Unfathomable Patriarch
69 Chapter 69
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Unfathomable Patriarch
Author :kuropon8
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69 Chapter 69

The previous day.

Lan Fei was going through her inventory checking if everything was in place as she was getting ready to head out once more. She arrived in Frostriver a week ago. She was the daughter of the chubby merchant boss but she didn't want to tell him about the fiasco back at Moonlight city as she knew that her dad was very overprotective. If it was up to him, she would probably not be allowed to leave her old home. Fei had to force him to let her travel as one of the caravan leaders in the first place, he didn't need to know what happened.

She sighed to herself as she thought about the incident that happened back in that city, but more about the way she run away from that cultivator. After coming back home and unloading the things that they got, she went to get some info on that Zhang Clan. To her surprise, the man that she had a passionate night with turned out to be quite the warrior. He managed to defeat the invading forces single-handedly driving them back and even slew a late stage core formation cultivator.

The man also became the new clan Patriarch within a month's time. What was a clan Patriarch? He was the leader of at least one city, but Fei knew that after he got settled in the clan would probably regain back their former land. That was a lot of assets and resources, ones she could have a bid for if she just didn't run.

*Darn Fei you blew it. I could be getting my feet massaged while relaxing in one of those springs in that Spiring Spring City.*

She slumped her shoulders while thinking that she let a golden goose escape her clutches, plus the man was quite the looker so there were no downsides. She, of course, didn't know that the Zhang Clan was getting forcefully recruited to go back to that secret ground. She might have been singing a different tune then.

*Well, at least I got away with my head intact, maybe dad wasn't wrong when he told me that it was too dangerous to go out to other cities... but it's so damn boring here... If I stay here he'll just pawn me out to some ugly senior*

She looked around the snowy surroundings and the chimneys that were spewing dark smoke. Due to the cold weather people mostly remained in their homes, there wasn't that much to do around here and Fei being still in her prime wanted to tour the world. She was also planning to nab herself a good hubby, he, of course, had to be loaded.

*Maybe if I visit that man he'll take me in... he was quite fond of me, though he did look quite silly when I was making my moves on him. Kind of cute...*

While thinking about some schemes to get back on good terms with the Zhang Clan Patriarch she heard a rumble. This was the sound of the cities protective barrier breaking, soon an ominous aura filled the whole city. The loud voice of a man could be heard everywhere.

"It's me th' mighty Ravager, ah deman' ten of yer most right purdy wimmen as tribute, they will become mah brides!"

The man flew around an eerie looking flying sword, somehow he could tell where the so-called purdy wimmen where. He pulled out a silver medallion, it had some kind of runes on it and glowed a purple hue. He pointed it at a woman, the female started getting surrounded by a purple light and then got sucked into the metallic trinket.

Soon he found his way up to the merchant building. His demonic aura was making everyone kneel and unable to move, he looked at the trembling Lan Fei with a grin on his face. The man was surprisingly good looking, he had long golden hair and strong facial features that made him look like prince charming.

"Ah yer a fine specimen, yer fit t'be th' prime vessel, ah reckon."

He didn't give the female much time as she got sucked right into his magical treasure like the rest.

Fei landed on her butt in an open field and she could see more women around her. This treasure apparently transported people into a sealed-off space that looked like a grassy field. There was even a large building in there, right in the middle. How did the people in there know that it was a sealed-off space? Well, the women could see that they were standing on a small rocky island that seemed to be floating in the void. They could see the end of the small landmass that was about five kilometers in diameter with the building in the middle and grass filling the rest. After the tenth lady dropped in from thin air, they could hear the kidnapper's voice seemingly coming from the void.

"Don't wo'ry mah buttercups, soon we will be one."

This was the only thing the man said while he flew back to his lair, some of the women just collapsed crying while others checked the building out hoping to find something in there to aid them. The house was quite unkempt, dirty on the inside spiders and roaches everywhere. It was clearly not getting managed by the crazy cultivator, there was nothing in there besides bugs and some skeletons that gave the females a scare. It was quite large with many rooms, if Matt was here he would think that it looked like some kind of student dorm.

After some time passed the man finally appeared amongst the ten scared women. He didn't say much before grabbing one of them and just vanishing into thin air. He returned after half an out or so just to grab another to bring her out. He was undressing the scared females while hoisting them up in his ritual chamber, taking his time as he was having fun.

Fei was left alone after the ninth female got removed from the small pocket dimension. She collapsed on the ground not knowing what to do, why was she so unlucky did someone curse her or something. She wanted to defend herself but the difference in cultivation was just too huge. She was dropped off on that large bed with a collar and chain around her neck, her eyes glaring daggers at the man in front.

"Don't look at me like thet mah li'l vessel, ah reckon. Eff'n thet stoopid Sect didn't git rid of all th' cultivato's aroun' hyar Even ah w'dn't dast t'do this~"

She had a hard time understanding his dialect, but more or less the cultivator said that due to the drop in powerful clan cultivators in the area the evil cultivator could come out of his hiding and do what he pleased.

