Unfathomable Patriarch
189 Chapter 189
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Unfathomable Patriarch
Author :kuropon8
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189 Chapter 189

Zhang Dong gritted his teeth while looking at his injured leg. His body refining technique was primed towards defense more than regeneration so it wasn't healing that fast. He was lucky enough in the sense that this attack didn't go through fully and he managed to keep it.

'Damn... those demonic energies are eating away at my leg'

He could feel and see some black Qi entering his body, thankfully his spiritual energy that had a second holy attribute was managing to fight against this invading force. The combination of powerful defense and healing capabilities from his upgraded cultivation method was proving to have been the right choice.

He used the time gained from the confusion to push his holy Qi into this thigh to stop the bleeding. He worked fast while activating his spatial ring. A transparent thread flew out and quickly pierced the flesh of his thigh muscle that got severed. He used this suture that was made from special spider silk to sew up his wound. The cut was quite deep and the demonic energies made it hard for him to just heal up without any help from external items.

"Blasted, he is recovering, don't let him!"

Yang Guanyu shouted while pointing his thin finger at Zhang Dong's direction but before he could fire off his demonic spell he felt a large amount of spiritual energy coming his way. He protected himself with a similar bloody moon defensive spell against the beam of golden light. This beam was the breath attack of Zhang Dong's soul-beast that was now able to aid its master, the other soul-beasts were now clashing with the two belonging to Feng Liena and Huo Qiang.

The dragon roared while placing itself between Zhang Dong and Yang Guanyu. It looked banged up, one of its eyes was missing, its webbed wings were pierced in a couple of places and one of the horns was broken. It had done its best and lasted to this point but it was also quite tired. Zhang Dong wasn't fairing much better as he had burned through a lot of Qi while he was trying to free himself, he also had already taken a lot of hits.

"You think this changes anything, Grand Elders attack!"

The Dark Palm sect leader proclaimed while shouting out, the problem here was that two of his elders were suffering backlashes from their soul-beasts getting mangled up by the other two that appeared. He forgot that they have been tangling with this white-haired cultivator for so long and were tired from holding him in place with the trap formation. For some reason the enemy was still standing, normal cultivators would have run out of Qi by this point. This was all thanks to the grade his cultivation method was, thanks to which he had multiple times more juice to run on than other people did.

The Plasma Ifrit and Ascended Storm Phoenix were proving to be more than a match for the Dark Palm sect grand elders. Two of them were vomiting copious amounts of blood while their respective beasts were getting mauled. The ones remaining were the large spiky turtle that belonged to the strongest grand elder present, grand elder Wan. The other was the Ox with the fiery mane that was used by the cultivator that was using the large hammer.

"I'll leave those four to you, keep them occupied while I take care of this bastard over there!"

Zhang Dong called out to Feng Liena and Huo Qiang that already in speaking distance. The two had managed to push into the nascent soul level not too long ago but needed some time to get used to it. The two did it at almost the same time and rushed out of the medallion treasure just in time to destroy a large armada of ships that were trying to cut a hole into the large protective formation of the newly created sect.

"Yes Senior brother, leave these old farts to me, I was itching to test out my new abilities!"

Huo Qiang was glowing red and his already muscular body looked as if it reached a new high. He charged forward the closest opponent that in this situation was elder Wan throwing a fist forward. His opponent felt a massive spike of energy in the surrounding area along with scorching heat that almost caused his beard to catch on fire.

After finishing up with the crane looking soul beast Feng Liena appeared next to Zhang Dong while causing a massive cyclone to appear around them. The battlefield got even more hectic with the appearance of these two young nascent soul masters. They were still green behind the ears but thanks to their cultivation manuals being at the immortal grade they were a notch above these four old farts.

"Let me aid you Senior Brother Dong, here use this to recover some strength."

Feng Liena threw over some recovery pills that Zhang Dong chomped on. The pills were meant for core formation cultivators, but Matt was happy for the gesture. He nodded at the beauty that looked even more enchanting now than before and then charged at his enemy. His cut leg was still hurting after the quick patch job but it would have to do, the enemies wouldn't let him recover any more than this.

Feng Liena nodded while looking at Zhang Dong. He looked beat up, his pure white robe was soaked in blood, his hair was messed up and he looked a lot paler than usual. She pressed her lips together tightly and then turned around, she looked at two of the grand elders. One was the female cultivator while the other one was the larger elder with the great hammer.

She showed the two an icy stare the two battle fans that were gifted to her by Zhang Dong already clenched tightly. She moved one forward while producing a mini cyclone that flew forward at the old lady. She then moved her other fan that produced a similar cyclone that attacked the larger man. The two wind twisters charged forward expanding in size, besides sharp blades of wind you could spot small lightning bolts inside of them.

