Unfathomable Patriarch
226 Chapter 226
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Unfathomable Patriarch
Author :kuropon8
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226 Chapter 226

The whole stadium went silent. Just a moment ago they saw that overbearing technique of one of the best spear masters in the whole empire. They were ecstatic to witness it in all its glory. This sense of wonder was shattered instantly by the cultivator with white hair. He had just brushed off such an attack with ease, leaving everyone speechless.

"What is this, the Master from the United Element sect has managed to block Chang Yongzheng's glorious approach! How will the old master react!"

The audience was brought back to attention by the announcer's voice. They instantly cheered out loud and the whole arena started trembling once more. This was more than they bargained for, they expected Zhang Dong to at most doge while getting hit a couple of times. Not to block the whole strike entirely.

The older cultivator looked at the tip of the sword that Zhang Dong was holding. His spear tip was directly pressing into it. He couldn't make it budge at all and he was even holding his weapon with two hands while his opponent was using just one. Where was this monstrous strength coming from? Was this man also a body refiner?

He didn't want to believe it but it was hard to deny the fact that this man had caught his attack. He wasn't just thrusting multiple times with his spear. He was actually creating many copies of his attack with his Qi which made it look like thousands of spear strikes were coming Zhang Dong's way. Somehow the man he was going against managed to pinpoint the one true spear attack and block it without effort.

After pushing his spear against the sword the older cultivator decided to retreat. His opponent didn't seem to be bothered by his action and didn't even follow up with an attack of his own. He just stood there with his sword in hand and one hand behind his back as if he was waiting for something.


The old man's face contorted and his teeth were seen as he clenched his jaw out. The silvery spear that he was holding started glowing once more. He moved it above his head and he began to spin it around.

Chang Yongzheng knew what the younger cultivator was doing. This was something prideful and haughty individuals would do. The man before him was probably convinced of his superiority and that he wasn't a threat. This was obvious as he didn't follow up after defending. It was a great chance as the older man was caught off guard.

"Zhang Dong was it… You will regret not striking when you had the chance!"

While speaking Yongzheng's body started flickering with bright light and then crackling with blue lightning. The spear that he was spinning around produced a giant cyclone that surrounded the whole arena.

The two men were still in the protective formation that surrounded them. The wind elements produced razor-sharp blades of energy that were everywhere. A normal nascent cultivator would be shredded by those in a matter of seconds, nothing remaining but bloody bones.

"Lightning Tempest Spear third form: Execution of the Thunder Tempest!"

The man shouted while Zhang Dong surrounded his body with a thin layer of golden energy. This was apparently enough to defend himself against the thin blades of wind energy.

The people in the audience went wild. The first form of the spear art this master was already breathtaking but this was something else entirely. The amount of spiritual energy that was getting produced was making the whole defensive formation shake and tremble. A little bit more and it might begin to crack.

"That Zhang Dong was just lucky, now when the sect leader is serious he has no chance!"

"Yes, he should surrender and beg the elder for forgiveness!"

The youths and other members from the Silver Spear sect quickly recovered. They started laughing and smiling once more while looking at the unfolding battle.

Due to the tornado inside the ring the visibility of the whole fight suffered. Most people could only see an outline of a man glowing in gold on one side. Then on the other side, there was his opponent glowing in blue light.

Sounds of thunder and lightning frightened some of the weaker cultivators. Some of the nascent soul aura was leaking from the stage which also caused some of them to pass out.

On the inside, there was a giant cyclone. A mix of lightning and wind energies were slowly approaching their apex. Even then, the white-haired opponent didn't seem to be doing anything besides surrounding himself with his aura.

"Fool, I will show you what happens when you disregard your opponent, let this be a lesson for you, receive my divine attack!"

The old man shouted out with resolve. This third form of his spear art took some time to charge but when it did there was no escape. The moment he lowered his spear the wind and lightning energies would fuse into one grand attack.

The people outside the arena that were directly behind Zhang Dong gulped hard. They knew that if that formation couldn't take the blow that they could be injured. Luckily right before the old cultivator swung his spear down the formation started glowing.

Another protective bubble appeared over the one that the two elders were fighting in. Then ethereal shackles of some sort wrapped themselves around the glowing orb. This showed that the whole formation had been strengthened and would even be able to take a hit from a great circle realm cultivator.

Chang Yongzheng finally swung his spear down and the whole place exploded. The people in the stands held their breaths as the lightning and wind energies shone in a blinding light.

The protective formation shook under the strain and the first barrier that there broke. The green and blue elemental energies slammed into the second reinforced one while the spectators worried.

What was happening inside that formation was hard to see, the green and blue lights were so bright that Zhang Dong's faint golden aura couldn't be seen anymore. Thus most people began thinking that the attack must have gone through and the man inside had been defeated, he might have even been dead.

