Transcending the Nine Heavens
408 Everyone Buried Alive
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Transcending the Nine Heavens
Author :Fenglin Tianxia
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408 Everyone Buried Alive

The galloping horses were suddenly thrown off-balance by the shock. Their four hooves lost hold of the ground by the sudden tremors. The mountains around them were shaking. The trees on the mountains were also trembling violently!

Jin Nankai and Yu Cheng Long were jolted off of the horseback and fell down. They lay on their stomachs on the ground with a tragic look on their faces.

They could tell that the destructive power of this tremor was several times more potent than the previous two.

And then, a dull explosive noise resounded, "Bang!"

The army was already in chaos.

"It's bad! It’s very bad! The big stones are coming again!"

"Everybody run! Hurry! It’s landslide!"

"Oh no***…"

"Mommy… mommy…"

"Heed me oh heavens, please let me get out of here alive… My 80-year-old mother awaits me back home..."

"*** ah, will that sl*t at my home… steal my son after I die?"

"Fu*k me, I had just snatched a young beauty before I came here… I never even got the time to enjoy her..."

Such screams and laments fluttered-about everywhere. The entire army was in disarray, and their formation was in a complete mess. The ones who were somewhat courageous — had already run out of the formation. They were desperately rushing forward. They knew that they would be fine as long as they were able to get out of here.

Some people rushed forward while some chose to draw back. However, the slanting valley was densely packed with people… so, they didn’t know where to run to…

"***Motherf*ker! Don’t push!"

"Stay back!"

"I’m anyway screwed… and you fu*kers still keep pushing..."

"Brothers, dash forward..."

Everyone swarmed forward. They didn’t pay attention that their commanding generals — Jin Nankai and Yu Cheng Long — were still lying on the ground. The two got trampled by the frantically stampeding soldiers...

However, the loud ‘Bang!’ sounds submerged every other sound in the midst of this chaos. The surrounding mountain peaks were trembling. Bang… Bang… The ‘banging’ sounds grew louder and louder… and more frequent too. The stones on the surrounding cliffs couldn’t bear the tremors, and began to rain down...

Rumble Rumble…

The ‘rumbling’ sounds got closer and closer. They grew louder and more concentrated...

Finally, a terrified look appeared in everyone’s eyes as they saw a massive mountain fall from the sky. It was falling straight down to pound upon their heads!


The mountain peak finally slammed onto the slanting valley with an extremely loud sound. It sounded as if the sky had collapsed onto the earth. The people present in the surrounding radius of hundreds of feet couldn’t utter anything from their throats; they immediately fell down. They began to bleed from all the orifices in their bodies.

And then, the mountain peak trod forward. It seemed like an elephant was trampling the wheat field. It went rolling down the slanting valley, and produced a loud ‘rumbling’ sound throughout the way. It crushed people wherever it went. Broken body parts and limbs flew everywhere in its wake. It rolled down the slanting valley with an unstoppable force, and continued to advance forward. It only left a bloody alley behind!

Two valiant and untamable tiger generals like Jin Nankai and Yu Cheng Long didn’t even get a chance to scream. They were crushed alive by the megalith. And, their bodies turned into two piles of blood and minced meat.

With this, two of the ten ‘great tiger and dragon’ ranked generals of Great Zhao died… without even getting a chance to attain military achievements on the battlefield. They died a miserable death by getting crushed under a big stone. It was very sad and aggravating.

Moreover, it happened in the process of their retreat. About a million soldiers were retreating under their leadership. All of them were crushed to death. This was even more dumbfounding. The later generations would be at a loss for words to describe this incident when they’d write about this phase of history. They’d thus write down — the two generals of Great Zhao namely — Jin Nankai and Yu Cheng Long — led a million soldiers north, and faced many difficulties on the way. They had no way to survive, and decided to retreat. But, the heaven got furious, struck them with lightning, and killed the both of them!

Simply put… these two were ended by the wrath of Heaven.

