Unfathomable Patriarch
41 Chapter 41
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Unfathomable Patriarch
Author :kuropon8
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41 Chapter 41

The senior Cheng Clan member collapsed on the ground with his legs twitching, he was alive but his cultivation was crippled and he was just a regular human being now. If his past crimes came back to haunt him, it would now be his own fault. Matt gave out a sigh as he stopped suppressing everyone in the room with his aura, the henchmen were all passed out and convulsing on the ground from the overpowering aura that hit them but they were all alive. He started going around and pushed his finger into the peoples dantian, crippling their cultivation as well. He ignored the prompt the system gave him for now.

"Are you people alright?"

Zhang Dong took a step towards the female cultivator and her guards that were standing together on the side. The looked at the large man coming towards and didn't know how to react. The clasped their hands and gave of a bow of appreciation, they were truly grateful of this magnanimous Senior that came to their help, they would never forget the things that he did for them. While Lan Fei was doing her bow he fell forward, she was still feeling weak and the overwhelming auras in this room were a bit much for Qi Condensation cultivators. She found herself getting caught by the manly cultivator in front of her. It looked like she was giving him a hug with her breasts pressing into his frame.

Matt could feel the soft sensation against his body as the woman fell into his arms as he tried to catch her and instead ended up hugging her. He froze for a second, she gave off an alluring smell and was soft to the touch. His inexperience showed as his face started turning a bit red, the man not really having much experience with women.
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"Ah... uh s-sorry about that..."

The woman leaned back while the cultivator was flailing his arms around, his face looked red. She stared at him with her large eyes and after a second gave out a second.

"Pffff... well that's unexpected~"

*This Senior looks to be very 'pure' on the inside*

She gave him a wink while smiling, the woman wasn't a stranger to female and male relationships so she could tell that the man in front to her had very limited experience in those kinds of things. This surprised her a bit, but it wasn't that rare to have cultivators train all their life and not play around with girls. But this man in front of her was acting really cute so she felt like teasing him slightly, the tension leaving her body as she felt that this man in front of her was a genuinely nice person.

He rubbed the back of his neck while looking at the two guards next to the lady. The guards weren't that surprised that the woman was making moves at the Senior, she did tend to use her sex appeal to get better business deals and all.

"How about we leave, I'm sure those clan people won't try to pull anything with me around."

Zhang Dong said while trying to move things along, he didn't really want to stay here anymore plus the girl was giving him strange looks.

"Oh my(Ara ara), Senior. That would be wonderful."

You wouldn't think that this woman was just a minute away from getting rapped by the way she was acting. But Lan Fei was a tough cookie, something like this didn't phase her one bit. She was more focused on gaining the support of a powerful being then about what happened with that old pervert back there. Guess you could say that she as used to these kind of things happening, you had to grow a thick skin if you wanted to survive in this world. She was all smiles and moved right next to the man in white, she looked up to him with those large green eyes and gave him an alluring smile, which made our inexperienced cultivator heartbeat increase.

"Senior, I'm still a bit weak, you won't mind if I lean on you right?"

"Lean on me, uh sure?"

Though she did a bit more than lean on him, the sneaky vixen wrapped her arm around Matt's and now they looked like a couple walking together. The man blushed even more as he walked through the corridor, the two guards walking behind them while thinking that their mistress was overdoing it with the act a bit but the cultivator in white seamed to be taking the bait. Women were scary creatures they thought to each other while looking as their leader pushed her ample bosom into the man's arm.

People looked at the scene of them walking, the auction house personnel were alerted to the fiasco that happened. They arrived at the scene to see the Cheng Clan members collapsed on the ground, they started pulling them out while some others tried to apologize to both the Cheng Clan and the cultivator that beat them up. But when they tried to approach him he was with some lady that was sticking to him like glue and giving them shifty looks as if they were approaching a deer that she hunted.

"Ah... sorry about that, those guys tried to hurt my friend here..."

Matt explained while the woman stuck to him like glue, he was a bit perplexed as she didn't seem that weak she should be able to stand on her own by now. But he said that he would escort them out and protect them from those clan members that might try to pull something.

The auction hose members were shocked that someone tried to **** this overpowered Senior's friend and were very apologetic. They even tried giving him some spirit stones but were told by him to give those to the caravan members in question that were the real victims. He, of course, told it in a very awkward way while the girl was sticking close to his arm. Was she going to stick to him like this for the rest of the walk? well, it did feel kind of nice though...

The caravan members were sure to pocket the extra apology reward as fast as they could, along with the spirit stones they won at the auction. After the people in question left, the Cheng clan members were relocated into another room. Madam Wong waited for a representative of the Cheng clan to arrive so that they could explain themselves, this was supposed to be a neutral zone away from the cities leading clan. She could not have people feeling intimidated by the ruling power, otherwise, they could just force anyone to stop bidding and get things cheaper. The lady had a high cultivation base and many connections so she didn't fear that upstart clan one bit. Also, the ones that worked for her that were responsible for this, would be getting a special reward as well...

While the auction house owner was fuming in her office the white-haired cultivator was getting stared at by the passerby. He looked like some young lord with a lady around his arm and guards walking behind him, looking mean. People parted to the sides and let the people through while giving the man envious looks after spotting the woman that was clinging to him.

The woman in question was chuckling inwardly as whenever she did something alluring the man would react like a teenager. He would blush, he would start stuttering and tripping over his own words while not trying to stare at her cleavage. She didn't think a person with this amount of strength, could be this childish. Even if he was inexperienced most men would give her dirty looks and have a glint in their eyes, but this one made an effort to avert his gaze holding it in, she found this kind of commendable. This kind of made her want to eat him up even more, plus he looked like a rare good kind of guy this almost never happened with the more powerful cultivators.

"Ah, so this is the place you guys set up so uh... So I'll just be in my hotel if those people try to do something just tell me."

He described the location and name of the hotel that he was staying at and was about to leave, but the woman wiggled closer to him again.

"Oh, that's the most expensive hotel in the city, would Senior let little Fei see it?"

The caravan people had a deadpan expression on their faces after they heard their boss lady refer to herself as 'Little Fei' She would probably strangle anyone in their group that referred to her in that way.

"Y-you want to see the hotel I'm staying at?"

"Yes Senior, I heard they have delicious tea there too~"

She replied while still holding on to him, the man not knowing what to do in this situation so he just agreed being the weak-willed sob that he was.

"Well... okay then ... "

The two walked towards the hotel building while the caravan people discussed how their lady boss was able to see the bigger picture. Everyone from them knew exactly what she was doing and thought that was a normal thing to do. Why wouldn't you suck up to a powerful cultivator if a chance presented itself? They just hoped that this cultivator was as harmless as he seemed, you never knew so they still worried about their boss.

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    《Unfathomable Patriarch》