Unfathomable Patriarch
54 Chapter 54
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Unfathomable Patriarch
Author :kuropon8
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54 Chapter 54

After getting in the zone Zhang Dong breathed out, the area filled with lightning energy that crackled through the spring water. About a week had passed since he got here, he never left this room and didn't really feel like eating during his cultivation period. His cultivation had gone up to about 20 percent which was a lot slower than before but still was quite fast if he compared it to people around this world. He wondered if it was due to the level of his cultivation method which was in the immortal grade.

He decided to try crafting his weapon before heading outside as he was cooped up in this room for far too long, there were sights to see. So he entered his crafting abode, he had about a hundred thousand points left, this would allow him to have two goes at it at most. The things that he found in the spatial rings weren't really useful for crafting as for this sword he needed something called crystal alloy. After he got the position he needed to check if he could get some free crafting materials as he didn't want to spend all his points on those. He just wanted to boost his body refining skill further and maybe earn some dosh on the side.

He selected the weapon schematics and brought out the core of the Cthulhu look-alike monster to boost his chances of crafting, he even threw in some random foundation establishment monster cores hoping for the best. A new kind of music started playing and as he thought it was a lot more fast-paced than before. But thanks to his tranquil mind he wasn't tense, he started hitting the spots as he was directed to but even with his enhanced cultivation and body, he wasn't able to hit everything perfectly. Maybe due to luck or the number of cores that he dumped into this crafting, he managed to get a high grade one.

The weapon didn't look all that grand, but after he used his thunderlight sword technique the sword started to shine, literally. The weapon got coated in plasma-like light, electricity shooting from the blade. Matt swung it around and it made familiar wooshing noises, the blade was covered with bluish light and you could feel the spiritual energy emanating from it. He didn't really have anything he could test this weapon out on, be he felt that it would probably slice anything below a high graded earth weapon in half. He still had some points left, so he decided to dump five thousand into his apprisal skill again.

[ Name Spirit Infusion Longsword

Grade: Earth High

Attribute: None

Durability : High

Condition : Perfect

Advanced Grade : B

Special traits: This weapon can fuse with the users Qi and increase its resistance and sharpness in the process. Works best if the user combines it with weapon constructs techniques. ]

He deadpanned at the added explanation window as it was more or less the same thing he got when he was buying the blueprint for it. He left his crafting dwelling afterward he had about 45 thousand points left but he would save those for later, he didn't really have anything he wanted to get. Maybe a technique that let him shoot beams out of his eyes? Or lightning breath? Those sounded a bit silly but probably would catch people off guard. Maybe he could come up with his own techniques if he tried, he had the Qi control down and he had that Dao of lightning knowledge. He also didn't have many healing pills left, so maybe it would be good to stock up on those for later use. He could regenerate somewhat, but that required him to pump his spiritual energy into his body refining technique. So maybe some Qi regeneration pills would be good too.

He also found out something after he examined his clothes after the special trait window got revealed he found out that was more to these clothes than just self mending. These white robes could actually change color and also blend into the environment if you didn't move for much. All of this could be done by inserting some spiritual energy and giving a special command to the robes. He could even upgrade them to add new functions, but it didn't come cheap.

Matt played around changing the color to black and red, then blue. Guess if he covered his head with the hood no one should recognize him as the cultivator in white if he ever needed to lay low. For the time being he changed it back to white as he walked out of the previous Patriarch's room, well now it was his. There were some people around so he just gave them a nod while passing, they seemed a bit tense as they saw him walking towards them but they just gave him the usual bow of respect.

He felt kind of strange walking around this place, everyone was showing him the utmost respect, no one talked to him. Was it rude to talk to someone of a higher status than you? Or were they just being shy, well not like he wanted to talk to the unknown people he was still an introvert that liked his peace and quiet. But now he had to take center stage on some kind of inauguration ceremony to his new position. It was already a big step for him that he didn't just refuse the position and leave this clan instead. But he would rather stay here, than wonder the lands as some rouge cultivator with no place to call home. Also, they had quite the nice springs around here, Matthew was quite fond of taking long relaxing baths.

After walking for a bit he noticed that someone was walking behind him when he turned around there was no one to be seen. He could feel the presence of two people behind the corner, they had been following him for some time now. Were they some bodyguards that were supposed to keep tabs on him or something? Were they assassins that were sent by some vengeful clan? Probably not as the two people were in the Qi Condensation level, he could probably snort them to death at this point.

"So, are you two going to come out. Or are you going to be following me for the rest of the day?"

He crossed his arms over one another while waiting, soon the stalkers were revealed. It was the brother and sister duo that showed a lot of courage while standing up to the Tsai clan pursuers. The two teenagers walked out while holding their heads down, probably not knowing what to say to the man in front of them.

"Oh, you're the two kids from last time, glad you are safe. Did you two want something from me?"

The two raised their heads, perking up a bit as they were glad that their uncle remembered them.

"Uncle Dong, we just wanted to thank you for what you did."

The girl said while bowing in a graceful fashion, Matt raised an eyebrow at the 'uncle' part. Most people would put Senior in there, or even in front of the uncle part, but those two made it seem like he was their real uncle. Did he have any siblings that he didn't know about?


He looked at the two children in front of him, trying to see the resemblance. They looked more or less like what your typical male lead and female lead in a cultivation world. They had dark hair, auburn eyes, the girl was a jade-like beauty, though to him she just looked pale. The boy had a serious-looking face, a bit too serious for his age.

"Ah yes, our father was your cousin..."
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He noticed the change of tone when the girl's father was mentioned, she also slumped her shoulders a bit. The boy replied afterward instead.

"Our father went to the expedition with the previous Patriarch, they never returned..."

Zhang Dong placed his hand on the male's shoulder, not really knowing how to react so he kind of gave him an awkward pat on it.

"My condolences, I'm sure he was an honorable man. I'm sorry about not recognizing you two, I left the clan a while ago and my memories are a bit hazy from that time..."

He tried to change the uncomfortable subject, wondering what these two wanted from him.

"Great-grandpa Jin told us about that, no need to apologize uncle Dong!"

*Great-grandpa Jin? So that would mean that they are from his side of the family? That would mean...*

He figured out that him being from the side family, would mean that old gramps had a harem going for himself. He shuddered at the thought of having multiple family members that would start popping up from nowhere.

"Ah yes, Gramps... So, what do you two need?"

He rubbed his chin while looking at the kids that started fidgeting side to side a bit. It looked as if they were trying to ask about something but weren't sure how to do it. After a moment both of them looked at each other, nodded to themselves and dropped down to their knees to kowtow.

"Please Uncle Jin, take us in as your disciples!"

They both shouted in unison while their foreheads hit the marble floor. Matt started recalling that tribe he met in the forest, as they were fast to drop to their knees.

"Wait, what?"

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    《Unfathomable Patriarch》