Unfathomable Patriarch
194 Chapter 194
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Unfathomable Patriarch
Author :kuropon8
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194 Chapter 194

Matt opened his eyes and looked around. He was sitting on a small island in the middle of nowhere, the sun was up and it was warm. He looked to the side, crystal clear water was surrounding him from all sides and he could hear the relaxing sound of the sea. He was wearing a pair of blue swim trunks and was relaxing on a lawn chair, in his hand a tall drink with a straw.

He didn't say anything and just looked up into the sky, fuzzy white and like cotton, the clouds were dancing. This seemed a bit out of place but he couldn't remember why so he just took a sip from his drink and leaned back in his chair, not a care in the world.

"Ah, this is the life... but I think I'm forgetting something... It's probably nothing."

He closed his eyes and started listening to the calming sounds. The wind was slowly pushing the leaves of the coconut tree by which he was sitting and some birds were squawking in the distance.

The calm day was suddenly interrupted though, by the same coconut tree that he was sitting under. A pair of coconuts fell down, hitting him on the head one after another and landing in his lap. The funny thing about those coconuts was, that they weren't hard at all. The hit to the head didn't hurt at all as the two-round objects bounced onto his legs.


He grasped one of those coco fruits that weren't actually nuts. He gave the left one a grasp and could feel it squishing uncharacteristically, you'd expect one of these to be hard as a brick but no, both of these coconuts were soft to the touch.

"Something isn't right here...I should investigate!"

He grabbed both of the nuts and brought them over closer, one of his eyes opening further than the other as he stared. He moved his hand closer and gave it a flick with his finger, the coconut wobbled in an odd fashion. The moment the flick occurred, he heard some kind of womanly voice that was strangely familiar.


He backed off for a moment, astonished by strange voice after the finger flick. The feeling he got was quite pleasant, he even reached out to grasp the large coco fruits with both hands. After a moment of feeling them out, he got the strange urge to bring them closer to his own face and so he did.

'Hm... what are these made of, marshmallows?'

"Ehhhh...w-what are you doing!"

The familiar voice was heard once more, this time it felt even closer than before. He wasn't sure why the coconuts were talking, but they sure felt soft against his manly face. He leaned back with the two round objects against his face and hugged them tightly a silly smile on his face.

"S-senior you...you mustn't, what if someone walks in!"

He stopped for a moment, why were the large squishy coconuts calling him a 'Senior?', he wasn't even that old. Also, why did these two smell really familiar. The more he hugged the more he remembered, the more he remembered the more the beach he was in shook and distorted.

Then he finally remembered. He recalled the battle with the nascent soul elders from the Dark Palm sect and then about the other group that came to clean up afterward. The world around him turned dark and he opened up his eyes, the beach he was in was just a dream he was having.

The moment his eyes opened he saw blackness but he wasn't blind, no he just had his whole face pressed into something. This something was immensely soft and squishy, blocking his view from all sides.


He was finally awake. His hands were holding onto someone and this someone was on top of him. He could smell a characteristic perfume that one person that he knew liked to use it. He started sweating as he finally realized his transgression.

"S-senior brother...."

He slowly pulled his face back and looked up, he could see the blushing face of Feng Liena and her large blue eyes. Finally, the truth had been revealed, it was only a dream and the squishy coconuts belonged to his sect's junior sister Feng Liena. He was in his bed with his hands around the woman, hugging her tightly. His whole face was pressed into her large bosom that was bulging out due to the fact that he was pressing into her hard.

"Uh...this is..."

The moment Matt wanted to explain himself he heard a creaking sound. The sound was his bedroom door opening, he instinctively moved his face to the side to look at who had entered. Due to this sudden movement of his face Liena gave out a cutesy high pitch sound that echoed through the entire room.

"Senior Brother my father wishes to speak with yo..."

It was Huo Qiang walking through, his father had begged him for an audience and so he was here. He wasn't alone, Zhang Jin and his two grand-kids Zhang Liu and Xue used this chance to peek in as well. What they were greeted with was a half-naked Zhang Dong, that for some reason had his robe down. He was hugging a blushing Feng Liena and looking at them with his face between her globes.

The two quickly separated but what had been seen couldn't be easily forgotten. The group of four had different reactions, Zhang Jin just nodded with approval. Huo Qiang rubbed his chin but then just gave this senior brother a thumbs up. The two youths were a bit more bashful, Liu moved his head down while blushing and used his sleeve to cover his sister's face so that she wouldn't look at their master doing naughty things.

"Take all the time you need..."

Zhang Jin was quick to react, he pulled his two grand-kids away with haste and also whispered something into Huo Qiang's ear that made him grin and retreat as well. The others had left and Zhang Dong and Feng Liena were back to being all alone with each other. The girl was facing away from him with her face covered by her hands, blushing and not sure what to do.

Matt needed some time to process what had just happened. The last thing he remembered was trying to walk to his bed chambers so that he could pass out without alerting anyone from his sect members to his moment of weakness. He didn't make it in time but he recalled feeling someone's presence there before he fully lost his consciousness. He put two and two together to get his answer.

