Unfathomable Patriarch
175 Chapter 175
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Unfathomable Patriarch
Author :kuropon8
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175 Chapter 175

"You wish to create a sect?"

The people looked at Zhang Dong with question marks hovering above their heads. What was the point of creating a sect at this moment, that could even anger the other party even more?

"I know what you are thinking, but I assure you that it's something that must be done! I need everyone to swear an oath the sect so that we know who we can trust in the future."

'At least that's what says in my faction menu... I must change the name of the Zhang Clan to the sect first...'

Matt needed to change the faction to a sect and then let the other clan's join. He didn't think they would abandon their clans and join the Zhang clan, but if he made a sect then they could keep their old family names.

The people murmured with each other, creating a sect wasn't such an easy thing. The structure was different than a clan, for one thing, mostly anyone could join it without having to marry into the family. Most sects used some form of binding contracts to combat this, some didn't bother.

The people quieted down and started thinking, most of them were surprised, not sure what to think of this. Still, the proposal had some merit to it, it would be hard to trust the other clans if all of them weren't under the same banner. While the Zhang members were all on board as it was the proposal of their Patriarch, the others were skeptical, Huo Qiao was the one to speak up first.

"You want us to swear allegiance to you? But how can we do this without our Patriarch's approval? This isn't something that the people in here can decide upon."

In Huo Qiao's mind, there was still time to turn back. The people that were mostly involved in this fiasco was the Zhang and Feng Clan, their Clan might still have a way out of this if they just backed away. Their young master acted rashly, if they paid a fine then perhaps they would be left out of this.

"What can the Huo Clan even hope to achieve if we ally together against the Dark Palm sect, besides Senior no one can hope to contend with a Grand Elder from that sect."

The people started murmuring again, Huo Qiao was making sense. What could cultivators below the nascent soul level even hope to achieve here, they didn't even have any defensive or offensive formations nor treasures to aid them in the battle. The Zhang Patriarch was the only person that would be able to do anything. The rest would mostly just stare from the distance while being crushed under a nascent soul master's overwhelming aura.

"Qiao what are you even saying, If Senior brother wants to fight, we will fight!"

Huo Qiang looked at his bodyguard, Qiao in term frowned at his young master's words.

"You should be thankful that our Patriarch is giving you this offer!"

Zhang Zhi shouted out while staring at Huo Qiao with murder in his eyes.

"Calm down you youngsters."

Feng Maling stepped up to the stage.

"I can understand the young Huo lords eagerness, but you should think this through. Besides the Zhang Patriarch, none of us will be of much use. The sect war potential is far greater than ours, we wouldn't even be able to handle their core formation experts..."

The old woman looked at Zhang Dong, her showing deep concern.

"I ask you, can you defeat them all by yourself? Wouldn't it be more realistic to evade this battle and hide till the time is right?"

Matt rubbed his chin while listening, those were valid questions. The other didn't really add much to the plate, it would probably be better to hide everyone and run. Maybe he could sneak around and take out the nascent soul fogies one by one. The problem was that they were now at full alert and his disguise was infective against nascent soul cultivators. His other plan was patched together hastily and he would have probably chosen to run if he didn't manage to sack that spirit stone mine.

"Who said that I would be fighting alone?"

He looked at Huo Qiang and Feng Liena once more, it was time to reveal his plan to them.

"What if I told you, that I can help brother Qiang and sister Liena reach the nascent soul realm within the month, maybe even faster!"

The two people that were mentioned took a step back, their eyes blinked fast and their brows raised and curved.

"The nascent soul level within a month's time? This is no laughing matter, Zhang Patriarch! How can we believe such a thing to be possible!"

Feng Maling felt like her intelligence was being attacked, how could this young man claim to be able to heighten the cultivation level of their Matriarch within a month. How could reaching that realm be so easy?

"Senior Brother ... are you speaking the truth?"

"Senior Dong, how?"

Feng Liena and Hou Qiang looked at the white-haired man, their trust in him was the highest from the people gathered here so they were willing to believe in their claim.

"Everyone, please be silent for a moment."

Zhang Dong raised his hand up, as the people in the room became awfully chatty after his proclamation. He knew that he needed to present some evidence that would pull him over to his side and he had just the thing for that.

He asked for both Core formation experts from the Huo clan and Feng clan to come on over, Zhang Zhi was also invited. He then surrounded the group of five with his shield and blocked out anyone from peeking inside which raised a few eyebrows in the room. He pulled out a manual, it was golden from the outside and the calligraphy was at the highest level as he wrote everything down in it himself.

"Elder Maling, elder Qiao could you take a look at this and tell me what you think..."

He handed the book to the old woman, the bodyguard with the mutton chops walked over he was also curious about the whole ordeal, was this booklet the answer? The old woman started reading, while the elders in the room wondered what was happening behind that barrier. The old woman's hands started shaking, eyes bulged out in surprise, and her jaw-dropped in awe.

"T-this is... h-how... w-where did you get this..."

Huo Qiao snatched the book from the old elder ladies' hands, wondering what all the hubbub was about. He soon realized that what he was holding was something unfathomable. This here manual he was holding could cause a disaster to happen, as it was actually Zhang Dong's nascent soul cultivation manual, the same one that was in the immortal perfect grade.