The old seniors from the United Element sect were sweating bullets. None of them beside Feng Maling knew how strong their Patriarch actually was. The use of soul beasts was also forbidden during this type of one on one arena battle so he couldn't defend himself with its help. They were expecting the worst but they relaxed somewhat when they glanced over to the old lady. Zhang Dong's grandmother seemed unimpressed by the whole display of might.

She was one of the rare people that had the pleasure to witness Zhang Dong's full might. He sometimes sparred out in the Dimensional Regalia space with other nascent soul cultivators. She knew how strong he was and how he compared to the person he was fighting against.

Just as the attack that Chang Yongzheng threw at Zhang Dong had ended something strange occurred. Following a flash of light, the lightning and wind energies started getting sucked into one spot. It was as if a giant vacuum was just engulfing all of the spiritual energy that was trapped with the two nascent soul elders inside.

"W-what is that?"

"How can that…"

The audience gasped as they saw a quite lively looking Zhang Dong just standing there. His opponent opposite him, the old man's eyes bulging out wide.

The white-haired man was holding his hand up and his index finger was pointing towards the heavens. Above his finger, there was a small sphere about the size of a basketball. It was slowly expanding in size while absorbing all of the energies within the ring.

"You had your fun, now it's my turn. This might not really be the real thing, but it packs a punch, hope you can survive it…"

The orb of light radiated a strange power and the area around it looked to be distorting space. The mass of strange energy started expanding in a matter of seconds and it exuded a lot of heat magnetic and gravitational energies.

Chang Yongzheng looked at the strange attack that his opponent was preparing and charged forward. He wouldn't let Zhang Dong finish whatever he was doing, if he did he knew it would be the end for him.

"Rude, I let you have your time… buzz off!"

The old spear user thrust his spear forward towards the man that was giving out a tremendously powerful aura. He expected to at least interrupt this ghastly attack and force Zhang Dong into a more traditional bout. To his shock, he wasn't able as just the massive spike in spiritual energy forced him back.

It was already too late, the attack was reaching completion and he had no place to run. He looked at the huge sphere of light that was up in the air and about ten meters in diameter. He activated his defensive treasures and gathered his energies. If his opponent managed to defend himself, so would he. This attack was very powerful but he doubted that the young opponent would have much spiritual energy left after performing it. In his eyes, if he managed to defend himself it would be his victory.

The people in the audience looked at Zhang Dong moving his finger forward and the sphere slowly descended.

"I don't really have a grand name for this attack, but you can call it a pseudo-pulsar, now catch it!"

The whole stage trembled and another set of shackles latched themselves onto the protective bubble. The amount of force that was being displayed here started reaching into the great circle level of power. The other nascent soul cultivators started gulping as they noticed this discovery.

A giant explosion rocked the Rain Dragon Arena. The people in the stands were holding onto each other as the protective formation cracked under the strain. The people responsible continued to activate supportive outer shells that kept cracking. Soon the shackles burst from the strain and evaporated into tiny Qi particles.

The protective array burst open and a couple of nascent soul and core formation elders jumped in. They strained their cultivation to block the pressure that was coming towards them. They somehow succeeded to stop the blast from reaching the people outside. Mostly thanks to it having used up most of its energy within the arena.

Everyone was flabbergasted, they looked to the stage that was supposed to be there. The floating platform had been burned to cinders and blaster to rubble. The worried Silver Spear Sect cultivators searched for their elder with their eyes.

"Oh now… the Sect Leader, how could this be!"

They spotted him down on the ground, naked and with his bare bottom raised into the air. His head was buried in the ground below and his body was slightly twitching. He was alive but out cold and his robes had evaporated.

Zhang Dong was still floating up in the air. He gave out a sigh while looking at the destruction that he had caused. He even had to use some of his energies to block out the blast from causing too much damage outside.

He had made this technique for fun. It wasn't very good for a real fight as it took some time to charge and was very volatile. It did pack quite the punch though but only if the enemy didn't run away. It was perfect for a small cage match like this where the opponent couldn't escape.

'Did I overdo it a bit?'

He glanced at the shiny ass of the elder that he defeated. His body hair had also been scorched, the man might have not survived if he didn't have enough protective treasures. Zhang Dong also canceled out the attack at a critical juncture as he didn't want to kill anyone. He only wanted to display some of his power. Now he felt like no one would try seeking trouble with him.

"Senior...Chang Yongzheng, looks to have lost conscientiousness… the winner is, Zhang Dong from the United Element Sect!"

The announcer called out while the audience kept quiet from the shock of seeing their favorite lose so easily.

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    《Unfathomable Patriarch》