Unfathomable Patriarch
73 Chapter 73
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Unfathomable Patriarch
Author :kuropon8
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73 Chapter 73

Not much happened while he was picking up his reward, he left the chopped up remains of the demonic cultivator behind, he didn't feel like keeping that pervs body stashed in his storage ring. He also saw the idiot trio that he disrobed the last time he was around, they were acting a lot nicer though. They probably won't be bothering random cultivators for a while.

*Well time to go home..., home huh?*

He wasn't yet sure if he should call that Clan's city his home yet. He had only been in this world for a couple of months, so the feeling of longing wasn't quite there yet. After having some food he flew back to his clan, he hoped that his clan members would procure those crafting materials so that he could start crafting. He could make quite the amount of items as long as he had the materials as the rhythm game took between ten to five minutes. If the blacksmiths of this world saw him making weapons in five minutes they would probably get a heart attack.

*Zhang Kuo should at least be able to get the crafting materials for foundation establishment items, even though I can't earn that much with them they are a lot easier to make. Though also depends on how fast they can sell them*

If he made perfect grade weapons in the hundreds he could make quite a bit of spirit stones, the problem were the logistics. Unless you had a flying sword traveling between the big cities took quite some time. Maybe he could get ol' gramps do act as a courier, but he also wanted to upgrade the old man's cultivation method so he could get stronger.

*Guess I'll do it in the beginning so that our clan people can go between the cities and trade, would probably take them a couple of weeks to a month to do it.*

Thunder could be heard as Zhang Dong churned his cultivation to the max shooting off like a rocket towards Spirit Spring City. He needed to check those skills first, maybe he had enough points for everything and he was just overthinking it. While he was on his way he spotted an immensely huge mountain, on top of it a giant storm was brewing. Lightning bolts could be seen hitting the peak, while the hurricane-like winds were breaking nearby trees and scaring the beasts living in them.

He stopped as he was passing by, thinking that he could use that huge storm to increase his cultivation, he still had time too, so he dived right into that thing. He got bombardier by lightning bolts left and right, even he had a hard time absorbing all of this energy, coughing up blood as the rainwater drenched his whole robe.

While Zhang Dong was getting electrocuted at a snowy mountain peak, the tournament back in Spirit Spring city was coming to an end. Liu and Xue were still fighting it out as this wasn't an elimination event. The younger sister was barely keeping up at the 194 spot hoping to survive among the 10th to 12th Qi condensation clan members. Liu ended up around the 90th spot, his fighting strength being around the 11th level even though he was at the 10th level.

The two hadn't adapted to the lightning arts just yet but if they had more experience, they would probably jump a couple of levels above their peers.

Xue delivered a wind infused kick to one of her senior brothers that barely defended himself with the help of a saber that rattled after the impact. Zhang Dong's two disciples didn't have any weapons with them, they wanted to focus on what their new master was teaching them. They hadn't received any weapon training and their previous water-based techniques didn't really work all that well with the new lightning Qi ones, or they just didn't know how to synergize the two.

"You've gotten quite strong little Xue, but not strong enough!"

She was fighting an 18-year-old at the 11th Qi condensation level, she was barely holding her own. The youth swung his battle saber at her, she was barely able to evade the attack thanks to her nimble movements. The sylph physique added to her evasive repertoire quite a bit. Just after this happened you could hear people cheering from the sides.

"Junior Sister Xue is the best! You can do it!"

"Hey, if you hurt Junior Sister in any way you'll be answering to me! I'll pummel you to death!"

"What a stinky Senior Brother, you should be ashamed of yourself!"

Xue was quite popular among her own generation, probably it had something to do with her being one of those jade-like beauties. You could hear cheering and threatening shouts that were aimed at the opponent that she was fighting. The opponent gulped as he had heard that one of the opponents of this clan sister, was found beaten up and left naked in the streets.

The siblings were cultivating body refining physiques that were transforming their bodies. Liu was getting more manly, his muscles were showing in all the right spots that made him quite popular with the junior and some senior members. Xue, on the other hand, was getting her female attributes enhanced thanks to her Slyph physique, it probably helped that she was wearing more form-fitting robes so that she wouldn't get slowed down by them. She was focusing on her speed and nimble movements.

"Hey, you guys stop this is a serious event!"

Xue shouted at the peanut gallery, with her brows furrowing but that only made the people cheer more.

"Hah, she looked at me, look at that passionate gaze!"

One of the younger males said while another slapped his head from behind and the two got into a fight. In the end, the fight ended in a draw as the senior brother didn't want to get beaten up also he didn't need to get any more points. The top brackets mostly consisted of people at the 12th and 11th level. There were a couple of level 10's at the end, with Xue in tow. She was the only person that made it in while being at the 9th level.

