The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1506 Pampering You to Bits 3
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1506 Pampering You to Bits 3

"I do now."

"Are you sure?"

"I've already verified it."

Mei Yangyang asked in puzzlement, "How did you do so?"

Staring at her calmly, Jin Yiheng answered, "I kissed her."

Long Tianze was flabbergasted. Glowering at him, he rebuked, "You… rascal. How dare you kiss her!?!"

"Godpa, we're both adults."

He was not ashamed at all.

Long Tianze was filled with displeasure at the thought of his precious daughter being kissed by Jin Yiheng. However, he constantly tried to comfort himself by telling him that it was only a matter of time before his daughter belongs to someone else.

"So what if you're adults? Does that mean that… you can just kiss girls casually? Absurd!"

Mei Yangyang glared at him and chastised, "You shut up. Isn't that what you did back then too? How dare you have the cheek to criticize others?"

"Honey, whose side are you on?"

"I'm on…" She took a deep breath and continued, "Enough, don't bother talking about these useless things now. Let's get straight to the point. Yiheng, you've seen how agitated Xiaoxi was just now. What you did back then had indeed broken her heart. However, your godfather and I watched you grow up and our families have always been getting along so well. We still want to give you and Xiaoxi a chance. Since you've already gotten your marriage registered, there'll be lots of rumors and trouble if you were to get a divorce. How about this? I'll draft an agreement that you two can sign. You two shall live under the same roof from now on, and if you can make Xiaoxi forgive you within half a year, we'll have no objections. However, if Xiaoxi still refuses to give in, you must adhere to the terms of the agreement and divorce her immediately. Before Xiaoxi agrees to reconcile with you, you… can't get intimate with her or even kiss her. If you can keep your promise, we'll talk to Xiaoxi about it and try to convince her."

Jin Yiheng immediately agreed, "Godma, I agree."

"I'll call your parents to discuss it with them. Get the agreement ready and send it to me later."


After Jin Yiheng left, Long Tianze remarked in displeasure, "Is this really appropriate? Why do I feel like Xiaoxi is at the losing end!?!"

"You still don't see it, do you? Do you really think your precious daughter has gotten over him? Otherwise, why do you think she stopped bringing up the topic of marrying Minhe? You're so silly!"

"Old hag, who are you talking about?"

"Who are you calling an old hag!?! I clearly only look like a thirty-year-old!" Mei Yangyang barked, yanking his hair.

"Our daughter is already 23 years old. How could you be 30 years old?"

"I said, I look like I'm thirty! I look like it!"

"Fine, fine, stop pulling my hair. It hurts so much. Are you trying to yank my scalp off!?!"

Mei Yangyang let go of his hair and turned around to enter Long Xiaoxi's room.

"Mommy, how did it go?"

"It's done." Mei Yangyang slammed the door shut and walked toward her.

"Really? Thank you, Mommy!" Long Xiaoxi exclaimed in joy. However, her happiness soon vanished.

"You two will cohabit as a married couple for half a year. If you still refuse to forgive him after the stipulated time frame and can't bring yourself to get together with him, he'll sign the divorce papers with you, as stated on the agreement."

Long Xiaoxi asked, "What if… he gets touchy with me?"

"He agreed not to cross the line."

Staring at her mother, Long Xiaoxi asked in bewilderment, "Mother, I have a feeling that you're standing on his side. Is he your son while I'm your adoptive daughter?"

Mei Yangyang retorted, "How can you resemble me so much if you're adopted? Wenlun, go outside and tell your father to call your godfather."

"Alright." Long Wenlun stood up immediately and exited.

The mother and daughter were left in the room.

Mei Yangyang gazed at her and said, "It's hardest to control your heart and your feelings. Once you're in love with someone, you're giving them the power and ability to hurt you. The decision to hurt you lies entirely with them, and since you've already given him the power to do that, why bother making things difficult for yourself? You're our biological daughter, of course. We definitely have your best interests, but that's also the reason why we want you to think about your future carefully. Xiaoxi, it's for you to decide if Minhe is the one for you and if you want to forgive Yiheng. No one else has the right to decide for you. Calm yourself down and give each other a chance and some buffer time, alright?"

Long Xiaoxi was frustrated, bewildered, and ill at ease.

Everything that happened in the past had become traumatic for her, and she did not wish to be reminded of them. However, she could not beat reality nor escape from it.

Hence, the matter was settled.

Mei Yangyang handed her the agreement at eleven o'clock at night.

The terms and conditions were stated clearly.

After discussing with An Xiaoning and Jin Qingyan, Long Tianze and Mei Yangyang decided to let the two of them cohabit in a house by themselves.

Thus, Long Xiaoxi randomly picked a large three-bedroom apartment that happened to be opposite Ji Gui's nuptial home.

The nuptial home was a gift from Ji Gui's parents, who wanted him to live near them. Ji Gui was currently residing there.

The apartment was well furnished, and they could move in once they buy some furniture.

Long Xiaoxi had picked it casually because she felt that there was no way she could forgive and forget.

Hence, she did not intend to really live together with him like a married couple.

She did not bother decorating the house either.

However, Jin Yiheng was overwhelmed with excitement and could not sleep at all. It was as if he was on ecstasy.

After arranging all the furniture and decorations, he sent a text message in the group chat at three midnight to inform his friends about his wedding.

He even generously gave them some digital red packets that amounted to 500 thousand dollars in total.

He wrote: "I've gotten married. Here are some red packets for you guys. I'm expecting to receive red packets from you guys again in the near future."

He even snatched one of the red packets that contained 180 thousand dollars.

Jin Rongyan was on the night shift and swiftly grabbed the second red packet, followed by Long Wenlun, who grabbed the third.

The last one was snatched by Long Xiaoxi, who was added to the group by Long Wenlun in the morning.

Hence, Ji Gui was dumbfounded the moment he saw the notification.

He grabbed his mobile phone and sent a text message to the group chat: "Married? Yiheng, you're married? To whom?"

Jin Yiheng replied: "Xiaoxi. We got our marriage certificate yesterday."

Ji Gui replied: "That's why you decided to give us red packets?"

Jin Yiheng replied: "What do you think?"

Ji Gui replied: "I didn't get a single cent at all. All of you snatched the entire sum of 500 thousand dollars! Let me kill myself now. I've never met such thick-skinned people like you! Not only did you not notify me, you even snatched the red packets that you sent yourself!"


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