Trouble is a Friend
6 Trouble is a friend 5
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Trouble is a Friend
Author :JeAnnPulido_31
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6 Trouble is a friend 5

Reign's Point Of View

"So why do we have to there again?" I asked Jenma who's now fixing her hair while looking at the rearview mirror not minding whether the chauffer was able to see the car behind or not

Do not copy her in the future, no ever. Remember, safety first.

"I'm going to introduce you to my best friend, Chessy Quijote. I'm sure you'll be close friends in no time" she answered and winked at me

"Chessy? What an odd name. I mean, look at me, Franchesca. It's so elegant and refined" I answered and her eyebrows met through frowning

"Are you kidding me? Hearing you calling your own name elegant and refined isn't really very argumentative, it just comes out as pure boasting. And besides, it's Chessiah Quijite, Chessy is just her nickname" I snobbed at her

"Whatever. Why can't she just head to your house? Why do we have to meet at the mall?" I asked

"Why do you keep on whining? What are you a baby? Are you gonna cry now?" she rebutted and I immediately closed my eyes to calm myself down

Really this girl is just as annoying as me. This is why no one wants to be with either of us when we enter into an argument, because all hell breaks lose when we're both mad.

"So who's this Chessy anyways that she's able to stand your annoying attitude and unbelievable split personality?" I asked and she immediately smiled

"The only daughter of Clandestine Inc. She belongs to same class as us and she's also unbelievably hated by many girls. Well, we're both the subject of perfection, so it's no shock that we've gained more than just a dozen of envious women behind our backs," my brows immediately furrowed hearing her words

"Gained more than just a dozen envious women behind your backs? It's De Verde University which means that all students there are very influential and has some unknown power backing them up. Are you guys being bullied or something?" she stilled, looked at me and immediately laughed

"Are you kidding? I am Maria Jenma Floure, you think if someone wants to bully me, they still dare to pray to get away without any payments? Hah, you've got to be kidding me. Whoever they may be, they'll be bald the next day" she snickered while staring at the unknown meaning she's trying to remember something wicked that she's done the past few years which caused me to laugh

It didn't take long for us to arrive and the chauffer immediately let us down through the front door of the mall.

I raised an eyebrow when the guards immediately recognized Jenma and lined up to bow to her.

"Chessy's family owns this mall so you can say that they treated me as a VIP and because I'm with you, you should be thankful because you get the same treatment. Think of this as letting you have an additional power connection or something" she bragged and flipped her hair which caused my lips to twitch

"Everywhere I go, they always treat me as a VIP. You think this kind of thing still shockes me silly?" I answered and she immediately glared at me

"Whatever" she mumbled

"Miss," we both looked at the newly arrived young man who just looked like a college fresh graduate

Slicked back hair, white collared polo, black tie, shoes and slacks. Err. A waiter?

"Gilbert, hi, meet my cousin, Franchesca, Chesca, meet Gilbert, Chessy's assistant" said Jenma introducing me to Gilbert and vice versa

Gilbert was about to go and shake hands with me but Jenma immediately stopped him and smiled.

"Don't touch her, she's not like me. She might hurt you, you understand?"

"A-ah, okay, miss. I understand." Gilbert immediately answered while nodding which was why I immediately glared at Jenma

What am I? An dangerous tiger that bites everyone who wants to shake hands with me? Tsk.

"Oh right, where is she right now?"

"That's right. He sent you to me. Young miss Chessy is in the playroom on the top floor. Then please follow me," Gilbert said and then started walking inside which made us follow him

We entered an elevator and started elevating through the floors.

Because the elevator wall's were made of glasses, we were able to see the interiors of the mall.

Just looking at the flashy lights, chandeliers, stores and types of people walking in it makes me want to shut my eyes.

This is obviously a luxury mall. as expected of Jenma's friend. She's also smoking rich.

"The mall was a gift to Chessy from her grandfather aside from some shares and other small properties. Her parents died of a car crash and was left under the guidance of the don of the Quijote family - her grandfather. Although unlike you who has an older sister to take up the business, Chessy was the direct and only heiress of their company. But of course, which family doesn't have any problems? She has many male cousins in line for the succession of Clandestine Inc. In order to save Chessy the drama of a family dispute, her grandfather started protecting her ever since she was born. When she was able to start understanding things about the family's business and behind the scenes situation, she immediately backed out of the fight for the succession and started following her passion for toys and games. She's planning on entering the gaming industry" Jenma explained and I immediately nodded

"Backing out of the succession and planning on entering the gaming industry.. That's a good plan," I answered and she immediately smiled at me

"Right right? So I though that maybe if--"

"But you might have missed one thing, Jenma" I added

"Hm? What do you mean?"

"The gaming industry is still a part of the business industry. If Chessy perhaps does a good job at it, she's still going to be a part of the succession whether she likes it or not," I answered

"That is true, young miss Franchesca. It's just as you say" Gilbert agreed which was why we both looked at him

"Young miss Chessy already knows that whether or not she's given up on the company, if the elders wishes for her to compete then she has no choice"

"And that is the reality I've been telling you about, Jenma. In this life, we're born as heirs and as heirs, we have duties and responsibilities. We won't ever be free" I answered and stared at her

Seeing that she's all silent and looking at the unknown, I immediately sighed.

When I felt Gilbert's eyes at me, I smiled at him faintly and later then avoided my gaze.

My dream as an artist and Jenma's dream as a actress will have to wait in our next lives.

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    《Trouble is a Friend》