The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1497 Great to Have You 57
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1497 Great to Have You 57

He did not wish to fall out with her. However, it seemed that it was impossible for them to get along harmoniously like they used to as children.

He could not bring himself to give Long Xiaoxi, whom he had always regarded as a little sister, his blessings.

That was a problem.

He was not at all worried that Zhong Minhe would mistreat her, because he knew that Zhong Minhe was indebted to Long Xiaoxi and her family. Hence, he would definitely dote on her. Jin Yiheng was certain that Long Xiaoxi must have thought about it carefully before informing her parents of her decision to get married.

Jin Yiheng stayed in the office throughout the entire morning. However, he could not stop thinking about Long Xiaoxi. He could not focus on reading the documents at all. Finally, he decided to contact Ji Gui personally and asked him for Long Xiaoxi's mobile number.

Long Xiaoxi did not expect to receive a call from Jin Yiheng.

"What's the matter?"

"Let's meet."

"What for?"

"Do you want me to look you up or would you like to meet me instead?"

Long Xiaoxi said coldly, "We can just talk over the phone. There's no need to meet."


He ended the call and proceeded to find her current location before driving toward the address he had found.

Long Xiaoxi pondered over everything for the entire morning. She decided to give Zhong Minhe a surprise and hailed a taxi to look for him to discuss the wedding. To her astonishment, she was stopped by Jin Yiheng as soon as she arrived at Zhong Minhe's workplace.

Not wanting to get into a scuffle with Jin Yiheng in public, she followed him to his car and questioned, "Just what do you want?"

"Are you getting married?"

She glanced at him and sneered, "Yes, are you here to congratulate me? If you are, I think you're overreacting. We're not exactly friends, you didn't have to go to such great lengths."

He remained silent and stepped on the accelerator to move the car forward slowly.

Long Xiaoxi stared at him closely, only to find that he seemed to be different from the way he was during his teenage years.

"I'm talking to you, are you deaf?"

Gripping the steering wheel tightly, he answered, "I can't bring myself to congratulate you, so you're reading too much into things."

"What are you here for, then? Where are you taking me to now?"

"You'll know when we get there."

Long Xiaoxi was filled with exasperation, clueless and at a loss for words.

She suppressed her anger and watched him drive back to Wei Ni Estate.

"What are you doing? I didn't say that I wanted to go home."

Jin Yiheng looked at her and said, "Come with me, I have something to show you."

Long Xiaoxi alighted from the car and walked behind him toward his home. She was rather curious about what he wanted to show her.

She followed him into his bedroom.

She closed the door and he stared at her. "Don't marry him," he said.

Long Xiaoxi teared up and said, "What makes you think that you have the right to say this? Are you in any place to do so?"

"Are you willing to give me the right to do so?"

"No, I no longer want to have anything to do with you. Ever since you requested for our engagement to be canceled, got into a relationship with another girl, and started giving me the cold shoulder, I knew that you no longer deserved my heart and affection. You don't deserve everything that I had done for you. You truly let me down. You were the only person I adored ever since we were children. How could you do that to me? Jin Yiheng, I'll never forgive you for hurting me. Never in my life."

He knew that she had never gotten over it and was well aware that she probably resented him. However, he felt as if a million daggers were piercing through his heart the moment he saw her tearing up while saying those harsh words.

He hugged her tightly in his arms and refused to let go regardless of how hard she struggled. When she finally calmed down, he said, "We were inseparable throughout our childhood and we knew each other too well. The older we got, the more I felt like you were just like my younger sister. However, I stopped developing interests in other women ever since you went abroad. No matter how slender, beautiful, adorable, charming, or outstanding other women may be, I often felt that they could not compare to you. I tried to comfort myself by telling myself that I was only feeling guilty for hurting you. But I don't know why I just can't bring myself to give you my blessings after hearing that you were getting married. I gave it some thought and I realized that I want to seek your forgiveness and start afresh with you. I want to be with you every single day, like I used to when we were children. I went to look for you and brought you back here because I wanted to pour my feelings out to you and let you know how I really feel, regardless of whether you believe it or not."

Long Xiaoxi pushed him away. This time, he did not stop her because he had already told her everything that he wanted to.


She finally laid her hand on him.

"Does it hurt? Is it fun to toy with my feelings? Like I said, I'll never forgive you," she said.

Gazing at her, he asked, "Do you feel better now?"

"You're just feeling guilty for what you had done to me and you only regard me as your younger sister. There are no romantic feelings between us. You said that you want to go back to the past only because you're feeling nostalgic. I'll pretend that I didn't hear what you said today. What has been done cannot be undone. You were the one who ruined everything. We're just not destined to be together. I've already seen through it all."

Long Xiaoxi then turned around and left. She slammed the door shut with a loud thud. He took a deep breath, removed his tie, and flung it onto the ground.

Long Xiaoxi returned home and sprawled herself across the bed before crying her heart out.

She was no longer in the mood to give Zhong Minhe a surprise.

Who would have known that Jin Yiheng would say such things to her?

She was infuriated and agonized, for it felt like he had just ripped all of her wounds and scars open again.

Once she was done crying, she turned over and stared at the hand that she used to hit him with. A look of hopelessness formed in her eyes.

Three days later, Mei Yangyang discovered that she had stopped talking about getting married. She asked Long Xiaoxi, "Have you spoken to Minhe yet?"


"Why not? Have you decided not to marry him?"

Long Xiaoxi answered, "I've decided to focus on the modeling competition first. Brother Minhe is very busy lately too. He's taken up a new assignment and it urgently needs to be completed. I don't want him to be distracted so I shall not tell him for now."

"That works too. You're still young. There's no hurry. Your father and I are supportive of your decision to join the modeling contest. We just want you to be happy while doing the things you enjoy."

"Thank you, Mommy."


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