The lone dragon
2 Dark nothingness
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The lone dragon
Author :Yolohy
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2 Dark nothingness

"Dang it. Dang it. Dang it. Just because I am a dishwasher, how can they treat me like trash!!"

"Dishwashers aren't human?"

"Is one job that much better than the other?"

"Doesn't every job have its own purpose? Why talk so unkindly when it wasn't needed damn it."

Lu Ting returned back to his crappy apartment and collapsed on the floor. He didn't even have a couch in his apartment.

He might have mental peace, but his day job sure wasn't easy nor the environment friendly.

The main chef bullied everyone and barked at everyone unnecessarily, making work an absolute nightmare.

But, Lu Ting could only bite his tongue and get by.

He needed this job.

Every single cent he earned, he saved it like a precious treasure, in order to one day rent his own space and start a restaurant of his own.

"Arghh" Lu Ting picked himself up with a grunt. He needed to fix himself some dinner.

Yup, though he worked in a restaurant, he was not provided all three meals there.

In fact, he was already lucky that the stingy owner provided him every day with a measly lunch.

He looked at his empty fridge and cursed again.

He then turned to wash his hands, when he remembered the clogged sink.

"Arghh... Damn it."

Lu Ting opened one of the cabinets and grabbed a handyman kit, with a variety of tools.

Beggars can't be prissy. One needed to learn all the household tricks to save money efficiently.

Just last month, Lu Ting had fixed his shower pipe and the month before his toilet flush. He had even fixed his electric stove a while back.

Unlike the spoilt young masters around the town, Lu Ting had always busied himself with various activities, which were becoming very useful now.

The things that are mere hobbies for the rich are a necessity for the poor!

He rolled up his sleeve and went near the pitch black sink.

"Hmmm... What the hell happened here? It looks like some black water from a horror movie?" Lu Ting was confused.


He couldn't leave it just like that. He decided to give it a go anyways.

Cringing in disgust, he put his hand inside the pitch-black waters of the sink.

But the next instant, he immediately leaped back in surprise, stumbling and falling on the ground.

Because what looked like water didn't feel like water at all!

He inched backward-looking at his hand. What in the hell was that feeling?


Absolute nothingness!

Shaking his head, Lu Ting refused to believe what just happened.

"I must be hallucinating."

He got up and again went near that mysterious sink, but only to reconfirm his worst fears.

He was just about to shout and run away from the apartment when he saw something shiny floating on the black 'water'.

"Is that a salmon fish?"

Lu Ting was stunned beyond definition and completely going crazy.

Just what the hell was happening to his kitchen sink???

He then remembered how he had been thinking and salivating about grilled salmon, because he was hungry!

Hmmm... Is this seriously happening??

For God's sake, have I become completely unhinged from reality??


Lu Ting reined in his vivid imaginations which were running completely wild.

He steeled his nerves and cautiously walked towards the notorious sink again.

This time he thought about fried chicken and nervously put his hand inside.

But surprisingly, a palpable force pushed his hands out. He was no longer able to even put his fingers inside.


And no fried chicken floated on the surface as well?

Of course! He must be hallucinating!! This stupid moldy apartment had finally done him in.

The fresh salmon twitching and lying on the kitchen counter seemed very real though!

Then an idea suddenly struck him. He had thought about fried chicken right, what about a live one?

And was just thinking about it sufficient?

Nope, it didn't look like it. No live chicken floated on the surface.

He tried putting his hand in this time, with the live chicken in mind, and weird enough, he was actually able to enter the black 'water'!

And as he retreated his hand... They just magically had two scrawny little legs and attached to it a plump body emerged as well.

Bok Bok Bok Bok...

A small chicken flapped and violently struggled against his hand, almost pecking him a couple of times.

"Oh dear God! Just what have I run into here? What is happening to me?"

Lu Ting put the chicken down, which was now quietly loitering in the apartment and sat down with his hands over his head.

Was this a blessing or a curse? Will this be his doom or redemption?

Only time will tell...


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