The lone dragon
1 A clogged sink
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The lone dragon
Author :Yolohy
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1 A clogged sink

After a full day's work, Lu Ting came back to his tiny cramped apartment in the rural suburbs of B city, exhausted and ready to sleep.

Lu Ting was a dishwasher in a local restaurant.

Working physically hard for an entire day takes a toll on one's body, especially if you don't even have a full meal before going to bed.

Lying on the bed, he looked at his old musty ceiling and the rumbling rusted fan spinning, as his mind wandered sleepily.

It was not too long ago when his midnight snack was prepared by Michelin ranked private chefs and a masseuse was relieving stress and tension from his not really tired body.

Lu Ting chuckled as he fondly reminisced over the past. It almost felt like all that happened a lifetime ago.

He might be living in the throes of extreme poverty right now, but at least he was more at peace.

His mind, body, and soul felt happy and free.

Isn't that what's important?

All the riches in the world couldn't give him the peace of mind he now had.

No matter how much he suffers, he doubted if he will ever regret the decision to cut ties with his wealthy family.

He had already given them far too much of his life!

For thirty years, he had been living like a zombie, working alongside his dad and his siblings in the family business, closing one deal after another, and adding one zero after another to their bank balance.

He thought maybe he was deluding himself.

Born into a family such as his, he inherited some responsibilities, and he really did not have any other choice but continue in the path that had already been set for him the minute he was born.

But, he couldn't continue living like that. Not for too long. Eventually, he broke down and collapsed entirely.

So, he ended up taking his father's offer.

"If you want to waste your life away, you won't get a single penny from me!"

These were his father's terms.

Lu Ting didn't even have to think twice about it. In an instant, he threw everything away, his family, his wealth, his fame, his degree, everything.

Now, he was just a simple poor common man trying to make it as a Chef in the B city.

Cooking had been his passion and his hobby for as long as he knew.

He loved food. For him, there was no greater art than food.

But unfortunately, his dad didn't just stop with cutting family ties, he took a couple more steps, and blacklisted Lu Ting from working and learning in any of the B city's restaurants.

And thus, Lu Ting ended up working as a dishwasher in one of the run-down street corner restaurants, just to make ends meet.

It's not like his father's clutches reached all over the world, so he could potentially leave this god awful city and go somewhere else to pursue his dream.

The only reason why Lu Ting was still staying here and suffering under his dad's influence was his mom.

His mom was extremely sick from terminal cancer and was completely bedridden.

He couldn't just abandon her in her last few months and run away somewhere else.

So for the time being, he had no other option, but to put up with everything his dad threw his way.

Even then, with all these issues, Lu Ting had never been as happy as he was now.

He was finally free to dream and more importantly pursue his dreams.

But just not tonight.

Weirdly, he felt very restless tonight. Something was unsettling and upsetting his usually calm facade.

He couldn't even put his finger on it and understand why.

His stupid shitty apartment felt very ominous and weird for some reason.

Sigh... Lu Ting tossed and turned in the bed.

Now, he could even hear a weird dripping sound echoing from somewhere.

A few more minutes passed and Lu Ting finally fell asleep.


Di Di Di Di Di Di Di

Lu Ting's morning alarm cruelly woke him up from his deep slumber.

Hmm... Umm...

Lu Ting groggily woke up and immediately rushed to get ready for another day's work.

He shoved his half-done toast into his mouth and went to his kitchen sink to wash his mouth and face before leaving.

And that was when he first noticed, his decently functioning sink was now leaky and slightly clogged.

"Argh... Damn it. I am getting late. Fine I will take a look at you when I get back today. Don't you dare leak more!"

Lu Ting spewed out instructions to the lifeless inanimate sink and left in a hurry, as he couldn't afford to be late and lose this job.


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