Transcending the Nine Heavens
1184 Oh My God!
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Transcending the Nine Heavens
Author :Fenglin Tianxia
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1184 Oh My God!

"He only wanted to kill me; he didn't want to kill innocents!" Chu Yang said calmly, "Who are the innocents? Moreover, when he attacked Qingwu and Qianqian, he had obviously gone easy on them. If not for the fact that Qianqian had rushed toward me at the critical moment in the end, she wouldn't have been seriously injured at all!"

"There are Ning Tianya and Bu Liuqing behind Qingwu and Zi Xieqing behind Le'er; Qianqian has the two of you."

"He knows our background inside out." Chu Yang continued slowly, "If it had been someone from the other clans or someone who didn't belong to any of the Nine Super Clans, he would have wanted to kill the three of them the most at that point. This is because the first one to be out of luck after they've been killed would be the Zhuge Clan! Because this is Tianji City, the Zhuge Clan's territory and home turf!"

When he said that, everyone fell silent.

The meaning behind Chu Yang's words was already very clear.

"I'll say something too." Chu Le'er popped out from the corner, an oddly cold and harsh emotion on her face. "I cannot confirm that it's this man either but the moment he showed up just now, I felt very uncomfortable immediately."

Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou nodded slowly. "Since that is so, do not bring up this matter anymore from this point onward."

Yue Lingxue closed his eyes. "We will naturally have our own plans once we fully recover from our injuries."

Chu Yang noticed that the direction where Chu Le'er had appeared from was the same as the direction where Zhuge Changchang was being held captive.

Over at the other side, Dong Wushang and Rui Butong's fight had already reached a point where both sides were satisfied.

It had to be said that Rui Butong was indeed suppressing Dong Wushang in a one-sided fight this time around. It was an effortless task for a first-grade Supreme Martial Artist to be pitted against a seventh-grade Martial Saint, even when it's a Saber Saint.

However, Rui Butong didn't find it relaxing at all during the entire duration of the fight.

He only truly experienced Dong Wushang's wild valiance and dominance for himself in this fight. His first-grade Supreme Martial Artist power was practically useless because his actions were still restrained in many ways by Dong Wushang.

Because while he didn't dare to use his full power, he couldn't try his best to counter Dong Wushang at the same time

Using one's full power to attack and using one's full power to handle attacks were clearly two different things. He was cornered by Dong Wushang so badly that he was already jumping up and down like a monkey and perspiring profusely before even fifteen minutes had passed. He begged for mercy incessantly. "Fourth Brother… Fourth Brother… I was wrong, Fourth Brother, I was really wrong… Please spare me…"

Dong Wushang was astounded as well because he had already used his full strength. He didn't expect that Rui Butong would really be able to last through his attacks. If this had been a real battle, he most probably would already have lost much earlier.

And even lost his life!

When Dong Wushang was a seventh-grade Saber Emperor, he was already able to defeat a first or second-grade Monarch. When he was a seventh-grade Saber Monarch, if he gave it his all, he would also be able to defeat a first-grade Martial Saint. Yet as a seventh-grade Saber Saint now, he was having such a hard time dealing with Rui Butong, a first-grade Supreme Martial Artist, even in a situation where he couldn't fight at full power!

Seeing that both of them had stopped, Rui Butong let out a weird screech as if he had seen a ghost and fled in a sorry state. Meanwhile, Dong Wushang had a very solemn look on his face.

As if he knew what Dong Wushang was thinking about, Yue Lingxue smiled at him. "Wushang, a Supreme Martial Artist… is different. You will only understand this difference once you've charged up to the level of a Supreme Martial Artist."

Dong Wushang pondered about this for a moment before he responded seriously, "Alright."

Right at this moment, a tragic scream that sounded as if it had been suppressed for a long time suddenly reached their ears. The degree of misery and agony in this scream practically made one's hair stand on end.

Zhuge Changchang!

The screaming stopped immediately after this one scream but a kind of heavy and oppressive feeling followed right after… As though this scream had only been released after having been suppressed by agony for a very long time. Yet once released, the person was back in so much agony again that he couldn't make another sound…

A jolt went through Chu Yang's heart. He went over with Dong Wushang and the rest at the same time.

When they looked over, the two of them actually gave a huge shudder.

Practically all of Zhuge Changchang's flesh and blood had split open. His veins all over his body protruded from the surface of his skin. They were intertwined with each other and pulsated as they bulged and split open, almost to the point of becoming transparent in his flesh and blood…

His whole body was bent into a circle one moment, elongated the next, and then stretched into a bizarre shape.

Such agony wasn't something that could simply be summed up as the pain of being 'hacked into a thousand pieces'. What made it even worse was that this wasn't even all of it yet.

On his body, his meridians constantly rose and protruded from his body. The moment they protruded, his flesh would split apart immediately. Once it split open, blood would flow from the wound and the flesh that had split open would turn peculiar grey at once. After it turned grey, a few tiny wriggly worms would form on his skin and bury themselves into Zhuge Changchang's body with great intensity…

Once they had dived into his body, they wriggled and squirmed within as they devoured his flesh, while the outside would be covered by a white layer of maggots that were also wriggling and squirming…

Zhuge Changchang's mouth was wide open but he couldn't make a single sound.

He was under no restraint whatsoever yet he couldn't even make a sound at all, completely under the mercy of the pain and agony he was going through.

What was the most terrifying was that his body was continuously being broken down like this in a perpetual state of torment, yet it was also continuously being repaired… Flesh split open, tiny worms entered his body and then maggots crawled out; then his wounds would heal… before they split open once again…

It was apparent that he wasn't allowed to die.