"You dare harm my Senior Brother! This offense must be paid in blood!"

She strode forward, her soul-beast was already fighting its own battle in the back. The two grand elders got swept away by the powerful winds, unable to evade them.

"Is this all you got? Are Dark Palm grand elders this weak?"

Elder Wan retreated, he looked down at his palm that was sizzling and smoking after he received the attack of this red-haired cultivator. The man was old and had lived through many battles but had never faced anyone with such pure fire energies. This was true as this wasn't any simple fire Qi that Huo Qiang was using, he was using plasma that could burn hot as a star.

Elder Wan wasn't alone, the fourth grand elder that suffered a backlash a moment ago was aiding him in battle. The two were somehow able to contend with the burning cultivator as he seamed inexperienced. This was the only reason that they were alive as he outperformed them in any other aspect, be it speed or power of his attacks.

"You had your fun fighting five against one, I hope you can at least give me somewhat of a challenge, I'd like to test these new techniques of mine!"

Huo Qiang laughed while charging forward. His eyes were glowing red and his breath was pushing out condensed fire Qi that scorched anything that got in its path. The tables were slowly turning, with the added help of his two friends Matt was now able to face their leader on his own and he wouldn't let this chance be squandered.

Zhang Dong gritted his teeth while slamming back into Yang Guanyu to engage him into a close-range battle. The man looked paler than before, the previous attack had drained him of some spiritual energy but he was still able to defend himself. Matt was the one that was looking far worse now, each time the two clashed he could feel his leg throbbing. The quick suture patchwork that he had performed was somehow holding but due to the clashing energies, his leg wasn't healing fast enough.

Even though he was in pain, he didn't shy away from using that injured leg. Far too many people had already died in this battle and he was frantic to end it as fast as possible. The exchange was similar to the previous one, the two clashed but this time around Zhang Dong had his golden dragon to back him up. Yang Guanyu found himself on the defensive, his own soul-beast was still behind his back just blocking the combined attacks of the Zhang Patriarch and his large dragon beast.

In the distance among the destroyed city, the other cultivators looked on. The Dark Palm sect members that were in the remaining flying ships were now in disarray. No one could have predicted this outcome. They were already fighting against this puny clan and its weak allies for hours and their elders weren't able to even kill off anyone. Even worse, two other powerful cultivators that were able to contend with their grand elders appeared, the whole situation looked grim.

"Commander, what should we do? Should we aid the elders and retreat for now?"

One of the core formation cultivators from the Dark Palm sect asked. The man he was talking to was the impromptu leader after the general died. The general was in the largest flagship that was now a pile of debris on the ground after those two nascent soul monsters appeared.

"We... we need to alert the council of the ancestors! This is a dire situation, if this continues all of the grand elders might die today!"

The person that was asking the commander about the next line of action nodded. He directed the orders to the communication expert that started calling for help from the main sect. They wanted to ask for help from the old monsters that were living under the main sect, if all of them acted these three young nascent soul cultivators wouldn't stand a chance.

"Some of the ancestor elders are on the same level as the sect leader, if they act our victory is assured!"

Everyone nodded and awaited a positive reply from the sect, the stakes were just too high. The communications officer came looked at the communication device with a solemn expression though, something was off.

"What's wrong, report!"

"C-commander... I can't reach the main sect... something must have gone wrong... no one is responding..."

"What! Impossible! We must reach the main sect, the communication devices are probably damaged or these blasted Zhang bastards are doing something! Quickly examine it and get rid of the problem!"

The man shouted with large veins popping up on his forehead and his eyes bulging. The Dark Palm communications officer nodded and quickly got to work, he needed to get to the bottom of this, otherwise, he could kiss his life goodbye.

While the battle was raging, in the distance a couple of robed figures were standing. They nodded at each other while concealing their presence. They were clearly looking at the battle that was taking place in the distance while waiting for something. After a couple of moments, one of the cultivators approached the person that was standing in the front along with some others.

The person was handed a communication jade and started going through the report that was handed down. The person nodded and handed the communication device back to the person that gave it to him. He slipped his hood down while revealing his face, this face was full of scars.

"Fan Ping, how is it?"

"You don't need to worry Senior Brother, everything is going according to plan. I propose we wait some more, maybe that man can take out Yang Guanyu for us."

"Yes, I agree."

The people nodded at each other while slowly getting ready. Everyone here knew that this battle was slowly approaching its apex and that they would be reaping the rewards in the end.

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    《Unfathomable Patriarch》