'It must have been Feng Liena that was there, she probably brought me to my room. But why am I almost naked in my boxer briefs...'

Yes, Zhang Dong was wearing undies made by himself as he couldn't get used to what the people in this world used instead. They had various ways of covering their nether regions, some even only wrapped some cloth or used some baggy underpants.Now he was all down to his undies and in bed, was Feng Liena always this bold?

"Y-you were sweating a lot so I've tried changing your clothes S-senior Brother..."

The woman noticed Zhang Dong looking at his robeless form wit confusion on his face, so she gave him a quick answer.

"Ahhh...well... uh..."

He rubbed his head slightly while quickly going through the room, he saw his robe to the side. There was a bowl with some spirit water there and a damp cloth was right next to him, it probably fell down from his forehead the moment he stuck his face between his sect sister's bosom.

"I think I have to apologize... and also, thank you..."

The woman clearly just tried to help him out, he probably had a fever from spiritual energy deprivation after the big battle. He still felt weak but he was slowly recovering. The thing that he did was probably seen as something shameful in this society, but his junior sister that was actually older than him didn't seem to mind. She finally turned around, her hands covering her eyes parted away to reveal her large blue eyes, her face slightly pinker than usual.

"You shouldn't get up senior brother, you are still suffering from Qi deprivation, you need to rest!"

Matt looked at Liena that had recovered her composure, he did feel slightly weakened but it wasn't anything that he couldn't walk out at this point.

"Ah, no need. I think I'm alright now, thank you for..."

Before he could finish his sentence the woman moved forward, her head shaking in disapproval.

"No! You must rest!"

He got surprised as she raised her voice by a note and more or less ordered him to rest. He wasn't really in the mood to argue with anyone and the danger was gone so he just nodded.

"Um, alright... I'll rest?"

He nodded and wanted to pull the bedsheets over himself but then Liena moved closer while holding a damp cloth.

"Senior Brother before that... I think you need to get cleaned... I couldn't finish before we got interrupted..."


He recalled sticking his face into a large valley and just coughed into his hand.

"Finish what?"

He asked while looking to the woman, she in response took out a white cloth that was already moist from some of that spirit water. She held it up while looking at him, their eyes meeting.

"C-could you turn around, I'll clean your back..."

"My back?"

He looked down to himself, he was indeed sweaty. Luckily he didn't exude any kind of bad odor. He looked to the damp cloth and then to himself knowing what the woman intended to do.

"I could just wash up in the springs... there is one right there..."

He looked to his private springs where he even used to cultivate. It wasn't far from here so he could just soak in it if he required too.

"No! You shouldn't be walking and straining yourself, what if something happens just like before!"

Matt blinked a couple of times before nodding, Liena was uncharacteristically persistent this time around. She stared at him intensely as if she would tackle him down if he dared to stand up and go to the spring to soak in. He finally relented and nodded, she moved closer and placed the damp cloth against his wide back and started cleaning it up from the sweat.

He felt a bit strange with someone washing his back, he couldn't remember anyone doing such things besides his own mother and that was in his early childhood. He followed the instructions moving his hands up so she could take care of all the crevices. Unbeknownst to him, Feng Liena was seriously blushing all the way up to her ears while performing this task. Even though she was older than him, she had zero experience with men. Though as time passed she started getting more comfortable with the task.

"Junior Sister?"

There was a moment of silence between the two, he noticed that she was done with the task but for some reason, she chose to stop while placing her hand on his shoulder from the back.

"Senior brother..., thank you... for everything... for trusting in me, if it wasn't for you..."

She suddenly started thanking him out of the blue, he felt a bit uncomfortable and not sure how to react.

"You don't need to thank me, you also helped a lot. If it wasn't for you I would probably not be here either."

He tried deflecting the praise as he wasn't good at receiving compliments. Feng Liena smiled and moved her free hand to give the man a gentle tap on the shoulder, which of course took him by surprise.

"Senior brother, you should learn to accept other people's gratitude, even more, if it's coming from a beautiful maiden."

"Ahh, sorry..."

"If you're apologetic than prove it, Senior Brother."

"How would I prove that?"

He heard a giggle from the back and then felt the wet cloth moving away from his back. Feng Liena moved to the front a smile on her face.

"How about inviting this beautiful junior sister to some tea next time?"

She asked while slightly fidgeting, but the red on her ears didn't go unnoticed.


He would be quite dense if he didn't realize where this was going. He thought for a moment before nodding and looking straight into the beautiful woman's eyes.

"It would be a pleasure!"

The two looked at each other while smiling. In the background there stood a small group of people, they were all pushing against the large door with their ears. This was, of course, his two disciples Zhang Jin and Huo Qiang eavesdropping. If Zhang Dong and Feng Liena weren't so focused on each other they would probably feel them being there but they were blissfully unaware.

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    《Unfathomable Patriarch》