The megalith was unstoppable, and it continued to roll forward. However, the entire slanting valley was greeted by a rain of big boulders. They continued to pour down in torrents. The first half of the slanting valley had remained untouched during the last two disasters, but even that section was submerged in a rain of boulders this time around.

So many big boulders were pouring down from every big mountain in the vicinity. One could only imagine the kind of power this impact would have…

Even the screams couldn’t be heard in the midst of this noise. Nearly half of the slanting valley had been submerged by big boulders. The debris and crushed stones had fallen from above, and had buried the slanting valley!

The mountain peak had been the first one to fall. And, it fearlessly forged ahead for 15 Km! Then, it finally hit a corner with a bang, and caused tremors. It staggered a bit, and then finally came to a halt. But, only after it had crushed yet another group of hundreds of people…

This slanting valley was about 300 feet wide, while this piece of stone was about 250-260. So, the road was wide enough to let it advance freely for such a long distance. And, it had continued to advance without much hindrance. The army was in its path… so… it was turned into a river of blood...

It might have rolled out of the slanting valley if a corner hadn’t appeared after it had covered the 15 Km!

It was overwhelmingly forceful.

No wonder it was an object that had been created from the resentment of a man who had remained unmarried for nine lives. He must’ve gotten very angry after he had seen that these soldiers had wives and concubines...

This phase of chaos and destruction came quickly… and also went by quickly. It had come to an end in a relatively short period of time. This massacre took almost the same time it takes to sip a cup of tea.

The world had become very silent all a sudden. This was kind of scary…

The Heaven Splitting Mountain Pass no longer had an exit channel because more-than-half of the slanting valley was now buried. The fallen rocks and boulders had formed a new ‘dwarf’ mountain in the valley. The slanting valley was still a ‘slanting’ valley, but its terrain was much more elevated now. However, the Heaven Splitting Mountain Pass wasn’t the least bit affected even though all this had happened in the slanting valley.

Many stones had fallen in the Heaven Splitting Mountain pass as well. And, several people had been injured. However, this was nothing in comparison to the devastation that the Great Zhao’s army had to face outside. Their plight was tragic and unbearable.

Long Ao’s hands and feet had turned cold. He recalled bidding farewell to Jin Nankai and Yu Cheng Long only a while ago. Then, he had watched them go far away with the troops. He hadn’t yet turned around when all of this happened…

Long Ao staggered when it was all over. He then rushed forward to take a good look. After that, his eyes turned black. He faced upwards and fainted.


[They are all gone!]

The two other generals had led away the majority of the army. Only half of the army’s tail had been left behind. And, all those soldiers were now gone! The slanting valley before Long Ao’s eyes was now filled with rocks! All he could see was rocks…

A river of blood was flowing-out from underneath the rocks…

Long Ao’s personal guard gently rubbed his chest, and patted his back to calm him down. He came back to his senses, and immediately spat a mouthful of blood. Then, he cried out from the bottom of his heart, "We are finished... it’s all over..."

He suddenly beat his chest, and stamped his feet in frustration. Tears started to rain down from his eyes…

Perhaps even the initiator of this calamity — Chu Yang — hadn’t anticipated that his move would result in such a splendid victory. The three tiger generals of Great Zhao had each led about 500,000 men and horses to the frontline. However, they had changed direction midway, and had brought a total of 1.5 million soldiers here.

They had rushed like a hurricane until they had reached here. A total of 300,000 soldiers were stationed near the Heaven Splitting Mountain Pass. And, less than a quarter of the total soldiers were stationed outside the slanting valley. The rest were spread in the 50 Km-long slanting valley.

The total number of casualties during this during this ‘sky-fall’ tragedy had surprisingly surpassed 600,000 on Great Zhao’s side. That was because Jin Nankai and Wu Cheng Long had coincidentally led their troops to retreat, and had met with the disaster head-on. They were smashed by the megalith, and had been nearly wiped out…

Moreover, the landslides and rockslides which followed the impact had buried more-than-half of the slanting valley. Hundreds-of-thousands of soldiers were smashed and buried under the rocks.

