The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1483 Great to Have You 43
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1483 Great to Have You 43

Fan Shixin slept for a few hours. Mu Wansheng couldn't sleep so she starting arranging things in the house properly. She even went to the supermarket in the morning to buy many ingredients to make a sumptuous breakfast.

The weather was exceptionally good, and Fan Shixin slept until eight. After he woke up, he had breakfast with her.

He noticed that she looked extremely radiant, as her cheeks were rosy and looked plump and round.

"Since we're both in a good mood, why don't we collect our wedding certificate, then go and pick up Mianmian?"

"Good idea." Mu Wansheng's lips curled into a grin. "I support this."

Fan Shixin's eyes were full of joy as he remarked, "This is what you said, okay? You can't go back on your word anymore."

"Looks like you're really afraid that I'll go back on my word."

"Of course, I really care about you."

Mu Wansheng lowered her head to drink milk and merely grinned but did not answer him.

After a moment, she said, "But… I want to do plastic surgery. After I look pretty, then I'll marry you. Of course, if you really want it to be today, then so be it."

Fan Shixin looked at her and replied, "I value your opinion more. Although I'd really like it to be today, I know how you must be feeling. Let's just do what you've said. I actually thought of that already and already got someone to contact a famous plastic surgeon. The appointment will be a week from now, is that alright?"

It was simply a surprise to her!

Without her even having to say it, he had already thought of this in advance. Mu Wansheng's emotions were simply at its peak, and the happiness inside her was beyond what one could imagine.

"That's great, of course. It's excellent. I'm so overjoyed. Shixin, I want everyone to see my face properly. This is my wish. I'm actually more eager to collect our marriage certificate today than you are because I really want to marry you now and become your wife. I want to tell everyone that my husband is Fan Shixin. But I also want to marry you with everyone's blessings. I want to wear a nice wedding gown and have my face shown to everyone when I marry you. I really want everyone to know how your wife looks like now, but I don't want people to say that you married a hideous woman."

"I understand. It's okay, we're spending every day with each other already. I can wait, no matter how long."


After they ate, the two headed straight to the old Jin residence to fetch Mianmian.

When Mu Wansheng and Fan Shixin saw their daughter, the two were in complete disbelief.

Was this little girl who was wearing a small red singlet and line-dancing so superbly really their daughter?

"Mommy!" Upon seeing Mu Wansheng, Mianmian stopped dancing abruptly and merrily ran over to her, hugging Mu Wansheng's legs tightly.

Seeing how her daughter still recognized her after being apart from her for so long, Mu Wansheng bent down and carried her in her arms. "Our Mianmian has gotten heavier than before. Are you becoming a fat princess?"

"No, I'm not fat at all," Fan Mianmian grumbled in a dissatisfied manner. "I'm not a fat princess, I'm Mommy's little princess."

Mu Wansheng chuckled. "Alright, alright. This is our little princess. Now, look at Mommy properly, little princess."

Fan Mianmian let out a short exclamation before asking, "Mommy, why are your eyes different from before?"

"Make a guess."

She replied with her baby voice, "Mianmian can't guess it."

"Mommy can see you now, my darling."

Fan Mianmian was rather cheeky as well, as she stuck a finger out and asked, "What number is this?"

Mu Wansheng felt rather amused by this. "One."

"How about this, then?" she then asked after sticking out four fingers.


"Wow, Mommy, you're amazing."

Mu Wansheng did not know whether to laugh or cry at what she said and carried her to greet Fan Shixin's parents.

"Auntie, Uncle."

Seeing how there was joy written all over her son's face, Mrs. Fan was elated as well. "Wansheng, when are you and Shixin intending to get married?"

"Auntie, my face is ruined, so Shixin is bringing me to get plastic surgery. After it's done, we'll get married."

Mrs. Fan replied, "I see, that's good. Medical science is so advanced now that eye transplants can even be done, much less one's face. Auntie supports you. But can Mianmian stay with us until your operation is over? You don't know, your Uncle and I are stuck around Mianmian all the time now. What an adorable little girl she is! She's so likeable, and we haven't had enough of her yet."

Since she was already asked like this, Mu Wansheng could only agree with a grin. She thought, It's rare that her grandparents like her so much.

"Right, do you want to ask your parents to meet us so we can discuss the wedding?"

"Auntie, it's okay. I can make decisions by myself."

"That's good as well. As long as you can decide for yourself."

Unexpectedly, once Mu Wansheng had returned, she received a call from the Mu family in the afternoon.

It was a call from Mu Wansheng's father. Her father, who seldom talked to her, had actually called her. This made her rather surprised.

"What is this about?" Mu Wansheng asked, simply not knowing what else to talk to him about.

"I heard you came back from overseas. Are your eyes fine now?"

"Yes, they're fine now."

"Then make a trip back home." Mr. Mu did not beat around the bush either. "Your grandfather wants to get a paternity test done. With you. So, you need to come back."

Mu Wansheng was rather taken aback. "Paternity test? Who suggested it?"

"Pingyang suggested it a while back. Everyone's curious as well, so your grandfather agreed."

Mu Wansheng gripped her phone tightly as she replied, "You agreed to it as well? You're curious too? Don't tell me you haven't gotten a test secretly done before?"

Mr. Mu suddenly kept silent, and only after a moment did he answer, "We'll be waiting for you at home tomorrow."

With that, he hung up the call.

Mu Wansheng placed her phone down, feeling rather overwhelmed inside.

After she conveyed the contents of the phone conversation to Fan Shixin, he was rather surprised as well and asked her, "Are you going to do this test?"

"Of course. But I think there's something fishy about this, so I'll try to get a strand of my father or grandfather's hair tomorrow, and then you can help me to get it tested with another DNA test center."

Fan Shixin agreed to it. "Sure, but if the answer is not what you expected, how would you face it?"

"I actually have an answer already," Mu Wansheng remarked frankly. "Although I haven't gotten a paternity test done, I do have some sort of answer already. After all, this isn't something that has been going on for three to five years only. A long time ago, there were already rumors about this. As to what I have to face, we'll just see how things go. I didn't ask to be born anyway, so it isn't my fault."

"Alright. If you have an answer inside, then I don't have to worry. We'll go back tomorrow. Come, let's go shopping. I want to buy you some clothes and shoes."

"Sure, okay."


"Why don't you go to my grandfather's place with me tomorrow?" Wu Pingyang asked with her hand wrapped around Luo Hang's.

"Tomorrow? Why?"

"Tomorrow, Mu Wansheng is getting a paternity test done with my grandfather. Everyone will be around. You're my boyfriend, it's fine even if you're there."

Hearing this immediately aroused Luo Hang's curiosity. "Sure."


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