Transcending the Nine Heavens
818 Xiao Yulong, you“ve committed a crime!
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Transcending the Nine Heavens
Author :Fenglin Tianxia
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818 Xiao Yulong, you“ve committed a crime!

Chu Yang took over the writing brush. He signed on it vigorously and produced a fingerprint on it. Then he said gratefully, "Thank you, Sir."

Sha Xinliang laughed and said, "Welcome! Suppressing the evil and pacifying the good are the responsibilities of law-enforcement officers! Number three, six and nine, come and testify the injuries of Boss Chu, Fourth Elder Chu and Miss Chu."

The three people strode out.

Chu Feiyan became nervous: I'm not even injured, what is there to testify? Won't we be spilling out our beans this way?

Number three officer came up seriously and signaled Chu Feiyan to lower his head. The officer glanced at him and said aloud, "Fourth Elder Chu suffered great injuries on his head, and he seems to be hurt by Autumn Wind Palm. His eyesight and hearing may also be affected…"

Chu Feiyan was startled: Not even a hair is dropped out from my head, yet you could even see that I was hurt by the Xiao clan's Autumn Wind Palm. What a talent! Chu Yang only said my eyesight was affected, and now you've added my hearing to it…

Number three officer continued to say, "Fourth Elder Chu suffered a stab from a sword. The cut is 2.3 inches deep and it has also affected his internal organs. There are nine palm prints on his chest, with six palm prints that are concentrated in one area. His internal organs were undoubtedly affected by concussions due to these palm attacks."

Chu Feiyan blinked his eyes. Oh God, am I in a dream…

"The injuries on his legs were caused by daggers… and they're very serious. They have injured his meridians, and his two legs might be wasted… I've done my reporting," Number three officer stood to attention.

Sha Xinliang said satisfactorily, "You're more and more experienced with your work now."

Having been praised, Number three officer was very excited. He said aloud, "I have to thank Commander for your upbringing!"

At this moment, Number six officer also reported, "Miss Chu suffered from serious shock, which has caused her to have speaking difficulties. She also can't think clearly and she may even have memory losses. If the conditions continue to worsen, her four limbs may also shrink…"

Number nine officer reported, "Boss Chu suffered from three palm attacks. His internal organs were injured. And he has vomited too much blood. Now, he is suffering from severe blood loss."

Sha Xinliang exclaimed, "This bunch of people has gone too far!"

And he continued to say, "If Boss Chu doesn't have anything else, we'll leave right now."

Chu Yang said enthusiastically, "Sir, do you want to have some food first before leaving?"

"There's no need!" Sha Xinliang said, choking in his heart, and thought: It's already midnight, what's there to eat? But he said seriously, "As law enforcement officers, we never accept dining invitations by common residents!" He waved his hand and shouted, "Let's leave!" And he said to Chu Yang, "Boss Chu, should there be any news on the mastermind behind this accident, we still need you to cooperate with our investigations."

Chu Yang laughed, "That's my honor."

Sha Xinliang nodded smilingly as he turned around and whistled.

The law-enforcement officers on the roof jumped down in unison. They looked enviously at the ten law-enforcement officers who were injured! Damn it, why do such good things not happen to me?

Under the lead of Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan, the law-enforcement officers clustered around the six 'criminals' and escorted them away.

Chu Yang stood at the doorstep and waved his hands to bid farewell. He exclaimed, "Law-enforcement officers are indeed worthy of their name. They're such good men…"

He turned around to only see his fourth uncle Chu Feiyan and sister Chu Le'er standing behind him.

Both of them looked the same: They had twitched faces and looked astonished and on the verge of falling apart as if they were dreaming…

Chu Yang gave two hollow laughs and said, "Today's weather is really good…"

Chu Feiyan finally exploded. He clenched on Chu Yang's clothes and yelled in a low voice, "Terrible kid! How many things are you actually concealing from me!?"

Chu Yang said innocently, "Why did you say this? Weren't you watching over everything that I did…"

Chu Feiyan held his head and let out a long sigh, "I thought I already understood you very well… But I only realized now that I haven't yet understood even one hair of yours…"

Chu Yang let out a hollow laugh and said, "Fourth uncle, you're speaking so seriously… Uh… Uh, I'll go to clean up the mess in the medical center. It's going to be morning, and we need to get ready for our business… We still need to make a living…"

Then he turned around and while pretending to be angry. He said, "Le'er, you didn't go to sleep and stayed up so late at night. What do you want to do?"

And he turned around, preparing to leave.

But, he was caught by Chu Feiyan on his collar, "Don't go!"

Chu Feiyan got himself closer to Chu Yang and asked evilly, "I was hit hard on my head? My brain has become an overripe melon? Where is it?"

Chu Yang didn't know what to say, "Uh…"

Chu Feiyan responded in rage, "My internal organs experienced serious concussions and I'm going to die? …"

Chu Yang was still at a loss on how to answer him, "Well…"

Chu Feiyan kicked Chu Yang, "My two legs suffered 7 stabs from daggers and 3 stabs from swords? They're wasted? Then do my legs now belong to that of a dog?"

Chu Le'er burst out laughing.

Chu Yang said with a bitter face, "But we want them to compensate us more… The law-enforcement officers are such reasonable people. How can we refuse the compensation…"

Chu Feiyan snorted and burst out laughing. He rebuked, "Isn't all the compensation yours? I was scolded by you so badly, yet I won't get any of the compensation…"

Chu Le'er jumped and raised a finger, saying, "Elder brother, I don't care about anything else. But I definitely want back my own compensation!" She blinked her eyes and said, "I'm so shocked now that my brain isn't working…"

Chu Yang was speechless…

Law-enforcement officers were really speedy in their work. The sentences for the six people from the Xiao clan came out on the morning that very day. As such… the Flat Mountain Ridge turned into a mess…

Xiao Yulong staggered a few steps when he received the news. His ass landed solidly on the ground!