"This... w-where did you find a legendary technique like this... is this really an immortal grade cultivation technique! This Dao is so deep..."

His eyes went bloodshot and he wanted to grab this manual and bolt it for the exit. It took some mental fortitude for him to calm down but his forehead was dripping with sweat.

"Yes, that is my cultivation technique and it's immortal ... perfect grade!"

The others gasped in surprise, an immortal grade was already a big deal, but this was even the highest level an immortal graded cultivation manual could reach, truly the stuff of legends.

"C-can I see it?..."

Feng Liena moved closer along with Huo Qiang, eager to take a look at the manual.

"If the other sects find out about it... the whole empire will be at war! This can never leak outside this room or we will all die a miserable death!"

The old Feng elder shouted out, everyone here knew that if any news got out this here place would be swarmed by any half-decent sect. Probably the Azure Emperor would be at their doorstep, they would all be dead by association. The small group of core formation experts started sweating, panic in their eyes.

"Please stay calm, as long as the word doesn't go out we will be safe. I showed you this to prove a point, I will procure similar cultivation manuals for both sister Liena and brother Qiang. You must understand there is a huge difference between a heaven grade cultivation manual and an immortal one..."

Matt started giving people the rundown. He explained that there was practically no danger in ascending to this higher realm if you had a fitting immortal grade manual. There would be no danger, they just needed time to advance.

"I will also supply them with the required spiritual energy to make the leap... they just need to study the manuals I will hand them and create their nascent soul..."

He moved his hands behind his back and nodded, the other people in the barrier looked to the Zhang Patriarch with vacant expressions in their eyes. No one knew where this man got this manual, but that explained how he had gotten to this level this fast. It was widely known that if the cultivation manual was of a higher grade then cultivation went smoothly. On the other hand, if it was of a lower quality, you could even end up with crippling yourself or shortening your life span.

"B-but h-how? You have more cultivation manuals like this one..."

He was half lying when he said that he had manuals for the two. He needed to use his system and combine some manuals to get something for his two friends first. He could exchange spirit points for crafting points, but first, he needed to know what the two were actually cultivating in, thanks to his analyzing technique that wouldn't really be a problem though.

"I don't, but my Master does... He allowed me to go through with this plan, but he imposed a condition of you joining the sect that I will create."

He had to somehow explain how he was able to acquire all those rare techniques, the easiest way would be to create a hidden master figure.

"Your Master?"

The Zhang Clan members had some reports of the Patriarch's 'Master's' sighting back in Moonlight city, but the man was mostly a mystery.

"Yes, my honorable Master, Wei Hung!"

Matt had to strain himself to not make his lips twitch or not to chuckle while saying that name. He went with this friendly doctor persona as he was already presumed to be his hidden Master by his own clan.

"With that, I want you all to swear an oath to join my sect! I have chosen Sister Liena and Brother Qiang to be the next Grand Elders of the new sect together with me! Time is of the essence, this chance is a once in a lifetime opportunity for your clans!

The people from the Feng and Huo clan's looked at each other. That manual was indeed unfathomable, if they were getting a similar one for free was there any reason to refuse? These people were quite simple, they weighted the pros and cons of each situation and then decided on the best path.

This was an immortal grade manual the Zhang Patriarch was speaking about, this was indeed a once in a lifetime chance for them to make it big. The Dark Palm Sect was a terrifying foe, but they knew how strong the Zhang Clan Patriarch was while only being at the early stage of the nascent soul. He was able to easily dispatch someone at the middle stage, they of course knew that that cultivation manual had something to do with it.

"Do you really need to ask? The Feng Clan will stand with the Zhang Clan and join the new sect as their eternal allies!"

Feng Liena was the first one to step forward, her head bowing before Zhang Dong as she accepted the offer. Huo Qiang followed suit, smacking his muscular chest with his hand while laughing.

"Haha, do you even need to ask, I and the Huo Clan will stand with you, if you get me into the nascent soul stage, that old fart won't be able to deny me anyway!"

Everyone agreed, one Zhang Patriarch wasn't enough to win this, but if they had three cultivators of this caliber their chances of winning skyrocketed.

"Well, if we all agree, then I would like to ask you for opinions about the sect's new name."

Matt took away the barrier that was blocking the view, the people outside were then promptly informed that their elders had decided to join with the Zhang Clan. They only needed to choose a name for their new sect.

Matt rubbed his chin as he wasn't sure what to name his new faction. He was criminally indecisive when it came to picking names and mostly went with silly sounding ones. This would be the name of his main faction from this point on, he couldn't just name it the broccoli sect for the laughs, he needed something official-sounding.

"Names, how about we name it after Senior's glorious name then?"

Feng Liena smiled as she gave her opinion, Huo Qiang was also for this.

"Yes, how about the Big Dong Sect? Sounds very fitting!"

If Matt was drinking something at this moment he would probably spit it all out after hearing that name.

"Hm, how about Grand Dong Alliance instead?"

"That also sounds very promising..."

The people in the room started proposing names, but for some reason, most of them had the word Dong in it, together with an adjective mostly to do with large and big things.

"Huge Dong Sect!"

"N-no please don't..."

Matt just facepalmed at all the names, the thought of changing his own name being a lot more enticing at this moment.

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    《Unfathomable Patriarch》