The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1509 Pampering You to Bits 6
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1509 Pampering You to Bits 6

The people who kicked the door open were a few finalists.

Staring at them, Long Xiaoxi asked calmly, "What are you doing?"

"What do you think we're doing? We don't think it's fair that you're champion," said the finalist who came in fifth.

"Does it actually matter whether or not you think it's fair? I don't need you to find it fair," Long Xiaoxi said with a smirk.

"You're really arrogant, huh? Quit beating around the bush. Just who are you? Who's your father?"

"Does it concern you who my father is?" said Long Xiaoxi, who could not be bothered to talk to her. As soon as she tried to leave, she was stopped by the indignant finalist.

"Who said you could leave?"

Long Xiaoxi pushed her away and said with a sullen expression, "Are you tired of living? Scram."

The woman poked Long Xiaoxi's arm and gibed, "Seems like you must be really wealthy. Otherwise, why would you be so arrogant?"

"You're just asking for trouble."

"How am I asking for trouble? I was just asking you who your father is and you were the one who refused to answer me. Stop feigning ignorance. We all know that the places have been predetermined based on the family backgrounds of the finalists. Don't think that you're that capable or pretty."

Just as the finalist was about to extend her arm toward Long Xiaoxi, Long Xiaoxi grabbed her wrist forcefully and kicked her in the gut. One can only imagine how painful it must have been, especially since she was wearing heels. The finalist did not see it coming at all.

The other finalists then swarmed up in a bid to hit Long Xiaoxi. Little did they know, she was proficient in martial arts and could subdue them easily. Wen Yuechan was no match for her either since she did not receive as much training as Long Xiaoxi did.

Upon the sight of the scuffle, Li Xiaoxiao hurriedly sprinted toward them. She flew into a rage the moment she saw that they were trying to mob Long Xiaoxi. Thus, she pulled two of the finalists by their hair and pulled then backward. As soon as she did, Long Xiaoxi kicked the rest of them rapidly, causing them to collapse onto the ground within seconds. She had executed the strikes with much finesse and fluidity.

She glared at them menacingly.

Staring at Wen Yuechan, she quipped, "We haven't seen each other in so many years. Turns out you've become a woman who has slept with lots of men. I really see you in a different light now."

There was a sudden change in Wen Yuechan's expression the moment she heard her words. Although she found Long Xiaoxi a little familiar, she could not figure out where she had seen her before.

"I don't know you, don't spout any nonsense," she said, trying to get up onto her feet while rubbing her back.

"You don't know me? Wasn't your mother the one who kidnapped me and tried to murder me when we were children? Long time no see, Wen Yuechan. I really didn't expect that you would fail to recognize me," Long Xiaoxi said with a smile.

"You… you're… you're Long… Long Xiaoxi!?!" Wen Yuechan asked in disbelief.

Long Xiaoxi did not answer her. Instead, she walked toward the finalist who came in fifth and said, "I shall spare you this time for failing to realize who I am and what I'm made of. If you dare to do this again, I'll break your neck."

She then pulled Li Xiaoxiao away.

The rest of the women looked at each other in shock and dismay.

"Just who is she? Who's Long Xiaoxi?"

"Yuechan, is what she said true? Is your mother such a person?"

"Yuechan, why aren't you saying anything?"

Staring at them, Wen Yuechan exclaimed in frustration, "You people are such gossipmongers. Why did you have to insist on attacking her? You guys may not know who Long Xiaoxi is, but you definitely know who Jin Yiheng is. Long Xiaoxi is the one who was engaged to him when they were children. Her father is the owner of an entertainment company and her mother is the owner of an artiste management agency. Lots of famous celebrities are managed by that agency. Her mother is best friends with An Xiaoning. I don't have to tell you who An Xiaoning is, do I? I didn't even want to come in the first place but you people just had to insist that I tag along. How annoying!"

She then stormed off in a huff.

The rest of the finalists were distraught and upset.


"I was really worried about you, but it turns out you could handle them effortlessly. Xuan Yin, you're so skilled in martial arts. Have you been training ever since you were a child?"

"Yes, I used to train at the boot camp of a martial arts academy with my childhood friends. Let's go back to the dormitory to pack our luggage. Now that the contest is over and I'm going home, we have to part ways. Xiaoxiao, are you going to go home? Or do you have other plans?"

"I'm not going home. I'm planning to work as a janitor at the hospital," she said, smiling.

"Huh? Is it because of Rongyan?" Long Xiaoxi asked in shock.

"Yes, I can't think of another solution to get closer to him."

Long Xiaoxi said, "How about I create a chance for you to get closer to him? Whether or not you can make Rongyan change his opinion of you will depend on yourself."

"What is it? Xuan Yin, hurry and tell me," said Li Xiaoxiao.

"I'm going home now and we'll definitely be gathering for dinner tonight. Rongyan will be there too. Come along."

"Alright, that's great. I'm not sure if I can succeed, but I'll definitely seize the opportunity and try my best. Xuan Yin, you're so nice."

"I didn't do much anyway, it all depends on yourself."

The two of them then proceeded to pack their suitcases. Li Xiaoxiao returned to the hotel while Long Xiaoxi headed to Zhong Minhe's studio.

Just like she had expected, he was in the midst of working.

Long Xiaoxi waited at the door with her luggage.

She waited for a total of half an hour.

Upon the sight of her, Zhong Minhe asked in surprise, "Why didn't you go in?"

Long Xiaoxi answered, "I know you're angry at me so I decided to wait for you outside."

"Angry? Why would I be angry?"

Long Xiaoxi said with raised brows, "Seems like you weren't the one who replied to my text message, then."

"What text message?"

Long Xiaoxi showed him the text messages on her mobile phone.

A sullen expression formed on his face as soon as he read them.

"I didn't expect him to act so quickly. Seems like he does have feelings for you. Otherwise, he wouldn't have done that. I'm starting to see it clearly now," said Zhong Minhe.

"Will you stop seeing me again from now on?"

Zhong Minhe looked at her and said, "Of course not. No matter what happens, I'll always be your Brother Minhe."

"Who sent that text message on your behalf, then?"


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