He was to stay alive and endure this torture.

"Le'er!" yelled Chu Yang. "What have you done?!"

Chu Le'er came over upon being summoned. She was actually very confused. "What's wrong?"

When she looked in, she let out a horrified scream all of a sudden and shielded her eyes with her hands. The flustered Chu Le'er asked, "How did this happen?!"

Dong Wushang and Chu Yang looked at Chu Le'er as if looking at a demon. This terrible state that was worse than hell by a hundred times was actually Chu Le'er's handiwork?

"What poison did you exactly use?" asked Chu Yang.

"I… I hated him for hurting my daddy, so I inflicted a few types of poison on him… I left immediately after that. I didn't think that this would happen…" Chu Le'er's heart was thumping furiously. She didn't expect at all that those few types of poison that she had inflicted would actually cause such an effect.

"There's the Soul Destroying Powder, the Nine Births Nine Deaths Pill, the Meridian Splitting Bone Smashing Powder, the Ten Thousand Year Corpse Poison, corrosion poison and also parasitic poison… the Infinite Corrosion Parasitic Poison… and lastly Innate Poison…"

Chu Le'er murmured, "I used every kind of poison… that are said to be able to make one experience living hell…"

Everyone was flabbergasted, shivers going down their spine.

It really was her!

Such a pure and adorable, timid and shy little girl who looked as if an innocent little flower had actually created this hell on earth with her own hands!

Even Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou who had just come over shuddered fiercely. When their line of vision shifted to Chu Le'er once more, they looked as if they were looking at a monster and a demon.

"All these poison… Where did you get them from?" asked Chu Yang, his expression extremely contorted.

"I don't need to get them from anywhere…" replied Chu Le'er very innocently. "I only need to activate my poison techniques and I'll be able to use whatever poison that I want to use… You should know this, don't you…"

"Oh my god…" Chu Yang held his head with his hands. "What kind of… what have I created with my own hands… oh, my god."

"Let me just end him." Dong Wushang casually broke off a tree branch and with a loud bam, plunged it into Zhuge Changchang's heart.

Under such a heavy blow, Zhuge Changchang's heart was immediately reduced to dust. However, the torment of his body didn't actually stop!

"It's futile," said Yue Lingxue with a look of fear on his face. "Some of these poisons were hypothesized by Wu Juecheng many years ago. He doesn't have an Innate Poison Body, so even though he knew that these kinds of poison can be created, he himself was powerless to do so… Even death is of no use against these kinds of poison because of the Nine Births Nine Deaths Pill and Soul Destroying Powder, as well as corpse poison, corrosion poison and the Infinite Corrosion Parasitic Poison… Even if he's dead, his soul will continue to be trapped in his body and undergo torment…"

Cold sweat formed on Dong Wushang's forehead. "To think this can actually happen…"

Just how domineering was this poison? There's nothing more than death to end all misery! Yet under the effects of this poison, one couldn't even die!

"Let's set him on fire and burn him thoroughly… When even his bones have turned to ashes, he will be freed from his pain. Though he will cease to exist in the world completely… If not, even if just a femur is left, his soul will continue to be attached to it and he'll have to continue to bear the agony of his soul ripping apart…"

Everyone was stupefied and in a daze.

The very culprit herself, Miss Chu Le'er, was even hiding in Chu Yang's arms like a little quail, her hands still covering her eyes, not even daring to take a look…

"Let me see, let me see!" An excited voice rang out — it was Wu Juecheng.

He was being carried over on Meng Chaoran's back at this moment, his face covered in cold sweat.

His spine and pelvis had only just begun to heal recently. His movement in this instant caused his pain to double; his shattered spine and pelvis that had only just started healing began to shift and intersect again. Such agony was no different from extreme torture!

Yet he didn't give two hoots about his pain increasing exponentially, urging Meng Chaoran to carry him over nevertheless. He was in so much pain that his face and his whole body were covered in cold sweat, yet his expression remained one of excitement.

Meng Chaoran came over with him on his back and looked in.

The jaw of this famed Poison Doctor suddenly dropped and his eyes widened. He was making some kind of sound in his mouth, his face showing a kind of burning passion as though a mere mortal had just witnessed a divine being!

"Oh my god…" The Poison Doctor of back then stared with his eyes wide open and his mouth agape and started to gush. "Which divine being's work of art is this! Such godlike skill and flawless craft… I am filled with utmost admiration and respect… and utterly and sincerely floored…"

Everyone shuddered intensely yet again. They turned over and looked strangely at this ex-Nine Tribulations of many years back and extremely deserving current grandmaster of poison techniques.

"This work is simply too noble!" Wu Juecheng remained in so much pain that he perspired profusely but his body was actually wriggling in excitement — so much so that the faces of everyone watching him were twitching non-stop.

Big Bro, don't you know that twisting and turning like that in your current condition is going to undo all your previous efforts in recovery?

Everyone was speechless and sweating profusely as they imagined how Wu Juecheng must feel right now — Someone whose spine and pelvis had completely shattered was actually flailing agitatedly and wriggling their butt?

What kind of feeling would that be?

"This this this… This is Soul Destroying Powder right… Oh my god… This this this… This is Nine Births Nine Deaths Pill right, my god… This is Meridian Splitting Bone Smashing Powder right, oh my god… And this is corrosion poison, corpse poison and parasitic poison, my god, and even the Infinite Corrosion Parasitic Poison right, oh my god… Which world-changing super diva did this… Oh, oh my god…"


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