Both of the Patriarch's new disciples generated a lot of buzz, some were envious also wishing that they could get taught by the strongest member of their clan. The two have been rapidly growing at an unprecedented pace, showing everyone that Zhang Dong was quite the teacher with superior cultivation knowledge.

Most of them didn't delude themselves into thinking that their Patriarch would pick them up as disciples. They realized that these two had a lot more talent, being the strongest at their age range even before Zhang Dong came along. But they were hoping that if they got into the best 200 they could get some pointers and rewards from their leader as they knew where all of them were going afterward.
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The Clan members were mostly segregated by skill and cultivation levels. Matt was surprised when he previously toured the compound as the younger generation members went to something akin to a high school. They had normal classes that consisted of reading, mathematics, and the sort, combat aimed lessons were also taught. There were even classes on pill forging and crafting.

The people of the clan even wanted him to take a teaching position for the more experienced students but he quickly refused that proposal. There were four classes starting from common followed by mortal, then earth and at the end was heaven class. The last class was reserved for people at the strength level of 10-12th Qi condensation. So depending on talent and resources people of various ages attended.

The fourth week was coming to an end, all the placements were set at this point. The place got busier as every placeholder was ordered to list out their cultivation methods and battle techniques. The Patriarch apparently wanted everyone to get segregated by their cultivation method firstly, then by similar working combat techniques. Most people weren't sure what he was up to, did he want to check out the skills before giving them pointers. That would be extremely hard to do without seeing them preform first, how could he even know what they were good or bad at.

No one really knew what good it would do to look at some random clan skills, but they trusted in their Patriarch's strength at least. The way his disciples were progressing was also a boost to his validity as a teacher.

"How's everything progressing?"

Zhang Jin asked one of the Patriarch's new retainers, Zhang Kuo, he was mostly responsible for the calculating side of business while Zhang Ya was more in human resources, doing odd jobs.

"We are in the process of gathering the manuals that the Patriarch requested, there shouldn't be any problems in procuring them as the Clan members techniques don't vary that much. Also, we have gotten reports that all the missions that the Patriarch selected were carried out."

Zhang Kuo gave a jade slip to Zhang Jin as everything was written down there, the older man looking at the report with a mixed expression.

"Make sure none of this leaves this room, If my grandson wants to stay anonymous he has to have a reason for it."

The old man was a bit surprised by his grandson's battle prowess. That Lesser Calamity Dragon he took out would probably maul the old Patriarch that was in the core formation late stage, that thing had a really tough hide and anyone below the great circle would get trashed. Also, he fought another monster and a strong demonic cultivator that was nothing to scoff at, and the boy just bested them without a setback.

This grandpa would probably be less astonished if he knew that his grandson barely escaped with his life when he was fighting the first monster on that list. Still, the achievements were speaking for themselves, this Patriarch was already stronger than the old one, the problem wasn't him but the rest. The other clan members weren't ready, they didn't make it into the last selection for a reason.

Back at the mountain range Matt was in a hole, pulverized rock all around him while he was twitching while laying on this back. The lightning storm had done him in a bit, but he managed to absorb most of its energies before they dispersed. He felt like an overcharged light bulb as the chaotic energies circulated all over his body making him shoot of tiny sparks.

*Damn, didn't think this blasted storm would shred my clothes down to my boxers.*

His robes had begun regenerating already, but the chaotic energies in his body were making things difficult.

*Guess I should be careful in absorbing so much energy, but that was a nice boost of 10%!*

He dusted himself off the gravel and hopped up onto his sword, guess if he flew high enough people wouldn't see that he was bare-chested. He set off towards the clan, he wasn't planning on stopping to cultivate anymore the month was coming to an end and they only had two left, he had to start training his soldiers.

He had gained over half a million points from killing the three mini-bosses alone, but he also gained another 200k through killing smaller demonic beasts along the way. He got close to 45k spirit stones that would translate to a bit less than ten times of that in points. So he stood at about over a million points now, having spent some to buy the sword arts, the disguise skill and the tracking skill which paid of in the end as he would never be able to find that pervy cultivator otherwise.

Some other people could have probably gained more points by killing more, like those three that he left naked and bruised. That wasn't his style though, it would be nice if he could get a fraction of the points for just beating up people instead. He also didn't run into any spirit stone convoys that he could try to rob, though he would probably be apprehensive about that as well.

While in thought he started noticing some familiar scenery as more water springs appeared on the horizon. The water elements started being abundant and the familiar smell filled his nose.

*Home sweet home, huh?*

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    《Unfathomable Patriarch》