Xiao Yulong had always thought that he was lucky and capable. Belonging to an indirect line of descent, he was smart and acute. He was also equipped with both literary and military skills.

What made him the most contented about himself was that he was an outstanding talent among the indirect line of descents of the Xiao clan. He was already a seventh stage Martial King when he was not yet 20 years old and was positioned as a small steward of the Xiao clan.

After three years of practice, he progressed step by step. Now, he was only 45 years old, but was already a fourth stage Martial Emperor. In addition, he was regarded highly by his clan. He could even be said to be a dominant player in the Flat Mountain Ridge!

The authority in his hands, together with his income, increased day by day. Besides, the Flat Mountain Ridge was relatively stable and did not have any significant happenings. The best thing was that the three great clans here restricted on one another, and everything remained peaceful. This was very juicy for the Xiao clan…

Within two years after the Xiao clan arrived here, the revenue of the Xiao clan increased by exactly 30%. The Xiao clan was greatly commended as such, and it became complacent all the more.

Actually, while Xiao Yulong was capable, he was narrow-minded and could not tolerate being at a disadvantage. Moreover, he had relied on the Xiao clan's power in this Flat Mountain Ridge to style himself as a local despot.

In short, he was used to exploiting advantages from other people, but could not stand to have any losses himself.

So, when he saw the Chu clan's small medical center daring to seek purple crystals from him, he was very unhappy! As such, he cracked all the 200 purple crystals and humiliated Chu Feiyan in public.

But he was still choked with resentment. Even though he cracked the purple crystals… he had after all paid 200 purple crystals.

That night, after he had gotten all the information on the Chu clan's medical center, he felt at ease.

He waited for three days before sending people there to grab the purple crystals back. He wanted to give Chu Feiyan and Chu Yang a lesson -- by allowing them to know that this was done by himself, but leaving them with no evidence for accusing the Xiao clan.

This would then really make the Chu clan choke with resentment.

But he didn't expect to not see Chu Yang and the purple crystals.

Xiao Yulong was unhappier. The second day, he sent six experts, who were all ninth stage Martial Emperors to the medical center. He thought: Even if the Chu clan has a defence, these guards could at least retreat should the Xiao clan be on the losing side of the fight with the Chu clan. Moreover, the Chu clan would never dare to fight against our Xiao clan for whatever reasons.

So Xiao Yulong was unscrupulous.

Actually, he didn't really want that 200 purple crystals back. He just wanted to vent out his frustration, and also to establish his authority: I, Xiao Yulong is here. No one should ever think of being arrogant in front of me!

He drank his wine confidently, while two waitresses served him diligently on both sides of him. He waited for the triumphant return of the experts sent away by him, and for the success of his frustration being vented on the Chu clan.

He didn't expect that the six people hadn't come back having waited for them till dawn the next day!

Xiao Yulong felt that something was wrong.

He slept restlessly for some time. It was late morning, yet they still hadn't returned. So he turned a little anxious. When he was just about to send people to inquire about the situation, galloping sounds were suddenly heard at the doorstep.

Eight horses had galloped towards them haughtily. The horsemen were in black, and at the chest level, there was a 'Law' word on the attire. The word was blood-red and glaring.

All the eight horsemen looked serious and had a murderous look in their eyes.

Xiao Yulong was startled: Why did the Law Enforcement Hall send eight senior law-enforcement officers to my place? What's going on?

"Who's Xiao Yulong?" the leader among the eight law-enforcement officers asked. He had a hawk nose and looked cold.

Xiao Yulong hurriedly went forward by two steps and said smilingly, "I'm Xiao Yulong. I didn't know beforehand that you were coming. Please forgive me for not giving you a proper welcome. Sirs, please come in to have some tea…"

The hawk-nosed man waved his hands, and said with a voice as cold as sand, "There's no need! Xiao Yulong, you've committed a crime! You've to come with us!"

"I've committed a crime?" Xiao Yulong was confused as he asked, "What crime?"

The hawk-nosed man's face looked darker and watched at Xiao Yulong evilly. Then, he said coldly, "Don't you know?"

Xiao Yulong said, "What crime can I… I commit?" He gazed left and right, and suddenly forced a smile and said, "I'm a steward of the Xiao clan and is in charge on the Flat Mountain Ridge. I've always been acting dutifully. How can I commit a crime? Haha, haha…"

The hawk-nosed man said lightly, "I advise you to save some strength for yourself. It's not too late to laugh in the Law Enforcement Hall."

His eyes suddenly turned sharp and waved his hands. Then he shouted, "Take him down! Tie him up and bring him back!"

Xiao Yulong, as well as dozens of Xiao clan experts who had come, was taken aback. They could hardly believe their ears.

He had to be 'taken down, tied up and brought back'? What kind of serious crime did he commit to deserve such treatment?

Xiao Yulong panicked at once, and shouted, "I'm not guilty of anything! You can't treat me like this!"

The two law-enforcement officers sneered as they got nearer to Xiao Yulong, and said angrily, "You dared to touch me! I'm the steward of the nine great clans. You must have evidence if you want to take me down!"

"Evidence? Your ass!" the eyes of the law-enforcement officers turned cold. They suddenly extended their hands and slapped him a few times, causing his face to be bruised and swollen, and the corners of his mouth to bleed.

The members of the Xiao clan didn't expect this, and they instantly stirred up.

"Who dares to move?!" the law-enforcement officers yelled as they looked around fiercely.


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