"Yo' might be wonnerin' why fo' ah brought yo' all hyar mah ladies, Well..."

He started disrobing himself, the only thing remaining on the man was his underwear and a glove on the right hand.

"Ah's in need of yer essence, ah's runnin' outta time yo' see..."

He pulled off his glove letting the women see a darkish looking hand, it had many warts, blisters and boils with puss on it looking quite hideous.

"Yo' will gimme yer life essence so ah may recovah."

Lan Fei was backing off on the bed but was held back by the collar and chain, she yanked on it but to no avail. Ravager started pulling down his underwear, presenting himself bare to the women that went wide-eyed at his 'little brother'. The thing he had between his legs looked like a serpent, but the head was a mix of an alien and a predator. It wiggled around while bearing its teeth at the naked woman in front.

"Don't wo'ry mah dear, its quite th' nice feelin'... fo' me."

All the bondage crosses started to glow with a bizarre light. The women on them started squirming as they felt their spiritual essence getting pulled out of them. The essence was getting guided to the bed in the middle, the vessel would receive it all and then transfer it to the demonic cultivator as she got devoured by him.

While the evil cultivator was focusing on the voluptuous woman in front, she was looking behind him. Fei could see another cultivator slowly approaching from the back, sword in hand. As the cultivator made contact with her eyes he moved his index finger to his lips. The demonic cultivator was not aware of the man behind him as his lower snake was thrashing about slowly pointing towards the bewildered woman.

"Noo... S..stop my father is a rich man, we can give you thousands of spirit stones if you let me go... you don't need to do it..."

She shouted out in a loud while trying to keep Ravager occupied with her, hoping that the man behind him was someone friendly. Her wording was quite natural, she was quite eloquent with words when it counted.

"Hah, whut kin yo' offer me thet ah can not simply take? 'Nuff talkin', time t'feast!"

As the man was ready to pounce on the defenseless woman, he suddenly felt that something was off. He got a bad premonition but was just a bit too slow because as he was about to turn around he felt something hit his neck. Wind pressure could be felt around the room as the cultivator dressed in black swung his sword, making sure to swing with all his might as he decapitated the evil cultivator. The man's head flopped down onto the bed while his body fell down like a puppet with its strings cut, the essence drawing ritual instantly stopped after the man lost his head.

"Well... that was easier than I expected..."

The man said while looking at the dead demonic cultivator on the bed, black blood shooting out of his neck stump while the women in the room looked on at the spectacle. They didn't know how to react, was this man here to save them? or was he just another bud guy, he certainly had the bad guy looks. Fei was about to say something but then the man backed away while muttering something.

"Wait... there was no..."

Before he could say the sentence the snake-like thing that was between Ravager's legs shoot out straight for his face. His sword got knocked to the side but somehow the cultivator evaded while grabbing the serpent-like appendage with both his hands. The women could see how the cultivator in black started pushing and pulling on the elongated thing that spat yellowy-white goop at him. He managed to dodge to the side, but the goo was quite acidic as it burned a big hole in the floor behind the two.

*Aww hell naw...*

Matt thought while Ravager's body contorted in unfeasible ways and stood up without the head attached. The body's knees and elbows were bent in the wrong direction and his hands and feet turned into claws. The whole body started turning to the way the evil cultivator's hand looked like as it attacked the man in black.

Zhang Dong was a bit afraid to let go of this snake thing that was spiting suspicious-looking liquids at him. Instead, he used one of his skills that increased his grip strength. His fingers glowed with a metallic luster the creepy looking thing started swelling due to the pressure. The creature tried to back away but was held in place by Matt's vice-like grip. But this wasn't over as the demon suddenly felt electricity running through its body, lighting up like a Christmas tree, its strange high pitched screams filled the surroundings.

While this was happening the woman on the bed felt something moist graze her thigh. She looked down in horror as it was the demonic cultivator's head. It had vacant eyes but its tongue was out and licking her leg. She screamed while kicking the thing away, the head just rolled a bit before going down from the bed and to the ground going in the direction that the fight was happening.

"Look out, behind you!"
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Fei shouted out as the head was somehow making its way towards him as he was electrocuting the body. It somehow jumped up, its mouth opening showing off a huge amount of sharp teeth. Matt turned around to see the horrible looking face coming towards him, he used his movement technique to dodge, grabbing his sword that was by the side going back to his fighting stance.

"weLL NoW, wE hAf aN uNweLcOmE gUeSt."

The demonic cultivator's head spoke while some tendrils burst out from the neck stump and reattached themselves with the main body. Zhang Dong grimaced as they were back to square one again, guess this wouldn't be that easy.

*Why do these people have so many regeneration abilities... damn hax*

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    《Unfathomable Patriarch》