Trouble is a Friend
4 Trouble is a Friend 3
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Trouble is a Friend
Author :JeAnnPulido_31
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4 Trouble is a Friend 3

Reign's POV

I nearly spat out the milk I was drinking when I saw uniforms that are five inches above the knees.

Damn. Like seriously? I am pure and innocent! I can't possibly wear such inappropriate and frilly things!

"Great, you're awake now. Come here," I drank my milk in one go, took a toast and put it in my mouth then I went to where Sandra wanted me to go

"What's that?" I asked Mikael when I saw him probing through the documents in front of him

"List of schools that are worthy of a Rohart's attention" he plainly answered which is why I scoffed and just sat at the opposite sofa in front of him

"But hey, I've thought of something before I left the house earlier. Cassandra,"

"Yes, brother?" Sandra asked while looking through the uniforms

"If I remembered it clearly, Reign has a fiance, right?" I was shocked beyond my wits and immediately stiffened when I heard Mikael asked Sandra about my fiance

"Yes, he's currently studying at one of the most prestigious schools in the country. De Verde University"

My eyes immediately darkened. No way in hell.

"It's settled then. It's the best school out of all the choices given by my secretary" when Mikael said those unbelievable words, I stood up and pointed at him

"De Verde? Are you out of your mind!? It's so far from here and all the students in that school are all the most spoiled, second generation heirs are studying!"

"De Verde. School for the chosen people. In short, for people like you, Reign. Spoiled brats of the next generation of successors and politicians. It's the best school yet. Don't you see? Doesn't it suit you perfectly?" I stopped myself from attacking him when he said that to me with an indifferent reaction

This guy actually.. insulted me! I'm sure am spoiled, but no way am I a brat! I won't accept that!

"Think about more seriously! I can accept other schools, just not there!"

"I thought wisely to let you study there" he even answered wearing his oh-so-precious killer smile that almost made me puke

"What if I let you study there instead, huh?" I asked him with a poker face which made him sneeker

"You're going to stay at Jenma's since she's the only one there and she's willing to let you stay there. Seems like Uncle Cesar's working overseas now" I immediately dozed out and did not respond

I thought about that guy.

Damn. Why now? I know that De Verde's big and spacious and all but.. we could still cross paths. No way in hell am I going to let that happen!

"So what now? What's your decision? Whatever it is, you know you only have one answer" he asked while obviously enjoying watching me frustrated which is why I breathed in and out slowly before surrendering

"Fine. Whatever. Just take care of the files and documents needed already. I'm too lazy to handle them" I answered

I was shocked when he clapped his hands so loudly.

What? What's wrong with him?

"Wise decision, Reign. It's done actually. I only needed to persuade you and gain your oral approval. I've already recorded it, so there's no backing out now," he said while showing his phone and an open application in it that shows that he really did recorded our conversation just now

"You freaking cunning jerk," I whispered which he obviously heard but he just casually acted like he hadn't heard anything at all

"You can enter De Verde next week. Your uniform, work and text books are on their way to Jenma's house. As for the list of your subjects and other stuffs, the school will prepare them beforehand so you don't need to worry about them" he answered while handing me a small brown envelope which I took with force

Reign Marcinella Rohart.

January 31, 1998. Student #217-00106.

12th Grade - Section S

My eyes darkened instantly as I glared at him making him laugh.

So everything's already ready? This cunning jerk... I'll get back to you on this.

"One more thing, Reign"

"Tsk" he raised his brows at me so I breathed heavily

"You're doing it on purpose, aren't you?" I asked him meekly which is why he smiled again but this time, it's a sincere and concerned smile

"Make sure you will not get into trouble, Reign" I immediately rolled my eyes

"I will not assure you" I answered as I walked back into my room

"I guess I have to remind you. That's your last school. One more trouble, you're going to the States stat" I didn't bother looking at him anymore and just went ahead

Just the thought of going back there.. makes me sick and makes me hurt someone right now. Tsk

My parents are in America right now and they're with Celine, my older step-sister.

I was born there and my family lived there for many years but due to some reasons, they sent me here. That was when I was still 7 years old.

There are maids left to guard me. But when my granny died after watching me for almost 5 years, my cousins were sent by my dad to look after me and they were considered my guardiance. I was still 14 that time and those cousins are my cousins from my mother's side, Mikael and Cassandra who are twins and are both working in the company's internal offices.

"Stop daydreaming, Reign. Start packing your things. We'll be sending you there the next day," Sandra said while she led me to my room
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    《Trouble is a Friend》