Unfathomable Patriarch
42 Chapter 42
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Unfathomable Patriarch
Author :kuropon8
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42 Chapter 42

The cultivator was sweating a bit while looking to the side, the lady was still there and he just didn't know what he should do. He wasn't that dumb, he realized that she wanted something from him by now. The man had very limited experience with women, not like he didn't like them or anything. In his previous life, he was that one guy that stood alone at parties, getting invited by friends but never knowing what to do there. He was approached by girls here and there, but he never knew how to talk to them or how to keep the conversation going. He was a classic introvert that just felt bad at social gatherings so after a while he just stopped attending them.

This woman was strange though, even though he was stuttering all over the place and looking awkward as hell she just giggled to herself and didn't seem to be bothered by it at all. He was kind of on the fence about this whole thing, one part of him felt excited that a beauty like this was interested in him, the other part was terrified as he didn't want to make a fool out of himself.

The woman was about 170 cm, she had long black hair that was done in a ponytail style. She was wearing one of those Chinese style dresses, the skirt part went down to about her ankles but the sides were open, so you could see her shapely legs. She had high heels on her feet and the top part of the dress had a cutout part that let you see the cleavage. And boy or boy, she really did fill out that piece of clothing well. She had that classic hourglass figure but was a bit more top-heavy. The rear end didn't fall behind much though and those legs were nice and toned, probably due to the martial arts background that she had. Her eyes were big and green her face as more adult looking than cute.

He had a hard time focusing on anything with the woman wrapped around his muscular arm, after a while, he found himself in front of his hotel room. Lan Fei finally let go of his arm as he welcomed her in, she looked around the large suite that had quite a bit of things included. The room was large, she could see a fireplace being set up by the wall along with a couch that pointed in its direction. There was a toilet and bath included as well. The large bed could hold multiple people in it and the windows showed the view of the city.

There was some tea provided by the hotel and a magical treasure like a kettle that was used for boiling, there was no electricity in this world so everything runs on spiritual Qi that could be stored in various ways.

"Okay, tea right?"

He went right towards the tea kettle to prepare the tea, just trying to do something else as the woman finally let go of his arm and was now looking around the large room. She was touching the furniture and for some reason pulled the drapes together, sealing off the view at the lit-up city which was bustling with nighttime activities.

*Okay, calm down she's just here for some tea no need to lose your head about it. We'll just chat a bit and then... uh then what?*

He was so bewildered by the situation that he didn't think about the obvious reason why the woman was here in the first place. But he did realize it after he turned around whit the teacups in his hands and the woman was lying on the bed. She was on her side in a seductive pose but that wasn't the problem, the problem was that she was naked. Zhang Dong dropped the teacups to the ground out of sheer surprise. He couldn't take his eyes off the woman's shapely curves that were being presented.


"Well, are you just going to stand there? I just wanted to show my appreciation and by the looks of things, Senior is appreciating the view~"

She said while giggling, her breasts bouncing slightly as she noticed how Zhang Dong's lower area was reacting to the provocative scene before him. The lower brother was looking vigorous which kind of made the cultivator bend forward a bit as to hide it.

"W-well, y-you know..."

*God damn is this really happening! Did my lucky day finally come?*

Matt wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth, even though he was an awkward sob there was a limit to being incompetent. He still was a man, so he started frantically fiddling with his pants while looking between the naked woman in front of him and his clothes which were his greatest enemy at the moment. He finally was able to pull his pants down and kicked them to the side along with the rest of his robe, he started going towards his undies but then he suddenly stopped and looked at the woman that was beckoning over.
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*Wait! I can't do this!*

"Uh... I'll be right back ... just wait for a second!"

He vanished into the bathroom area of the room to the surprise of the woman that was waiting for him on the bed. She wondered if the man wasn't interested or something. Matt, on the other hand, was frantically clicking through his system cash shop looking for a specific item.

*Aha! They have those here, system be thanked!*

He poked the air and a small packet popped out, it was something people from earth were very familiar with, yes it was a packet of condoms. They had a cultivator theme though, along with a drawing of a sharp sword standing upwards. Safety came first, so after 'armoring up' he returned to the room while the woman peeked back up as the quirky Senior was right back and looked like he was in the mood. He climbed on top of the bed to the female cultivator that was all smiles, he reached out to her and she reached back.

-A night of bad smut later.-

He woke up, feeling like a new man like a big weight had been lifted from his heart. The woman was in the bathing area of the room just freshening herself up after the nightly session. She guided him through his first encounter, opening up his eyes to a new world in the process. He would remember this night for the rest of his life even more, due to the fact that it took him so long to get his cherry popped. But even more, after something was about to happen.

"You never told me your name Senior~"

The woman walked out while back in her clothes, still bouncy as ever and swinging her hips side to side in an alluring way.

"Oh, didn't I? Well, guess you can call me Zhang Dong."

He smiled thinking nothing of it while giving the girl the name that the system gave him, he couldn't really tell anyone his earthly name here. After he told the woman his name, her facial expression changed.

"Zhang? The Zhang Clan from Spirit Spring City?"

She asked while thinking about something.

"Ah yes, did you hear of my clan before, they are in Spirit Spring City."

The gears started turning in the woman's head while looking at the man that was smiling back at her. She was a merchant so after getting into this city she sent someone to gather info about the Zhang clan that previously used to own this place. She found out that it was a big clan but it failed in a big expedition. It wasn't anything new, a big clan goes on an expedition to some sealed of realm or for some treasure hunting and chews of more than they can handle.

The clan lost their Patriarch in the expedition along with all of their core formation elders, the rumor was that they just had one core formation elder back in the city. Everyone knew what happened to big family clans that lost their power to defend themselves, they would get poached by other big clans. The woman thought that this man would be her meal ticket out of the merchant work, but instead, if she associates with him she could get labeled as a clan member as well and then go under with the rest of that clan.

"Ahh, Senior... I think I should go back to my people, You don't need to walk me back..."

She quickly removed herself from the room while Matt was trying to figure out while the woman did a 180 on him and stormed out of the building.

"She started acting strange the moment I said my clan name... was that it?"

Matt tilted his head to the side and thought about the setting where his clan was supposed to be down on its luck.

"Is the clan's situation that bad, that people won't associate with me due to it?"

Matt felt hurt a bit after the woman that he had an intimate night just fled the moment she heard about his family situation, he would also have to get to the bottom of that as well. He flopped back onto the bed and looked at the ceiling.

"God damn little Fei, you don't need to drop me like a sack of potatoes the moment you hear my last name!"

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    《Unfathomable Patriarch》