Unfathomable Patriarch
200 Chapter 200
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Unfathomable Patriarch
Author :kuropon8
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200 Chapter 200

The strange device that came from the wall performed a full body scan on Matt. He tried blocking it out with his cultivator aura along with his barrier bubble but to no avail. The scan seemed to go through all of his defenses and he was unable to do anything about it. Soon he heard the robotic voice again as it was finishing up.

"Error...Subject number 80082...error…deceased…"

The strange light started flickering on and off, it was red in hue while saying the part about the subject number but then it changed to green.

"Error...Overseer identification number 6893, identified."

"Welcome, Overseer. Have a nice day. "

The light flickered out and the sphere object that was scanning him absorbed itself back into the wall as if it was never there. The walls started rumbling and a human-sized door appeared before him.

"Subject number 80082?... Overseer?"

He had no idea what the robotic voice was talking about but he was really curious about what was inside. The walls were robust and he didn't think that he would be able to force his way out of this place if he got stuck. This made him a bit concerned and halted his progress inside.

"I know this is incredibly stupid, but…"

He knew the risks but for some reason, he didn't feel like there would be something dangerous inside. He felt that the status of Overseer that this machine gave him would keep him safe. Why it was calling him that way was still unknown to him.

He made a step towards the wall and then another until he vanished into the door. The door closed itself after him as if it was never there in the first place.

Matt felt a certain lack of ground under him and he quickly used his floating ability. The whole place quickly lit up and he was greeted with a large spherical room with not much in it.

He appeared out of a random spot in the wall, these doors could probably be formed in any location.

The whole place looked like an abandoned hangar, the walls were made from that black substance that he couldn't budge with his current power level.

The most interesting thing was right in the center, it looked like a floating cube and it was similar to the one he saw back in the secret ground. The cube was spinning around by itself while radiating faint light, even from here he could tell that this thing wasn't simple.

"T-that's… that's an immortal grade item!"

The moment he got in here he could feel the massive power radiating off that small thing. How could something like this evade everyone's detection was his question.

"It must be these walls…"

He looked at the inner walls of this spheric space. There were many inscriptions etched into them that were clearly working. This place was a large array and it was hiding this floating cube from the other people in this world. The question on his mind was why was this cube being hidden and what did it do.

"How many spirit points can I get from this thing if I absorb it… a hundred million? a billion?"

He had no idea how an immortal treasure would be counted by this system. This cube was clearly storing a lot of energy inside of it and it seemed to be powering this whole place.

There was also another question on his mind, will the person that this thing belongs to notice if he just took it. Also, does this place have something to do with him being transported to this world?

He strained his eyes and looked at the intricate etchings on the walls. He had some knowledge about teleportation gates and arrays from the secret ground. Maybe if he could decipher this formation he could come to some kind of conclusion.

"As I thought… it has some similarities to some of the teleportation arrays in those books but it's many times more complex…"

He tried placing his palm on the black walls with the arrays, but his system wasn't willing to analyze this so he had to give up on that possibility.

He started trembling at his discovery, this meant a lot. He came to the realization that someone or something had yanked him from his original world and placed him here. This grand teleportation formation was directly over the spot he appeared here over two years ago, this was too much of a coincidence.

He tried theorizing about the point of this all. He had somehow placed the strangeness of being brought over to a xianxia world to the back of his head. He attributed it to being some kind of game and his Tranquil mind had made him not worry.

Now from this evidence, he believed that it wasn't a game. He started thinking that his own world, his home was out there and he could perhaps go back. He thought to his family members that he left and to the time he had spent there.

'Do they think I'm dead? What happened to my original body? What is this system anyway?'

He had a myriad of questions now, ones that couldn't be easily answered. He felt like his original body might have remained in his old world. His soul might have been taken here and placed into this Zhang Dong that might have actually been a real person before. The possibility of this being a created world by some higher being was also out there.

He decided to move towards the cube that was floating around and radiating massive amounts of Qi. Maybe if he examined it with his system he could come up with something. He focused on it and looked for an answer, to his surprise his identification skill wasn't able to identify this item. Even more, he was getting a jumbled mess of characters over this particular cube.

For some reason he felt drawn to it, he moved his hand towards it with his index finger outstretched. The moment his finger was one centimeter away from the floating object a tiny spark of energy flickered. His body came to a halt and he felt like he was deep under the ocean. His ears started ringing and he was close to passing out.


