Trouble is a Friend
2 Trouble is a Friend 1
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Trouble is a Friend
Author :JeAnnPulido_31
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2 Trouble is a Friend 1


Reign's Point Of View

"I hate you! I won't let you step on this school ever again!" I raised an eyebrow when she shouted at me again

"Like I want to. FYI, this school is so not living up to my standards and hell, you, in addition, just made it more unpleasant"

"What did you say?!" she furiously shouted as she was trying to start a fight but before she could get close to me, Ayesha pushed her so hard that she even fell on the floor

Because all of us were flabbergasted, no one moved.

"She's so despicable! What is she trying to do now?!" Trinity whispered to me

Trinity's by my side today, she's my cousin. One of the people I give my full trust to in this world.

"You won't get away with this one" Ayesha whispered while showing that annoying smile of hers that made me want to punch someone

I was just about to ask provoke her to know what her scheme was when someone shouted "What's going on here?!"

We saw the Principal!

"Miss Cala! What happened?!" she knelt and help Calla to stand

Calla was about to answer but Ayesha immediately interrupted her "Ma'am, Franchesca pushed her!" All the students who heard that sneered.

"Come again?" Trinity asked her while preparing her hands for a rumble

"Don't lie, we all know who did it! Right, Cala?!"

And on cue, Calla immediately cried and played the victim.

Oh, f*ck me.

"Yes, Ma'am. She pushed me. And it's not the first time she did it" Calla added which is why the Principal looked at me with her judgmental eyes.

I remained silent and just crossed my arms.

And here I am now, the faculty office. I'm in front of the Principal now while the other members of the faculty are now at my back. I think they're watching intently.

"Aren't you going to explain?" the Principal asked which is why I raised an eyebrow because I was pissed

"Why would I?"

"To protect yourself of course"

"Even if I explained, you won't believe me"

"Because this is not the very first time to did this"

"That's why I'm not going to explain. I know already from the start that you're biased and would never listen to my explaination" after saying this loudly and firmly, the Principal looked at the teachers at my back who were obviously listening and then coughed lightly

"Lower down your voice, Miss Rohart"

"You're embarrassed that the teachers will hear you making false excuses?" she immediately looked at me with her eyes that was filled with hatred and mockery

"Respect me, Miss Rohart. I'm still the Principal here, you're just a student"

I sighed and then tried to remain calm.

"You don't respect me, so in return, I won't respect you too"

"I have no choice but to force you to transfer, Miss Rohart. Your attitude is too much for everyone to handle. If you changed schools, you could also change"

I sneered mentally and tried not to crack and blow them all up.

It's fine. I don't really need to react too much. Why? My beauty's not worth ruining just because of them.

"Miss Principal, think of it m-" I immediately stopped teacher behind me who tried to fight the Principal to make me stay

"No, do not try and save me because I do not plan on sparing anyone in this school" the moment they heard what I said, they all stopped and looked guilty for whatever the hell their reasons are

"Even if I didn't do anything, I still have to be the guilty one? Let me remind you. I am Reign Marcinella Rohart" I emphasized my name which is the reason for the Principal's silence

"Unfortunately, you're not forcing me to leave because I'm transferring. I hate this last-rated, unattractive and good-for-nothing school anyway" I went out of the Faculty Office and directly walked to the classroom

When I got to the front of the room, I opened the door not minding the fact that they were still in the middle of answering a case analysis.

They stopped but I didn't mind it and still went straight to my seat and picked up my bag. Then I walked off.

"Miss Rohart, where are you going? You still have some work to do," I stopped and looked at my clueless teacher

"I'm going home. I've been forced to transfer by your Principal. Do you still plan to make me do your class work?" Her eyes widened as well as my classmates

Even Trinity was looking at me like 'Hell-you're-just-so-unbelievable' and then she followed it with a whisper "What took you so long?" which made me chuckle a bit.

"Wow. Thank god and finally, you're going to be out of my sight! That's what you get for having your bad luck beside you" after saying that, Ayesha stood up followed by Cala and her b*tch friends

I walked towards Ayesha and whispered.

"Little wrench, I'll make sure you're company's going to sink" and then I grinned

"How dare you?!" she shouted and slapped me but I held her hand with my left hand pulling her hair with my other hand

But lightly and gently. I am not amazona after all.

"That's for your quick wit at pushing your friend right when there's a teacher. I never wondered why you became Top 2. While I'm here, you can not be Top 1. But since I'm leaving, you can be. But never forget dear, whenever or whatever, you'll never be better than me. Suck it up bad, b*tch" when she was already down to the point that she was already sitting, I let her hair go and said "Oh, my bad" and then left

That's nothing compared to what you've been doing to me.
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    《Trouble is a Friend》