollars they were talking about, not five or fifty thousand. How could it be easy for them to raise this amount?

When Wu Pingyang entered through the front gate, she could already sense something amiss with the atmosphere at home, but she was still unaware of what exactly was going on.

Although she was unaware, she could already see that everyone's expression was ugly.

Especially her grandfather's. Could it be about her cousin's matter?

"Grandfather, what happened?"

"Kneel down!" Mr. Mu stood up using his cane as support and exclaimed as he glared fiercely at her, "Pingyang, I'm so disappointed in you!"

Wu Pingyang was still unaware of what was going on, so she was completely confused as to why she had to kneel down. But, seeing how deeply enraged her grandfather was, she thought there must be a reason for it, so she knelt down without saying anything further. She then asked, "Grandfather, what did I do? What happened?"

"Today, Luo Hang's ex-wife came. She said you were the third party in her and Luo Hang's marriage…"

Before he was even done speaking, Wu Pingyang instantly rebutted, "Grandfather, I wasn't!"

"You weren't? If you didn't do it, would she have personally brought these?!" Mr. Mu threw the pictures at her face. "Look properly, is this person you or not?!"

Wu Pingyang didn't realize before she saw it, and when she did, she almost jumped in shock.

Unexpectedly, her originally firm stance completely vanished and turned into panic. "Grandfather, I… I…"

"Xia Banqin also has a video of you and Luo Hang, and she's demanding five million dollars from us. I've already told your parents that you guys will fork out this money. I'll overlook this, no matter whether all of you use money to settle this or get Luo Hang to settle it. Anyway, if this is not properly settled, the Mu family will cut off ties with you three!"

Wu Pingyang was thrown into a panic and she assured, "Grandfather, I'll tell Luo Hang about this. He'll definitely be able to settle it."

With that, she crawled up from the ground and hurriedly went out of the house.

When she was outside, she gave Luo Hang a call.

Upon hearing this matter, Luo Hang assured her solemnly, "I'll settle this matter. I have the custody of the child, so if I use it to negotiate with her, she'll have no choice but to concede."

Wu Pingyang felt that he would be able to completely handle this matter, so she could finally rest assured. "My family is really angry about this, especially my grandfather. How are your parents?"

"They're still the same, they don't really have much reaction about this. My parents originally didn't like her anyway. They were indifferent toward our divorce as well, so they're fine now." Luo Xing said in a casual tone, "Tell your grandfather to rest assured. I'll settle this matter."

"Alright, then, I'll tell him." With that, Wu Pingyang immediately went to tell Mr. Mu about it. After hearing her words, he looked much better and his tone had softened as well.

"Didn't you look down on him last time? How did you end up with him now?"

"Last time, didn't I have Fan Shixin as a reference? That's why I felt that Luo Hang was just average. But, in these few years, hasn't the Luo family's business been expanding rather quickly? I'm not young anymore as well, I should start a family of my own soon. I now think he's pretty decent. Moreover, he and that Xia Banqin were already living separately long ago. What was wrong with me getting together with him? They got divorced in the end anyway, and Luo Hang says he wants to marry me."

Mr. Mu did not quite approve of this. "That Luo Hang can even abandon a woman he married and loved for ten years, don't you think he would do the same to you one day? The Luo family is rich, but Luo Hang's conduct and values are far from that of Chief Fan's."

"Chief Fan, Chief Fan. Grandfather, you only know how to speak of Chief Fan. No matter how excellent a catch Chief Fan is, he'll never be my future husband." Wu Pingyang lowered her voice and muttered softly, "I think that Luo Hang… is still rather decent. He's the only son and has many accomplishments at a young age. No matter what, he's still considered a rich second-generation heir. How can Fan Shixin compare to him? He's at most a servant that's commanded around by others."

Mr. Mu sneered coldly, "I'm so old already, do you think I can't tell whether someone's good or bad? Luo Hang's a rich second-generation heir, so what? Does he dare to challenge Chief Fan? How can he even be compared with Chief Fan? Just thinking about what you've done makes me enraged. Looking at how you have such a brain, I really don't know who you take after! Even a pig is better than you!"

Wu Pingyang started to seethe upon hearing this. "Grandfather, you're an elder and I'm your junior, so I haven't dared to say many things to you out of respect. Yes, I am brainless and I've made mistakes. But Grandfather, at an age like yours, don't tell me you haven't made any mistakes before? You're afraid that I'll taint the reputation of the Mu family, but a few years back, was the rumor about you and Second Aunt completely baseless?!"

Once she spouted these words, the tensed atmosphere that had originally begun to ease started to fill up the air again. Mrs. Wu instantly reached out to nudge Wu Pingyang to warn her not to spout nonsense. This matter had been strictly forbidden to be mentioned within the Mu family. No matter how it had spread outside, they were not allowed to mention it amongst the Mu family.

Wu Pingyang's words immediately sparked a flame within the elderly Mr. Mu and he hollered, "What do you mean? Outsiders may have spread this rumor, but you believe it too?"

Mrs. Wu tried to smooth things over. "Father, Pingyang's just a child. Don't stoop to her level."

"A child? She'll be turning 30 soon!" Mr. Mu roared. Because of this sudden burst of anger, his whole face had turned extremely stern, making it a sight that made one cringe anxiously inside.


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