He couldn't pull his finger away instead, his body jolted forward and grasped the whole floating cube which made it exude more energy. This energy was going directly into him, he was lighting up like a Christmas tree, glowing in bright white. Matt felt his bones rattling and his teeth gnashing as a massive amount of pure energy was pushed into him.

Just as his body felt like it would crumble under the pressure something occurred. The massive force was somehow redirected towards his dantian. Something in there started absorbing the enormous energy wave that the cube was trying to inject into his body as if trying to destroy him.

The whole place went dark and the floating cube that was giving out copious amounts of light shattered into many tiny pieces while being grasped by him. Matt himself fell down and landed on the cold hard ground which was composed of the obsidian material.

"Hey, you okay there, friend?"

Matt slowly opened up his eyes, he felt like he was run over by a truck. To his surprise someone was now talking to him, his vision was blurry but he could make out an outline of a figure.If it was a man or a woman he didn't know, the voices also switched between low and high pitched.

"I don't have much time, so listen well."

"Don't worry, the overseers won't notice you just yet, I'll be sure to block the signal."

"I need your help."

"You must gather more .....c….s ...so...ble….to….bzzzzz"

Before his vision could focus the person talking to his fizzled out of existence. It felt like he was talking to him through a really bad microphone with a lot of static and he couldn't make out the last part of the massage at all.

He slowly stood up, he didn't know who that person was or where the energy that he was somehow absorbing went. His system wasn't showing any more spirit points than he had. He looked all over the place but he was now in total darkness.

He infused some energy into his body to produce a light source. From what he could make out the cube had shattered into dust, there was nothing left. It was clearly the power source for this place but now it was gone, he feared that he would be stuck in here as he probably couldn't break the walls.

"Damn what was that?... was that some kind of hologram?"

He had more unanswered questions now, why did he get drawn into grabbing that cube. The moment he got closer he felt like he should touch it. He didn't even get the opportunity to put on some gloves.

Then there was the strange voice that called out to him, it sounded like a man but he wasn't sure. He wanted him to get him something, but he wasn't sure what. This all started after the secret ground encounter and after he absorbed the cube that was there.

'Does it have something to do with these cubes?'

He wasn't sure if he could trust that person. Wherever that energy went it wasn't him, there might be something stuck in his dantian getting nourished by it. His mind made him think about a certain movie about aliens, he really didn't want to end up with someone bursting out of his dantian.

He tried scanning his body, looking into all of his parts even into his nascent soul but he couldn't find anything. The only thing he had to go off of were these energy cubes.

'Does that mean there are other people like me here? Or there might have come here before me…'

He racked his brain about the purpose of spiriting people away to xianxia styled worlds but he couldn't think about anything worthwhile. The more important thing was getting out of here. He hovered over to the spot he came from and managed to find it thanks to his good memory.

He placed his palm on the hard surface and gave it a good few knocks to no avail. He then kicked it with all his might and to his surprise, there was some kind of reaction as the intricate array symbols started glowing.

He thought for a second and then placed his hand on the surface. He then started infusing the wall with his own spiritual energy. After a certain point, the door sprung open and he quickly jumped outside into the previous corridor. The whole thing was lacking a power source but was still in working condition. He had enough juice to at least make this part of the structure move and let him out.

'I guess it still sees me as this overseer thing?'

He was now back outside. He had gone in with a lot of questions and came out with even more. This whole expedition had proved to be a big fat failure. He didn't find a place for his sect to stay as and now he was having an existential crisis about being played with by some kind of higher being.

He was almost ready to take off and return home but then he felt something. He had to pull up his map once more to examine it. After the cube was gone the whole area became visible. Right below him was another surprise, there was a large spiritual vein buried deep underground and it was exuding copious amounts of spiritual energy.

He put two and two together and came to the conclusion that this device was probably hiding this source of spiritual energy. The cube might not have even been the source of energy, it was probably siphoning it from the spirit vein.

Zhang Dong gave out a sigh, he had decided to bring his sect over here. One of the reasons was this newly discovered vein the other was that he didn't want others to discover this teleportation array. He needed to examine it further and with his sect on top of it, it would be a lot easier.

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    《Unfathomable Patriarch》