They were all buried alive!

It could be said that Great Zhao’s Army had now turned into head and tail. And, these two groups couldn’t even see each other. The one on the outside couldn’t come inside, and the one on the inside couldn’t go out. What was even worse was the fact that… the soldiers who were trapped inside couldn’t receive any supplies...

Moreover, the army group on the outside had basically turned into a group of honeybees without the queen. They were in a total mess. The three great generals were inside, and the highest ranked army official on the outside was merely a deputy general. On top of that, the three generals had always been strong leaders. So, this deputy general had never gotten a ‘real’ chance to assume responsibility. Therefore, these soldiers were basically like blunt weapons after having faced such a ‘world-shaking’ event...

Wu Kuang Yun had seen the entire event from inside the Heaven Splitting Mountain Pass. He knew what had really happened. There had been so much noise and chaos. He would have to be extremely stupid to not understand...

He was happily jumping on the spot. He was shouting and rejoicing.

"Great… Great… General Wu... shouldn’t our army… go… go out the walls..." Wu Yi found the right opportunity to come close. He then asked with a solemn and respectful look on his face.

"Stop! How about I take your place and continue this talk?" Wu Kuang Yun couldn’t withstand all the stammering, and felt very uncomfortable inside. So, he immediately raised his hand and asked, "You want to suggest… that we send our army outside the wall and annihilate the enemy?"

Wu Yi persistently nodded.

Wu Kuang Yun spoke, "Now I will answer — there’s no need for that. Then, you will ask — why not?"

Wu Yi nodded.

Wu Kuang Yun complacently replied, "Now, I will reply. They’ve already been crippled as an army. They are already done for. So, we don’t need to attack them. Now, you will ask — why are they done for? Then, I will reply — because they can’t survive without eating! Now, you will ask — why can’t they eat? Now, I will reply — because of the landslides. Then, you will ask again... ouch!"

He was interrupted midway by Wu Yi’s kick. He was kicked very maliciously, and was sent flying up. He fell down far away… and in a weird posture. Wu Yi snorted. He turned around with a livid face, and walked away.

[Motherfu*ker, you’re still not done taking digs at me... It’s not like I can’t talk, you know? I just stutter a bit.]

Wu Kuang Yun clutched his butt and crawled up. Then, he flew into a rage, "Wu Yi! You are a deputy general, and yet you dare to hit a general! Are you out of you mind? Damn! Wait and watch how I complain about you to the higher-ups. I will get you dismissed from duty once I go back. No. I will get you sacked and banished from army. I will get you exiled..."

He was roaring, but Wu Yi didn’t even turn back. He had gone far away without paying any attention to him.

Wu Kuang Yu was mad. He was dying to vent his anger. He turned his head to the side, and saw his personal guard laughing up his sleeves. He asked in a scolding tone, "Why are you laughing, huh? What are you laughing at? What is so funny? Does it make you happy to see your Great General being beaten up?"

"Absolutely not, General!" the soldier assumed the ‘attention’ posture, and replied.

"You won’t, or won’t dare to?" Wu Kuang Yun fiercely asked.

"I won’t, and won’t dare to."

Wu Kuang Yun was satisfied with this reply. He patted-off the dust from his buttocks, and swaggered away. He left, and a burst of laughter sounded behind his back.

Wu Kuang Yun paid no attention to it. His lips curled-up in a grin as he said in his heart, "I don’t know whether it is an achievement or not… but I can tell that I will be able to defeat Long Ao soon. Then, I will rush out to find His Majesty."

At this time… On the summit…

Chu Yang patted the dust off of his clothes, and jumped out of the cave. He twisted his waist, and patted his butt to get rid of the dirt. His casual behavior made it seem as if he had just done a trivial thing. He spoke in a fairly relaxed tone, "It’s done. Let’s go now. Wu Kuang Yu might commit suicide if we don’t deliver His Majesty to the Heaven Splitting Mountain Pass in time."


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