Trouble is a Friend
3 Trouble is a friend 2
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Trouble is a Friend
Author :JeAnnPulido_31
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3 Trouble is a friend 2

Reign's POV

"Darn, Reign! Of all the most obnoxious things you could do in your life, transferring because of a simple accusation? What am I supposed to say to your dad, my little devil! Oh god, even a mere fly knows that he's going to kill me! I haven't even received my new car yet!" Mikael shouted the moment he kicked my door for it to open

"Mikael, you're so noisy" I whispered as I covered myself with my blue blanket

I looked at my phone, turned it on and then instantly saw the time. My eyes widened. What the actual hell?!

It's still 3 o'clock in the morning and he was shouting like we don't have any neighbors in the neighborhood!

"What happened earlier at school? You were fine last week! You had the highest grades, everyone cheered for you and applause like there's no tomorrow when you received your award, right? You have tons of friends there and you even said that you're the adviser of the Student Council! How did it come to this!?"

I sighed mentally.

Everyone cheered and applause like there's no tomorrow because I was representing the school. They all thought that I just received the award just because of my family's support for the school and not because of my own intellect. No one really thought of how I became I received the award for the top student. Well, except for my rival of course. She had experienced my sinister intellect everyday.

And what friends? Those plastics with no shame? Ugh. Save me the drama please.

I was the legal adviser of the Student Council but even though I am, they never really asked me for anything. People are like that, they ask you for advice looking so serious and hopeful like you're the only angel who's able to provide them with answers but after hearing your logical answer, they won't even follow it. Like damn, why did you ask in the first place? Want me to punch you or something? Tsk

I immediately shrugged at my inner thoughts and answered Mikael with a cheerful voice.

"Trouble is a friend of mine, you see" his face immediately turned sour hearing my indifferent voice and indifferent answer

"God, grow up! I understand if everyone hates you for no reason, but you should not show any disrespect before them! After all, you're a Rohart, the second lady at that. And it's your duty--" hearing him say duty made my stomach turn

But before he could finish what he was about to say, Sandra interrupted by grabbing a hold of him.

"Mikael, that's enough. Reign still needs to rest. Just come back and talk when your business meeting is over"

"Ugh, Sandra! You're spoiling Reign again!"

"Come on, Mikael. You still have a flight to catch. It's not good for yours and your company's image if the clients first impression on you was being tardy if you're late"

I heard some BLAG and PA, meaning someone's pissed off which is why I took my blanket off and saw that Mikael wasn't here anymore.

When I saw Cassandra, I just looked at her plainly.

"Go back to sleep, Reign. Let's talk later" then she walked away which is why I called her

"Cassandra," she stopped

"What did dad say?" I questioned with a low and indifferent voice which is why she looked at me for awhile and then heaved a low breath

"He said 'I understand'," she said with a concerned voice which is why I smiled at her

"You can go now, I want to sleep" she immediately obliged and left my room while bidding me goodbye

I understand? That's all?

I took a deep breath and then smiled once again. I need some sleep first.

Of course I have not been asleep right away. After all, everything was happening so suddenly and I was still adjusting to what was happening and would happen in the future.

But after a few minutes, I could feel my eyes getting heavy and I fell asleep immediately. It was not long before I was awoken when I heard lots of unknown voices and movements downstairs.

With my brows frowning, I got up from the bed and immediately moved. I took a bath and then wore some casual clothes. after an hour and a half of my daily normal routine, I went to the kitchen passing through almost a dozen of people wearing .. uhh, i do not know what the y're wearing and I don't really care.

I mean I know what they were wearing but .. they're all just random uniforms from random schools and I don't know why they're all here for-- * cough

What the actual f * ck?!

Are they trying to find me a new school already?!
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    《Trouble is a Friend》